Why Is My Pur Water Filter Blinking Red

Why Is My PUR Water Filter Blinking Red After Filter Change?

It is possible that dirt particles trapped on the filter have caused your PUR water filter to continue to glow red even after you have changed the filter. After filtering 100 gallons of water, your PUR water filter will glow red to indicate that it has completed its task. If you have recently replaced the filter unit in your system, the blinking light is a false warning. Should you be concerned about this? That is not correct because you have only recently replaced the filter. You will be able to deal with the situation with a few simple moves.

More information about how your PUR water filter works may be found in the next sections of this article, which also includes answers to some of the questions you may have about using a PUR water filter.

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How Does The PUR Water Filter Light Work?

First and foremost, a PUR water filter is intended to remove dangerous contaminants from your drinking water, therefore making it safe to consume. Lead, chlorides, mercury, iron, pesticides, iron, arsenic, and even scents are examples of such chemical substances. When your PUR water filter is in good working order, the only way to tell is by looking at the light indication on the unit. The filter will also alert you if it is no longer able to remove certain chemicals from the water it is filtering.

  • Green, yellow, and red are the colors that are most likely to blink on your PUR water filter; the others are blue and purple.
  • Green:This light informs you that your filter is in great functioning condition.
  • It will soon no longer be able to filter your drinking water.
  • Red: The color red represents danger or a faulty system.
  • To learn more about why your PUR water filters are blinking red following a filter change, continue reading this page.

Why Is My PUR Faucet Filter Still Blinking Red?

Understand what the different colors on your PUR faucet filter indicate now that you’ve seen them all. From here on out, we’ll be concentrating on the red indication. You’re probably already aware that when appliances and other machinery flash red, it’s a warning message to pay attention. Those are the messages that your PUR faucetfilterred blinks are sending to you. It is a sign that the filter has failed to remove dangerous elements from your drinking water as intended. According to the manufacturer, the system should last 100 gallons before failing!

  • Unfortunately, it hasn’t even worked on a single gallon of water, and it’s already flashing red in the face of failure.
  • There are three possible explanations for why your PUR faucet filter continues to glow red: Your filter has traces of particles caught on it, which is causing it to malfunction and generate an incorrect alarm.
  • It is necessary to wipe the outside of the unit on a regular basis with a light dishwashing solution and a sponge for hygienic reasons.
  • In order to resolve the issue, get a replacement from a PUR retail location in your area.
  • Another cause is that the filter is not resetting when the filter is reset.

The technical words are not anything to be concerned about. You may delete the fault from your faucet by following a few simple steps and using your willing hands to do it! Filter mounting brackets that are vertical

  • Remove the faucet filter and replace it with a new one in the system. Manually resetting the button within the canister with your index finger is possible.

The mechanism is mounted atop a horizontal filter.

  • Remove the filter from the water
  • Using a clean, dry cloth, wipe the cap and the system
  • Replacing the filter in the system is a must.

It is necessary to press the reset button for three seconds on some versions in order for all of the lights to flash. Check to see that the reset button does not become stuck. If this is the case, raise it back to its original position.

Where Is The Reset Button On A PUR Water Filter?

Now that we’ve discussed the reset button that you must push in order to manually restore the PUR lights to their usual operating state, you’re probably wondering where you can locate it. The button may be found within the chamber on the left-hand side, near where the water comes out. It’s 12 inches long and takes only a single push to be removed and the lights reset.

How Long Do You Run Water Through A New PUR Filter?

As a result of our reference of the reset button, which must be pressed in order to manually restore the PUR lights to their usual operation, you may be wondering where you might locate it. To discover the button, go inside and look to your right, where water is about to flow out of the chamber. A simple push is all it takes to pop it out and reset the lights. It is 12 inches in length.

Why Is My PUR Water Filter Light Not Working?

As we explained previously, this is a troubleshooting mistake that has to be addressed. Because the indication is in idle mode, your PUR water filter light is not functioning properly. It’s a piece of cake! Simply push and hold the button for a couple of seconds to begin. As soon as you press the button again, the light should begin to flash. PURwater filters are built to last and are simple to use. They just necessitate a few troubleshooting techniques, such as those that we have examined for you.

The most appropriate course of action is to seek the advice of a PUR technician.

If the issue is related to a unit failure, they will contact you and advise you appropriately.

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Why Is My PUR Water Filter Blinking Red After Filter Change?

If you have a PUR filter, you must be familiar with PUR water filter troubleshooting in order to make your life with filters easier. I get a lot of questions about why my PUR water filter is blinking red after it has been changed. When people notice a red blinking light on the PUR filtering unit shortly after replacing it, they get concerned. Take no fear, I’m here to guide you through all of this blinking and offer you a clear understanding of what each color grade in the PUR water filter indicator light implies.

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