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Water Filter Buying Guide

Community water suppliers are required by the Environmental Protection Agency to furnish consumers with a Consumer Confidence Report every July, according to a press release. CCRs provide information on the quantities of pollutants discovered in the water and how they compare to the Environmental Protection Agency’s drinking water regulations. If you live in an apartment, you can obtain a copy from the building management or the local water provider. Community water systems that serve more than 100,000 people are required to post the findings on their websites.

If this is the case, contact the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for information on testing and treatment options.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, there is no safe amount of lead exposure.

According to CR scientists and other health professionals, more than 35% of the population surpassed the maximum safety level set by the organization.

  • PFAS contamination has been detected in drinking water in at least 2,337 towns across 49 states, according to a study conducted in January by the Environmental Working Group, an environmental advocacy organization.
  • Water testing kits are available for purchase at home improvement stores, and your state or local health department may provide free water testing kits.
  • Your local water authority may be able to provide you with a list of laboratories.
  • See our interactive guide for additional information on testing your water.

11 Of The Best Water Filters To Remove Bacteria, Chlorine, Metal And More

Drinking water on a regular basis is important for maintaining good health, but do you know whether the water you’re drinking is truly safe to drink? The Maya Feller Nutrition company in Brooklyn has a wide range of bacteria, viruses, and contaminants that can affect your health. “Depending on where you live and the water source that you use, water can contain a wide range of bacteria, viruses and contaminants that can affect your health,” says Maya Feller, MS, RD, CDN. According to the CDC, “Contaminants can include viruses and harmful germs such as Salmonella and E.

Amazon Every time someone drinks water (or cooks with it, cleans with it, or bathes in it), they are introducing these toxins into their bodies, and Feller adds that this is where water filters and purifiers come in useful.

In her recommendation for choosing the finest water filter for your requirements, she suggests looking for a system that purifies as well as filters out toxins: “Look for a system that both filters AND purifies, and that is clear about the contaminants it eliminates.” Third-party laboratory testing that can confirm that the system meets or exceeds water quality regulations is also preferred by me.

Feller also recommended that you look into the cost of replacement filters as well as the lifespan of each to guarantee that it will be a cost-effective option for your house. These are the best water filters for every area in your home if you’re ready to make the switch to drinking cleaner water.

  • Brita Standard Metro Water Filter Pitcher is the best value water filter pitcher for most people. The best designed water filter pitcher is the Soma 10-Cup Pitcher. The best filter for sink faucet is the PUR Faucet Mount Water Filtration System. The best under-sink water filter system is the Frizzlife Under Sink Water Filtration System.

Best Value Water Filter Pitcher For Most People

The use of water pitchers to filter tap water is one of the most common methods of doing so, and Brita is one of the most well-known brands on the market. They are frequently praised for their low price and ease of use, and the Brita Standard Metro Water Filter Pitcher has received more than 44,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating on Amazon, making it one of the most highly rated alternatives available on the market. This pitcher has a 5-cup capacity and is available in three different colors. You may select between normal filters, which last around two months, and Longlast filters, which only need to be replaced every six months, depending on your needs.

The pitcher features an indication light that illuminates when the filter needs to be replaced.

Best Designed Water Filter Pitcher

While Brita may be more well-known, Soma is more popular on social media platforms like Instagram. Soma’s take on the water filter pitcher is sleek and organic in design, making it suitable for keeping out on your counter or serving as part of a dinner party spread. It features a geometric filter and a bamboo handle. However, this newcomer’s attraction isn’t limited to its Scandinavian-inspired appearance. The filter is composed of 65 percent renewable plant-based materials (certified sustainable activated coconut shell carbon and plant-based sugar cane, as well as ion exchange), and the pitcher is composed of BPA-free plastic and sustainable bamboo, so you can feel good about filtering out those unwanted chemical and mineral flavors from your tap water!

Best Filter For Sink Faucet

It is simple to install the PUR Faucet-Mount Water Filtration System onto your kitchen faucet, allowing you to drink clean, freshly filtered water directly from the faucet. Activated carbon and ion exchange are used to decrease more than 70 pollutants, including lead, mercury, and some pesticides, and the filter is very simple to install on most faucets (no tools are required). It also features a MineralClear filter, which provides a crisp flavor and can be used on 100 gallons of water per filter, with each filter generally lasting three months of continuous usage.

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Best Under-Sink Water Filter System

The Frizzlife Under Sink Water Filter System allows you to filter the water that comes out of your sink. When combined with the other filters, it removes over 99.99 percent of impurities such as lead, chlorine, rust and volatile organic compounds while also enhancing the odor and taste of your water. This under-sink filter is incredibly simple to install and can be completed in a matter of minutes.

It is compatible with both 1/2-inch and 3/8-inch water supply lines. When operating at 40 psi, it has a high flow rate of two gallons per minute, and its cartridges need to be replaced approximately every six to eight months.

Best Reverse Osmosis Filter System

Lowe’s and Home Depot

APEC Water Systems Essence 5-Stage Under-Sink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Activated carbon and paper membranes are used by many water filters to remove impurities; but, if you want to remove total dissolved solids (also known as TDS) from your drinking water supply, you’ll need to invest in a reverse osmosis water filter system. They generally require numerous filtering stages and make use of a super-fine membrane to remove any minerals, salts, metals, cations, or anions that may be dissolved in water during the filtration process. With five large-capacity filters, the APEC Water Systems Essence 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System is a popular choice in this category because it can remove 99 percent of chlorine, taste, odor, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), as well as toxic fluoride, sodium, arsenic, lead, nitrates, heavy metals, and other contaminants from water.

Best Water Filter For Shower

Because chlorine and other chemicals can be found in tap water, it can cause dry skin, brittle hair, and other problems. With the AquaBliss SF100 Revitalizing Shower Filter, you can filter the water in your shower with a simple screw-on installation to your shower fixture. A variety of filtering media are contained within the unit, including sediment filters, redox media, activated carbon, and others. The unit is designed to neutralize odors, balance pH, and remove chlorine, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dirt, odors, and other impurities from your water, among other things.

Additionally, the filter only has to be updated every six months in an average home.

Best Whole-House Filter

Lowe’s and Home Depot

Pelican PSE1800 Whole House Water Filtration and NaturSoft Water Softener Alternative System

Most water filters are designed to purify only one water source in your home, such as a faucet or shower head; however, if you want to filter all of the water in your home, you’ll need a more expensive product such as the Pelican PSE1800 Water Filtration and NaturSoft Water Softener Alternative System, which costs more than $1,000. Designed for households with one to three bathrooms, the system can filter up to 10 gallons per minute. It employs a sediment pre-filter and carbon filtering media to remove sediment, chlorine, and other contaminants from the water.

With the pre-filter changing every six to nine months and the carbon media replacing every five years or 600,000 gallons, this system is extremely low-maintenance and may be used for many years without needing to be replaced.

Best Water Filter For RV

In the event that you’re concerned about lead or other toxins in your drinking water, the Big Berkey Water Filter features a portable design that’s excellent for traveling in an RV or any other mode of transportation. This device is constructed of stainless steel and has a capacity of up to 2.25 gallons of water at a given time. It works by filtering out viruses and bacteria using a carbon filter made of coconut shell and a special combination of other media to remove 99.999 percent of pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants from the water.

The Big Berkey is very simple to operate. Fill the tank with water first thing in the morning, and the upper chamber will be filtered into the bottom chamber in about two hours, or less. The water may then be poured out of the bottom of the container using the supplied spout.

Best Water Bottle With Filter

The Philips Water GoZero Everyday Bottle includes a built-in filter that guarantees that your drink is always clean, which is ideal for individuals who constantly fill up their water bottle from numerous sources during the course of the day. The bottle is available in two sizes, 22 and 18.6 ounces, as well as a variety of colors, and it is constructed of stainless steel, which helps to keep your drink cool for longer. Because of its activated carbon filter, which eliminates chlorine as well as undesirable tastes and particles from the water, it only has to be replaced every 40 gallons, or approximately every two months.

Best Water Filter For Hiking Or Camping

It is essential to have a trustworthy water filter when out in the wilderness to guarantee that no hazardous bacteria enters your water supply, and the Katadyn Vario Water Filter is a top pick in this category. Activated carbon, ceramic, and glassfiber are used in conjunction with each other in the compact filter to remove bacteria, protozoa and cysts, algae, spores and sediments from water, allowing hikers and campers to drink from natural water sources without fear of contracting illness. It can generate up to two quarts per minute on fast mode and one quart per minute on its extended life mode, and its base may be connected directly to water bottles or used in conjunction with an output hose to fill hydration systems and other bigger containers.

Additionally, each cartridge can filter up to 500 gallons of water.

Best Glass Water Filter

In the world of water filters, Hydros is a relatively young business, and it is perhaps one of the only ones that manufactures a glass water filter. Making use of excellent borosilicate glass that is crystal clear and shatterproof, the brand’s Glass Slim Pitcher is lightweight, sturdy, and dishwasher-safe. It’s so elegant and fashionable that you’ll want to proudly carry it to the dinner table with your guests. The filter, on the other hand, is made by Hydros from 100 percent coconut shell carbon that is wrapped in a BPA-free plastic shell.

Amazon.com : water filter

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The Best Water Filter
  1. 12th of January, 2022 Bottled water may be prohibitively costly, and the use of plastic bottles is detrimental to the environment. By installing a water filtration system in your house, you may save a significant amount of money while also easing your mind. In the event that you don’t consume all of your fluids at home, there are insulated tumblers and thermoses that may be used to transport fluids while on the road. SubscribeSave allows you to save even more money. In addition to the water filtration system, a replacement filter is included at no additional cost. With the SubscribeSave discount, it’s only $13.69! It is recommended that you purchase these universal replacement filters if you have Brita pitchers and dispensers in your home. Hoses are included with this under-the-counter filtration system, which may be connected directly to your water valve.
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The Best Water Filters for Your Home

There are a variety of benefits to filtering water in your house, and the advantages extend beyond merely providing clean drinking water. Water filters can also help to safeguard your appliances, improve the quality of your cooking, and increase the quality of the water you use to shower.

Water Filters

What is the most effective water filter for your household? That is dependent on your requirements. When it comes to water filters, there is no one-size-fits-all option. Is it important to you that chemicals and pollutants be removed from your drinking water? Do you want to have a water filter installed in your faucet sink? You want to increase the quality of the water in your entire house, right? Regardless of which type is ideal for your household, this guide will assist you in selecting the most appropriate water filtration solution.

As an added bonus, subscribing will help you remember when it’s time to change your filter, which is critical because it must be done according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

In addition, check the directions to determine if your items require new filters that are only available from the maker of the product.

Water Contaminants

Various pollutants may be found in water, and each one has a different effect. Here are a few illustrations. Tastes and scents may or may not be hazardous, but they can be unpleasantly unpleasant. Rust particles and other silt can settle in drinking water, block sink aerators, and interfere with the operation of equipment such as ice makers and washer dryers. Turbidity is defined as the presence of sufficient silt and particles in water to cause it to appear hazy. Microbial and parasitic infections can be dangerous to one’s health, especially in children, the elderly and those who have weakened immune systems.

  1. Lead is a heavy metal that may be found in water.
  2. Some municipal water systems may be made up of components that contain lead, such as pipes and fittings.
  3. There are filters that can help minimize it, but if you’re concerned about the likelihood of lead in your water, you should get it tested by an expert.
  4. Before you buy a water filter, study about the contaminants in your water and decide which contaminants you wish to eliminate.
  5. Test the water in your house if you want to know more about the water that comes out of your tap rather than simply the general water supply.
  6. If your water originates from a well, you’ll need to do water testing to determine whether or not it contains any toxins.
  7. A water softener can assist in reducing the amount of iron in clear water.

Types of Water Filters

Pay close attention to the specific impurities that a water filter is intended to decrease or eliminate. Consider filters that have been certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), which means that they have been independently tested to ensure, among other things, that they decrease the toxins that they promise to remove. Varying types of water filtration systems are certified to meet different levels of performance. Some are certified to eliminate just pollutants that have an impact on taste and fragrance, while others are certified to reduce contaminants that have an impact on health and well-being.

Various types of water filters are available, including single-cup drinking containers, sink-mounted water filters that filter kitchen tap water to be used both as a drinking water source and for cooking purposes, and whole-house systems that filter all the water that enters your home.

Tip Several water filters are specifically designed to filter just cold water.

Refrigerator Filters

For those searching for water filtering solutions that don’t require a large number of additional components, refrigerator filters are a good option:

  • Many refrigerators now have this feature built in. Provide continuous filtration of water for drinking and ice-making purposes
  • Reduce the amount of silt, as well as the taste and odor of chlorine. Some varieties additionally filter out heavy metals like as lead, mercury, cysts, and other contaminants. Typically, carbon filtration is used

Tip Maintaining the water filtration system correctly is essential for it to function well. This includes replacing filters at the intervals advised by the manufacturer. Many water filtration systems can alert you when it’s time to change the filter, which is convenient. Pay close attention to the filter life, which is defined in gallons filtered or months consumed, and factor in the expense of replacing filters on an ongoing basis.

Water Filter Pitchers

Water filtration pitchers are an excellent choice if you want a compact, self-contained solution:

  • There is no need for installation. Water should be filtered for subsequent usage. This product will fit in your refrigerator or on a counter top. Reduce the amount of water that is filtered
  • A variety of models are available to minimize chlorine taste and odor
  • Sediment
  • Lead
  • Cysts
  • And pharmaceutical contaminants
  • Depending on the type. Filtration options include carbon and ion exchange filtration

Faucet Mount Water Filters

Consider faucet mount water filters if you want an easy-to-install option that is above the sink (also known as faucet sink water filters).

  • They screw into the end of a regular sink faucet, allowing for quick and easy installation without the use of tools. They provide as a continuous source of filtration for drinking and cooking
  • Diverter valves are used to transition between filtered and unfiltered water in some systems. Typically, faucet-mounted water filters minimize sediment, lead, and chlorine taste and odor
  • However, they do not always work this way. Cysts and medications are reduced in certain models as well. Filtration is provided in two configurations: carbon or carbon-and-ion exchange.

Tip Check the filter manufacturer’s website for a list of faucets that are compatible with the filter.

Under Sink Water Filters

Under sink water filters are ideal for creating a seamless filtration system.

  • Under the sink, provide a solution that is hidden from view. Maintain continuous filtering for drinking and cooking water
  • Require a more complicated installation, which may include modifications to your plumbing
  • Use a dedicated faucet (which is often supplied) on occasion, which necessitates drilling a hole in your sink or countertop. Filters for the faucet end take up more space than filters for the faucet. A multi-stage model (as seen on the right) can incorporate sediment pre-filters, carbon filters, and reverse osmosis filtration, among other features. Depending on the filter type, sediment, chlorine taste and odor, lead, cysts, bacteria, medicines, and viruses are reduced
  • Nevertheless, some contaminants such as viruses and bacteria are not reduced.

Shower Head Filters

Shower head filters are available for your bathroom.

  • The space between the shower head and the shower stem/arm should be filled. Installation is straightforward and requires no special tools. Reduce the taste and odor of sediment and chlorine
  • Carbon or oxidation reduction filtering should be used.

Whole House Water Filters

Whole house water filters can help you improve the quality of your home’s water supply in the following ways:

  • Filter your entire home’s water supply for drinking, cooking, showering, and washing clothes, among other things. Some systems are equipped with a water softener. An installation method that is more sophisticated and requires the services of a licensed expert
  • Depending on the filter type, silt, chlorine taste and odor, lead, cysts, bacteria, medicines, and viruses can be reduced
  • However, some filters are more effective than others. Filter types range from simple sediment filters to high-end well water systems (as seen in the image to the right), which include multistage sediment prefilters, carbon filters, and ultraviolet (UV) filtering.

Water Filtration Methods

Particulate filters are used to minimize sediment, which includes rust particles, dirt, and sand, among other things. Particulate filters are frequently used as a first stage in multi-stage systems in order to keep particles out of the other filters. Activated carbon filters form chemical bonds with certain pollutants, allowing them to be reduced. These are the most popular types of filters used to combat the tastes and smells caused by chlorine. Some activated carbon filters also have the additional capability of reducing other pollutants like as lead and mercury.

  1. While reverse osmosis does not remove chlorine, it does minimize other pollutants that carbon filters are unable to remove from the water.
  2. They can also remove valuable minerals from the water along with toxins, which is why certain systems are intended to restore these minerals to the water as well as contaminants.
  3. Ion-exchange filtration removes contaminated ions and replaces them with additives that are more acceptable to the consumer.
  4. Ion-exchange filtration also has the additional benefit of reducing contaminants such as cadmium, copper, and zinc.
  5. This filtering technology, among other things, can lower the amount of chlorine, lead, and germs in the water.

UV filtering does not eliminate toxins from the environment. TipYou may see micron readings on the package of certain filters, which indicate the size of the holes in the filter. Tiny pores, as indicated by a lower micron number, imply that the filter is intended to capture smaller pollutants.

Water Softeners

Water softeners are used to cure a specific condition known as hard water, which is caused by minerals such as calcium and magnesium being present in the water. For further information on hard water and how to handle it, please see ourWater Softener Buying Guide. TipWhen utilizing a water filter in conjunction with a water softener, pay close attention to the manufacturer’s instructions for the order in which the devices should be installed and used together. Some water systems require the filter to be put first in the line, while others require the water softener to be installed first in the line.

When Do You Need a Water Filter vs. a Water Softener?

Water filters and water softeners are used to address distinct issues. Determine which you require based on the difficulties that need to be resolved:

  • Drinking water filters are used to reduce unpleasant taste, pollutants, and odor in drinking water. Whole-house water filters remove chlorine, sediment, and odor from the water supply. Water softeners are useful in the treatment of hard water, scale accumulation, and water spots. If you want specialized solutions from a professional, such as water testing, expert guidance, or sophisticated water treatment goods, you should consult with a specialist.

Water Conditioners

Despite the fact that water conditioners and water softeners are sometimes mistaken, the two devices provide quite distinct outputs. Water softeners reduce hardness and scaling by eliminating particular minerals that are already dissolved in water, whereas water conditioners introduce new minerals that bond to the hard minerals that are already present in the water. These hard minerals will become less sticky to surfaces for a short period of time as a result of this temporary shift in their chemistry.

Water Treatment Services

Still unsure about what you require? Please see theWater Treatment Servicespage for more information on how to get started on a customized whole house water treatment plan. Lowe’s will assist you in partnering with a local water expert who will examine the water quality in your house as well as your family’s needs in order to provide you with a customized water treatment solution.

Choose From the 8 Best Water Filters in 2022 to Fit Your Lifestyle

Learn more about our methodology, which includes independent investigation, testing, and assessment of the top goods before making recommendations. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of our links, we may receive a commission. When it comes to your drinking water, water filters not only assist to enhance the flavor of your water, but they also protect you from pollutants like rust particles and hazardous toxins like germs and lead as well. Sure, bottled water is readily accessible as a quick and (at least initially) inexpensive option, but water filters are more environmentally friendly—and can ultimately save you money in the long term.

  • Under-sink filters, faucet attachments, whole-house filtration systems, pitcher filters, and other similar products are available.
  • Each item in this collection has either been certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), a health and safety standards testing organization, or has been tested and certified by an independent third party to comply with NSF standards and regulations.
  • “If anything appears to be too wonderful to be true, there is a strong possibility that it is a forgery,” says the author.
  • Certifiable laboratories can test water from private wells or cisterns to determine which pollutants must be eliminated; for people who get municipally supplied water, a yearly Consumer Confidence Report is included in the monthly utility bill.
  • Finally, a decision has been reached.
  • In addition, the majority of reviews express their delight at how clean and smooth the produced water tastes.

If neither under-sink filters nor pitchers are an option, consider the Pur PFM400H Faucet Water Filtration System (see on Amazon); it’s beautiful, functional, and doesn’t require the use of any special equipment to set up and maintain.

What to Look for When Buying a Water Filter

Marshall Bright contributed to this article.

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According to Rick Andrew of NSF International, a health and safety standards testing business that certifies water filtration systems, there are two primary reasons to install a water filtration system: first, it is environmentally friendly. Water filters for drinking water in the United States are more likely to be used to enhance flavor or remove hard minerals and protect pipes, as hard water (i.e., water with a high mineral content) can cause buildup in pipes and water fixtures and eventually lead to pipe failure.

If you have well water, ancient pipes, or live in a region where drinking water is dangerous, you may require a water filter to remove pollutants such as lead or real particles such as sand from your drinking water.

Even though your municipal water is clean, it is possible that you have aging pipes that are allowing toxins to leak into your water.

Filters that are approved to eliminate chlorine, for example, can also help to promote hydration by making water more pleasant to drink.

Independent Certifications

In part because good filtration is so vital (and because it’s so difficult to detect whether or not it’s functioning), certification is one of the few ways to be absolutely certain that your water filter is actually eliminating the impurities it promises to be removing on its box. The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) is one such certification authority. Others to check for include certificates from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Water Quality Association (WQA) (WQA).

For example, the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) gives certification for eliminating a certain quantity of chlorine as well as a separate certification for removing lead.

Andrew advises that you should double-check to make sure it is genuinely certified before proceeding.

Some water filters were featured in an earlier edition of our list that were deleted because they used identical phrasing that made it unclear whether or not they had been independently evaluated.


When selecting a water filter, you should also take into account how much water your household consumes. Although a small pitcher may do for a dorm or an apartment, bigger homes (or those who wish to filter water for cooking as well as drinking) may benefit from faucet or under-sink filters, which are less expensive and more convenient.

Although refilling a pitcher does not take much time, if you have to do it multiple times a day, it might be tempting to give up on it and simply return to drinking unfiltered water from the tap instead.

Replacement Filters

Another factor to consider is the cost of the filter. In order to get the most out of your water filtration system, consider all of the factors that influence its performance, including pricing, availability, and the frequency with which filters must be replaced before making your selection.


Water filtration systems can range in price from thousands of dollars to, in the case of a tiny pitcher, less than twenty dollars. Water filters for home use are available at a reasonable price and do not require a large investment; nevertheless, search for certifications. When determining how much money you want to spend, keep in mind the cost of the water filter as well as how often it will need to be serviced.

Types of Water Filters

A pitcher is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of water filters, however water filters may be utilized at practically every step of the water’s path through your home.

Whole-Home Systems

Whole-house water filtration systems filter all of the water that enters your home. “The most typical type,” explains Andrew, “is a water softener, which will assist in the removal of minerals and the’softening’ of your water.” Because hard water is detrimental to pipes and water fixtures, a whole-house filtration system is the most practical solution. Due to the fact that this sort of system filters water for the entire house, it is sometimes expensive and time-consuming to put in place.


The usage of a point-of-use filter is another alternative if you want to filter your drinking water for toxins or a particular flavor. These might be sink-mounted filters, or they can be located beneath the sink where you obtain your drinking water. If you don’t have well water, Andrew says whole-house filtration is usually primarily used for softening the water, and point-of-use systems are fine if you’re solely concerned with eliminating toxins. Compared to whole-home systems, under-sink filters are frequently less difficult to install; nevertheless, they are more costly than faucet attachments or pitchers.

Faucet Attachments

In the same way as under-sink filters do, faucet attachments provide immediate access to filtered water at a location where you would normally acquire drinking water, such as the kitchen sink. This type of filter may be fitted to the majority of regular sinks; however, it will not function with more unusual sink configurations, such as a pull-down faucet with a spray nozzle. A faucet attachment will often allow you to filter only the water you wish to drink while allowing unfiltered water to get through for things like dishwashing and other household chores.

This sort of technology also puts less strain on the filter because it only filters the water that is actually required.


The fact that pitchers must be replenished means that they do not provide the convenience of sink filters. However, according to Andrew: “some people like pitchers since they enable you to cool filtered water, which can make it more delightful to drink.” It’s also the most straightforward to set up. Furthermore, if you are merely filtering water for flavor, you may find a faucet filter to be cumbersome and unneeded while doing tasks such as washing dishes or washing your hands at the kitchen sink.

Another matter of personal taste here, and both faucet attachments and pitchers are capable of filtering out pollutants from drinking water.


Countertop water filtration systems function in a similar way to faucet filters in that they redirect water from the sink into a filtration system with its own water tap. Other countertop filtration devices, which function similarly to water coolers, must be refilled on a regular basis; they are often bigger than pitchers, but require less frequent refilling. You may install filtered water wherever in your home, even if it is far away from a water supply, which is an advantage of using these systems.


Water bottles may also filter water, allowing them to be recognized by the National Sanitation Foundation and the American National Standards Institute. As you fill your water bottle or drink from it, they may filter the water for you. Water bottles may be a terrific option if you want to drink filtered water while on the go, and they’re a great alternative to purchasing water bottles in the first place! Many home water filtration brands and filters, on the other hand, are intended to remove toxins from already treated water sources.

Despite the fact that filters of all kinds may perform an excellent job of eliminating impurities, Andrew believes that “no filter can really eliminate all contaminants.” Any filter that claims to be able to remove all or 100 percent of pollutants is deceiving the public, and no certifying authority would stand behind such a claim in good faith.


Nowadays, the phrase “Brita pitcher” is mostly used to refer to a water pitcher that has been filtered. Every one of Brita’s filters has received NSF certification, and its pitchers are well-known for their simplicity of use—just drop a filter into the pitcher and you’re ready to go. Brita also sells a variety of pitchers and filtration systems, such as faucet filters and water bottles, in addition to drinking glasses. Brita, on the other hand, does not provide under-sink or whole-home filtering systems, and not all Brita filters are equal.


Pur and Brita provide products that are fairly similar to one another: simple filters that remove impurities that affect taste as well as mercury and other toxins, and more costly filters that can remove lead as well as a larger percentage of contaminants and are thus more expensive. Pur does, however, provide the most number of certifications in both its basic and more costly filters.


In addition to countertop filtration devices, APEC now provides a whole-house filtration solution for customers.

These systems are meant to eliminate odors and chlorine, as well as minerals that can cause scaling on appliances, from a home’s water supply.


There is no such thing as a one-time purchase for water filtration systems, regardless of their size or kind. Filters are not indestructible; they will ultimately cease to be effective in filtering water. “This has the potential to have two consequences,” Andrew explains. The water may begin to flow more slowly through the filter itself as a result of these changes. More dangerously, the filter may eventually cease to be effective in filtering water, allowing pollutants to remain in the solution.

The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certifies filters to verify that they can continue to remove impurities for the duration of their specified lifespan, and even for a small amount of additional time at the end.

“However, at some time, it will just cease to function.” It is just as vital to replace your water filter according to the manufacturer’s recommendations as it is to choose the appropriate filtration system in the first place.


A variety of accessories and add-ons have emerged as firms attempt to differentiate themselves in the filtration industry, including Bluetooth capabilities and sensors to monitor filter efficacy. While these might be visually pleasing bells and whistles, they are not absolutely required. In other cases, such as when replacing filters, the sensor is not required if you follow manufacturer directions. In the end, what counts is whether or not the filter itself is capable of eliminating the contaminants that you desire to be eliminated.


Water filtration systems come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and none of them are necessarily better (or worse) at filtering out toxins than another. Based on how it was produced and approved, the same types of filters may remove a wide range of impurities. In order to avoid this, Rick Andrew suggests that you identify the kind of pollutants that you want to be eliminated rather than merely seeking for a filter that eliminates a large number of contaminants. If you are unaware of what is in your local water, you may obtain a water report to determine what is present.

Do water filters remove bacteria?

Despite the fact that the National Sanitation Foundation certifies filters that eliminate germs under a standard called P231,” Andrew explains that they are often built for activities such as camping, where you may need to drink water from a stream. If you have special worries about bacteria in your drinking water, make sure to get a filter system that has been certified specifically for bacteria removal.

Can you filter any type of water?

In a nutshell, certainly. Water filters may be utilized with both city and well water, as well as with both soft and hard (high mineral content) water.

Simply be conscious of what it is that you are attempting to eliminate. A whole-house system meant to remove minerals from hard water, for example, will not function the same way as a pitcher designed to remove chlorine for flavor.

Do water filters remove fluoride?

Yes, there are some who do. If you have a preference, make sure to double-check the certification of your filter.

How long do water filters last?

Water filtration systems are only as effective as the filters that are included within them. Every filter is intended to be changed, and all certifications are performed with the filter’s long-term performance as a consideration. If your filter has to be updated every six months, NSF will test each filter to guarantee that it has a six-month life span before it is placed in service. The filtration system itself can endure for several years if the filters are updated on a regular basis.

Why Trust The Spruce Eats?

Donna Currie has lived and worked in sections of the country where the water quality was ranked among the best in the country.and she has lived and worked in places where the water quality was rated among the worst in the country. Over the years, she has put a number of models through their paces and conducted extensive study on the rest. Associate Editors at the Department of Commerce Richard Andrew of NSF International’s Global Water program provided information for this essay, which was researched and written by Taylor Rock and Fran Sales with contributions from others.


Where to buy the best water filters and pitchers online

— Recommendations are picked by the editors of Reviewed in an autonomous manner. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of our links, we may receive a commission. As we enter the warmest months of the year, being hydrated should be at the forefront of our thoughts. However, not all water is created equal when it comes to drinkability. Having a decent water filter on hand is essential if you want to guarantee that you’re drinking the freshest, highest-quality water possible. Do you require assistance in locating products?

  • It’s completely free, and you may cancel at any moment.
  • They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.
  • For your convenience, we’ve located the most convenient locations where you can get these kitchen items, including the finest water filter we’ve ever tested, theBrita Everyday($27.99), and theBrita Grand(from $36.99), which filtered water the quickest in our test.
  • Continue reading to learn more about where these and other filters may be found.

Ace Hardware

  • Ace Hardware has the Culligan Water Filtration Pitcher for $16.99
  • Ace Hardware has the Pur 30-Cup Dispenser for $33.99
  • Ace Hardware has the Pur 88 Filtration Pitcher for $35.99
  • Ace Hardware has the Brita Stream 10 Water Pitcher for $35.99
  • Ace Hardware has the Brita Grand 10 Water Filtration Pitcher for $37.99
  • Ace Hardware has the ZeroWater 184-Ounce Dispenser for $44.99
  • Ace Hardware has the ZeroWater 184


  • The Brita 5-Cup Water Pitcher can be purchased at Amazon for $19.99
  • The Levoit Water Filter Pitcher can be purchased at Amazon for $25.99
  • The AquaBliss 10-Cup Water Pitcher can be purchased at Amazon for $27.19
  • The Brita Everyday Pitcher can be purchased at Amazon for $27.99
  • The Nakii Water Filter Pitcher can be purchased at Amazon for $ 29.99
  • The Brita UltraMax 18-Cup Filtering Dispenser can be purchased at

Bed BathBeyond

  • Bed BathBeyond has the ZeroWater 7-Cup Ready-Pour Pitcher for $19.99, as well as the Brita Amalfi 6-Cup Pitcher for $24.99, the Brita Stream 10-Cup Pitcher for $29.99, and the Brita Grand 10-Cup Pitcher for $34.99
  • All of these items are available for purchase at Bed BathBeyond. At Bed Bath & Beyond, you can get the Pur Ultimate 11-Cup Water Pitcher with Lead-Reduction Filter. You can get the ZeroWater 12-Cup Ready-Pour Pitcher for $36.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond. Get the ZeroWater 30-Cup Ready-Pour Pitcher from Bed BathBeyond for $39.99
  • Get the Soma Water Filtration Carafe from Bed BathBeyond for $49.99
  • And get the ZeroWater 30-Cup Ready-Pour Pitcher from Bed BathBeyond for $39.99.

The Home Depot

  • The Brita Replacement Water Filter Cartridge is available at The Home Depot for $6.58
  • The HDX Universal Water Filter Cartridge Replacement Filter, 4-Pack is available at The Home Depot for $9.98
  • The Pur Ultimate Lead-Reducing Replacement Filter, 3-pack is available at The Home Depot for $20.98
  • The Brita Premium Filtering Water Bottle is available at The Home Depot for $19.79
  • The Brita UltraMax 18-Cup Filtered Water Dispenser is available at The Home Depot for


  • Lowe’s offers the Brita Advanced Pitcher Filters Replacement Filter for $15.98
  • The ZeroWater 6-Cup Water Filter Pitcher for $16.88
  • The Brita Soho 5-Cup Water Filter Pitcher for $19.98
  • And the Brita UltraMax 18-Cup Water Filter Pitcher for $26.98. The Brita Advanced Pitcher Filters Replacement Filter can be purchased at Lowe’s for $15.98. Get the ZeroWater 23-Cup Water Filter Pitcher for $33.44 at Lowe’s
  • Get the Brita Grand 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher for $34.98 at Lowe’s
  • And get the ZeroWater 23-Cup Water Filter Pitcher for $33.44 at Lowe’s.


  • The Pur Basic 7-Cup Filter can be purchased at Target for $14.49, and the Pur Classic Faucet Filtration System can be purchased at Target for $19.99. The Brita Soho Water Filtration Pitcher can be purchased at Target for $29.99, and the Brita Extra-Large 18-Cup Filtered Water Dispenser can be purchased at Target for $30.99. The ZeroWater 10-Cup Ready-Pour Water Pitcher with Light-Up Indicator can be purchased at Target


  • The Dupont Water Pitcher Filter can be purchased at Walmart for $17.86
  • The Brita Space Saver 6-Cup Water Pitcher can be purchased at Walmart for $18.97
  • The Brita Soho 6-Cup Water Filter Pitcher can be purchased at Walmart for $27.94
  • The Brita Stream 10-Cup Water Filter can be purchased at Walmart for $29.84
  • The Brita Pacifica 10-Cup Water Pitcher can be purchased at Walmart for $29.94
  • The pH Re
  • The product specialists atReviewedhave you covered for all of your buying requirements. Follow Reviewed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up to date on the newest discounts, reviews, and other information. Price information was correct at the time of publication, however it is possible that prices will vary over time.

Whole House Water Filtration Systems

Pentair customizes whole-house filtration systems to your specific home water profile, ensuring that your water receives VIP treatment from beginning to end. When it comes to water quality, there is no such thing as one size fits all. We provide tailored solutions for great-tasting, odor-free water that comes out of every tap, all of the time.

When you choose Pentair filtration systems, you are choosing high-efficiency filtration systems that are kind on appliances and harsh on pollutants. Water Filtration System for the Entire House

  • It can assist in reducing chlorine by up to 97 percent. There will be no water waste. Maintenance is simple and straightforward.

Water Filtration System with UV Light for the Entire House

  • It can assist in reducing chlorine by up to 97 percent. There will be no water waste. Maintenance is simple and straightforward. When compared to chlorine, it is more effective against a larger spectrum of species.

Combo Filter/Softener System for the Entire House

  • It can assist in reducing chlorine by up to 97 percent. There will be no water waste. Maintenance is simple and straightforward. When compared to chlorine, it is more effective against a larger spectrum of species. It contributes to the extension of the life of appliances and the reduction of scale buildup.

Common water issues

It can assist in reducing chlorine by up to 97 percent; Ensure that there is no water waste. Low-maintenance requirements Chemotherapy is more effective than chlorine against a wider spectrum of species. It contributes to the extension of appliance life and the reduction of scale accumulation.

  • Drinking water that is discolored, orange or red, and staining
  • Blue or green stains
  • Sediment or debris The scent of rotten eggs
  • Stained with a yellow hue
  • Metallic aftertaste

Water that Beams with Benefits

Here’s just a small sampling of the numerous advantages that may be obtained from installing a whole-house water filtering system.

  • Effective pollutant control
  • Refreshing water with improved flavor and odor
  • Contaminants, minerals, silt, and debris are reduced in volume. Reduce the amount of plastic garbage produced. Excellent water is available from every tap
  • Less spots caused by water

Home Water Consultation

Please contact us to schedule an appointment with a certified and reputable home water specialist. Only available in a limited number of markets.

Phone Consultation

Speak with a home water specialist for assistance in customizing a water solution that is appropriate for your specific water profile.

Experience the Pentair Water Solutions Difference

Our home water professionals have received extensive training and are trusted to convert your water issues into water that impresses.

Conservation Conscious

Using environmentally sensitive technologies, you may reduce your plastic waste while maintaining a clear conscience for yourself and your water.

One-Stop Shop

Take advantage of a straightforward, seamless experience to manage your specific water concerns.

Chlorine In Your Home Water

Beyond its distinctive taste and odor, chlorine’s volatile chemical nature implies that it may react with other substances and produce byproducts. When it comes to your drinking water, how much chlorine is deemed “safe”?

Why Are Chloramines In My Water?

With order to make chloramine, combine five parts chlorine and one component ammonia in equal quantities of distilled water. As a result, it is referred to as “chlorine plus.” Find out how it gets into your water and what you can do to prevent it from getting into your system.

Learn more about common water problems and how to tackle them in our Water Education Center.

A Pentair Water Solutions home water specialist will arrive in a mobile showroom and will assist you in selecting the most appropriate water treatment system for your house or business.

Test Your Water

With the Pentair 16-Point Rapid Water Test, you can determine what is in your water and how hard your water is by testing the hardness of your water.

Talk to a Home Water Expert

Today is the day to get matched with your personalized water solution. To discuss your home water difficulties and inquiries, please contact one of our home water specialists between the hours of 8AM and 6PM EST, Monday through Friday.

Free shipping over $49

We will bring solutions to your door at no additional charge!

Comprehensive System Warranty

Coverage for the system, components, and labor is for one year. ****The warranty only applies to Pentair installations that have been certified.

Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t like a water solution, you can mail it back to the manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you live in an area where we provide in-home services, our team of residential water specialists would be pleased to assist you with the sizing and installation of a new water softening system for your house. Call Pentair immediately at 866-777-3469 to check whether we provide installation services in your area as well as to inquire about our availability. We If you do not reside in one of these regions, we recommend that you check with a local plumber or use an existing home services platform to find out what you can do.

To begin, test your water with our 16-Point Rapid Water Test, which checks for the most common water problems, including hardness level, and then follow up with a professional water treatment service.

How soon can I get this if I order today?

We send all in-stock orders the same day if they are received by 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Depending on where you reside, it might take up to 7 business days for the package to be delivered. You will get tracking information via the email address you supplied when placing your transaction.

Isn’t city water good enough with a Pentair Whole House Water Filter?

The majority of municipal water systems treat their water using chlorine or chloramines, which are chemicals that are meant to destroy living organisms. However, while these additional water treatment chemicals perform an outstanding job of purifying your water, they can cause dry skin and hair as well as an unpleasant taste and odor that many people find objectionable. Every faucet, shower, and toilet in your home will have clean, filtered water rich in mineral nutrients thanks to the usage of a Pentair whole-house water filter that reduces unwanted tastes and odors.

What does a Pentair water filter or water softener add to my water that might negatively impact the color, taste and odor of my water?

Pentair does not use any chemicals to treat your household water for impurities that produce unpleasant tastes and smells or hard water, as opposed to other water treatment companies. In fact, our water softeners employ salt to minimize hard water-causing mineral ions, such as calcium and magnesium, which results in softer skin, shinier hair, longer-lasting appliances, and less scale accumulation produced by hard water in the first place.

Can I take my Pentair whole house filtration system with me when I move?

In the event that you decide to move, Pentair filtration systems are intended to be readily removed and transported. Alternatively, you may put the system into bypass mode and then remove it from the bypass and carry it with you. We would be pleased to assist you with the reinstallation of your system when you are ready, and if you live in a region where we provide in-home services, our team of residential water specialists would be happy to assist you with the process. Alternatively, you may contact Pentair directly to check whether we provide installation services in your area at 866-777-3469.

To talk with a Pentair Water Solutions home water specialist, please contact us.

Are you an independent water treatment professional?

We have the resources you require to expand your company. To get started, go to the Pentair Pro Hub. *This service is only accessible in certain areas. † Select goods purchased from pentair.com or pelicanwater.com are eligible for this offer. Pentair provides intelligent, environmentally friendly household water treatment solutions that enable you and your family to make the most of life’s vital resources while conserving resources. Even though better water comes from your tap, our whole-house filtration systems and softeners eliminate pollutants and their associated effects, resulting in fresher and cleaner water throughout your home.

Water softeners by Pentair lower the amount of hard water minerals present in the water by substituting sodium or potassium ions for calcium and magnesium ions.

These two remedies are effective at removing hard water spots and mineral buildup that can cause problems with your appliances and pipes.

It’s possible that if you persist on Pentair, you’ll begin to see your glass as “half-full.” Water treatment shouldn’t be difficult, which is why we link families with softening and conditioning systems that are customized to their specific needs.

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