Who Do I Call To Fix My Water Heater

Do you call a plumber to fix a hot water heater?

When it comes to hot water heater repair and plumbing concerns, the finest specialists to call are those that have received specialized training. Specifically, you will discover the most qualified plumbers for the task at Wicked Plumbing in Somerset, Massachusetts. Plumbers are the most qualified people to call when it comes to ensuring that hot water is flowing from your faucets and showers, among other systems. It is possible for a water heater to have many difficulties at the same time, each of which will impair the heater’s capacity to perform its function.

The most typical requests for water heater repair in an electric water heater might involve the following:

  • A blown fuse
  • A malfunctioning thermostat
  • A faulty heating element
  • Connections between hot and cold water are incorrectly bridged.

When difficulties do not necessarily occur with an electric hot water heater, a system reset is a standard solution to the problem. The following are the most often encountered issues with gas hot water heaters: In the event of a gas water heater, the system can be reset in the same way. The fact that it is a gas system means that it is less dependant on power than an electric water heater is. Wicked Plumbing is the team to call when you require repairs to your hot water heater, regardless of the situation.

Can a water heater be repaired?

A water heater can almost always be fixed, depending on what is going on at the time a plumber is called out for water heater repair. The most popular solutions for the typical problems described above are part replacement, system reset, or flushing your water heater, according to the general agreement. Every system in your house, including your gas or electric water heater, is composed of a number of components. It is possible that one is defective or that it has been subjected to more rigorous use and hence burns out more rapidly.

  1. Piping, on the other hand, is something quite distinct.
  2. The plumbing might become brittle and clog, which plumbers can quickly diagnose with the use of specialist gear.
  3. This is due to the fact that sediment will accumulate in a water heater and, if left unchecked, can create major difficulties for a homeowner.
  4. The reason for this is because a person’s mineral content in their water has a significant impact on how well their water works.

Can you still use water if water heater is leaking?

If you want to be honest, you should never turn on your hot water heater if it’s dripping water. In most cases, water heaters leak as a result of silt accumulation. This is due to the fact that the silt is interfering with the normal pressure buildup, and the procedure is made much more difficult as a result of the imbalance caused by the sediment. The ensuing difficulties that occur as a result of silt accumulation eventually result in the steel tank splitting and rusting over time. In most cases, when a person discovers a leak in their hot water heater, water heater repair will not be sufficient, and a replacement will be required.

When you discover even a minor leak in your hot water heater, it may quickly escalate into a much larger and more expensive problem. If a little leak is not addressed by a plumber as soon as possible, it will develop into a major problem requiring replacement.

What are the signs your hot water heater is going out?

As previously said, there are several circumstances, such as leakage, that prompt a plumber to conclude that it is necessary to replace your water heater rather than do water heater repair. There are various concerns that drive experts to this frame of thinking, including but not limited to leaks, but also several other issues that are not present in a well-functioning system, such as:

  • Incompatible with current requirements: When you are unable to obtain hot water efficiently or when it simply does not offer enough
  • Advanced age: Most water heaters have a lifespan of six to thirteen years, with most of them failing between these two stages, if not immediately after. A significant quantity of noise: When sediment accumulates in your hot water heater, it may become quite noisy and irritating to deal with. Rust in water: If you see rust in your water, which typically appears filthy or develops a coating at the bottom of the glass, this is an indicator that your hot water is no longer safe to drink.

The majority of the time, a plumber will offer you an indication when it is necessary to replace your hot water heater so that you can plan ahead of time. One of the best ways to find out is to have your plumber commit to performing water heater repair and inspections at least once a year, if not more often. When you want plumbing services, call Wicked Plumbing at (508) 272-1196 now to make an appointment for service.

Top 10 Water Heater Repair Near Me

Tank and tankless water heaters are the two main types of water heaters available. Tankless systems are good for extensions, vacation homes, and guest bathrooms, whereas tank water heaters can handle the everyday demands of a household. However, the costs associated with operating, maintaining, and repairing each kind vary considerably.

What are common issues that require water heater repair?

With about equal proportions of electrical and plumbing components, water heater installation, maintenance, and servicing are performed by electricians and plumbers in roughly similar numbers. Angie’s List has created a list of the most often seen issues:

  • Running out of hot water – Because a tankless heater warms water on demand, it is rare for a home to run out of hot water
  • However, a tank heater that is too small may be a problem in a busy household. It’s impossible to have hot water if you don’t have a working pilot light. This is by far the most prevalent complaint, and it can be caused by anything from an overloaded circuit breaker to a blown fuse. Because sound travels via both pipes and water, any problems with a water heater will be heard clearly and loudly.

If your water heater is acting strangely, your first port of call should be a plumber. If the plumber discovers that the problem is electrical in nature, you may need to bring in a professional electrician.

How much will water heater repair near me cost?

Repairing a tank or tankless water heater can cost anything from $216 to $903, with an average cost of $552 per unit. Because water heater repair rates can vary greatly, be certain that you are hiring a trained professional to examine your water heater. The same problem that one contractor could cure with a low-cost sacrificial anode replacement could motivate another, less scrupulous contractor to solve by proposing a brand new (and expensive) water heater.

How do I find the best hot water repair contractor near me?

You may use the above directory of water heater repair firms to help you identify the best professionals for the job in the area where you live or work. You can also ask friends for recommendations for reputable plumbers or electricians, visit the Better Business Bureau, and/or contact the appropriate local licensing authorities for assistance. It doesn’t matter how you choose a water heater repair professional; just make sure he or she is certified to execute the job properly and safely. Expect to see valid state license as well as proof of insurance.

If you require emergency service or late-night repair work, be prepared to pay a little higher rate, as well as additional fees for repair parts, supplies, and the service call itself.

The majority of plumbing companies provide maintenance agreements on pricey goods such as water heaters, which may save you money over the long run.

Best Gas Water Heater Repair Services Near Me – HomeAdvisor

Gas water heaters have the potential to be far more powerful than their electric equivalents, but only if they are properly maintained. In the absence of regular maintenance, your pilot light may begin to fail. For example, the thermocouple may begin to decay, or the unit’s components may get too filthy for it to operate properly. You should seek out a local gas water heater if you’ve observed that your water heater isn’t performing as effectively as it should be. The most effective strategy to keep gas appliances in excellent working order is to call in a professional at the first indication of difficulty.

Find nearby gas water heater providers that can provide the following services:

  • Using the phone, you can troubleshoot your water heater for simple answers and quick repairs. Repair the underlying problems that are causing your water heater to malfunction. Make a thorough inspection of the whole device for signs of ordinary wear and tear. Provide frequent maintenance suggestions and give tune-ups to your customers.

A faulty gas water heater is not only bothersome, but it may also be hazardous to one’s health. With only a few clicks of your mouse, HomeAdvisor can locate gas hot water heater repair professionals in your area.

Who Should I Call for Water Heater Repair! – H & H

Do you want a bone-chillingly chilly shower? Is that some sort of scary-looking sediment? What are those strange noises? Water heater problems can be quite unpleasant. Who are you going to call if you need to get your hot water heater serviced? If you are concerned about problems with your water heater, you have a number of alternatives.

Heating and Air Conditioning Companies

When you have problems with your water heater, why not call a heating and air conditioning company? If your water heater is a hybrid type that makes use of heat pump technology, there’s no one better to call to service your water heating system than a heating and air conditioning firm in your area. Hybrid water heaters are significantly different from the versions that were widespread ten years ago, and most electrical and plumbing businesses are not EPA authorized to operate on this type of water heater, which utilizes refrigerant gas to heat water.

  1. The heating and air conditioning industry is well-versed in electric and gas water heater troubleshooting, as well as dealing with in-direct and solar heated systems.
  2. HVAC technicians have a wide range of skills, ranging from electrical to plumbing and wiring.
  3. Do you require a replacement?
  4. Changes in fashion are also not uncommon for HVAC service firms, which deal with a variety of energy sources, including oil, gas, electricity, and solar power, in the course of servicing heating, cooling, and water heating equipment.
  5. When you’re having problems with your water heater, you may turn to a plumbing company for assistance.
  6. If your home’s faucets are not producing any water (and you have paid your water bill on time), hiring a plumbing firm may be a smart option.
  7. A licensed electrician may be an excellent choice if you’re having water heater problems and are concerned that you’ll need to replace your older water heater.

It may be necessary to upgrade an electrical panel and possibly an electrical service in order to ensure a sufficient supply of electricity to safely power a newer water heater style when switching from a gas to an electric system, or when switching from an electric tank-style system to an electric tankless system.

How Do I Know if I Need a New Water Heater?

The following are indications that it may be time to replace your water heater:

  • The necessity of making regular repairs
  • A system that has been in operation for more than ten years
  • A rusty foundation has formed on the bottom of your water heater tank. The water that comes out of your home’s faucets is rusty
  • Water is leaking from the base of your water heater tank
  • This is a serious problem. When the water is heating up, you will hear rumbling or pounding sounds.

Do you have scary water heater problems? We have yet to encounter a water heater that we couldn’t manage here at HH HeatingAir Conditioning. Contact us right away if you have a water heater problem that has to be resolved quickly, or if you require heating and conditioning repair services that have you concerned.

Do You Call a Plumber to Fix a Hot Water Heater?

Adjusting the temperature of a water heater is done by a plumber using a clipboard.

The best way to get the needed repair work done

Most of the time, you probably don’t give your water heater any thought at all. If it is doing the function for which it was designed, there is no reason for it to be on your mind. However, as soon as the hot water runs out, the heater must be repaired, which becomes a top priority for the homeowner. This is due to the fact that a hot water heater has a direct influence on one’s quality of life. Showers and baths may become pretty uncomfortable if your heater fails to function properly. It’s possible that your washing machine isn’t performing as effectively as it should.

The question is, what is the most efficient method of doing the necessary repair work?

Should you ever employ an electrician instead of doing it yourself?

Find out who to call for water heater repair in our handy list below.

Do Plumbers Fix Water Heaters?

Water heaters can be difficult to service and repair at times. And, in the case of older devices, there’s frequently little that can be done to save them. Instead, they must be totally removed and replaced. The chances are good that you won’t want to take on this task on your own. Instead, contact a professional plumbing firm. Here are some examples of instances in which it is preferable to hire a plumber to work on your water heater.

  • It appears like the water coming out of the water heater is rusty
  • Your hot water pressure has suddenly dropped significantly
  • In fact, you aren’t getting any hot water at all from your water heater. The pilot light will not stay lit (this is only applicable to gas water heaters
  • Electric water heaters do not have a pilot light)
  • The water heater will not heat
  • When you turn on your water heater, odd noises might be heard.
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If you have any of these issues, it is recommended that you contact a plumbing specialist. The difficulties described above are not electrical in nature, and thus are unlikely to be problems you can solve on your own. The knowledge and experience of a plumbing professional will assist you in getting your water heater back in working order. A maintenance service engineer is on the job with a residential gas water heater.

Do Electricians Offer Water Heater Repair Services?

If you’re dealing with electric water heaters, you may encounter issues that necessitate the services of an electrician rather than a plumbing professional. If you have any of the following difficulties, we recommend that you hire an electrician rather than a plumber:

  • Your water heater is tripping the circuit breaker on and off repeatedly (an evident electrical issue)
  • When the water heater fuse box overheats or blows (remember, this is definitely an electrical issue), the following things happen: You have faulty wiring (for example, if your reset button keeps tripping, you most likely have faulty wiring)

A gas boiler is being repaired by a male engineer.

What About DIY Water Heater Repairs?

Is it necessary to call a plumber or an electrician on a regular basis? Do you need to hire a professional, or are there certain water heater issues you can handle yourself? In most cases, you don’t want to take any chances when it comes to your water heater troubles. If you have a problem with your gas water heater, this may be a serious safety hazard for you and your family. Even if it is only small flooding, it has the potential to cause significant property damage in the future. In the end, it might be difficult to decide the best cost-effective strategy to solve water heater problems in some instances.

Is there a method to assure that a smart solution is found? Consult with a plumber for guidance. Call the Carter’s team right now to talk with a plumber who serves your area code.

No Hot Water? 10 Signs It’s Time To Call A Water Heater Service Professional — Build With a Bang

Water Heater Repair.Diagnosing a problem with your water heater as soon as possible might save you hundreds of dollars in water damage and repair costs later. There’s nothing more frustrating than discovering that you’ve ran out of hot water unexpectedly. It’s an uncomfortable, irritating, and most certainly a costly problem to resolve. However, recognizing a problem with your water heater as soon as possible might save you hundreds of dollars in water damage and repair costs in the future. You should contact a water heater servicing specialist if you notice one or more of the following problems.

No Hot Water

In the event that everything was functioning smoothly only a short while ago and you suddenly find yourself without hot water, do not assume the worst immediately away. The standing pilot or pilot light on a gas-powered heating system may have simply gone out if you have a gas-powered heating system. The pilot light must be lighted, and the ignitor must be operational in order to generate the combustion necessary to get your water heater up and running. In the case that the circuit breaker has tripped or been switched off, make sure to check it as well.

  • When not in use, the access panel is positioned above the thermostat and is normally protected by a metal cover.
  • Finally, even though you’ve double-checked that the pilot light, igniter, and circuit are all operational, and you’ve reset the water heater, it’s conceivable that the thermocouple is not functioning properly.
  • Because if the thermocouple does not detect sufficient heat from the pilot light, it will immediately cut off the gas flow to the furnace, resulting in a shortage of warm water.
  • You should immediately turn off the gas to your home and contact a service specialist if you believe that your thermocouple needs to be replaced, smell natural gas, or are unsure about the condition.

Not Enough Hot Water

In the case of a lack of hot water, but the presence of warm water, it may be an indicator that the heating element has failed. It is important to set your water heater’s thermostat to a temperature between 120 and 140 degrees; anything lower than that may result in warm but not hot water. Anything above 140 degrees Fahrenheit can be potentially harmful. Water heater and furnace are included in the price.

Noises From The Water Heater

Unusual noises coming from the water heater are an excellent sign that there is most certainly a problem. Audible popping, cracking, or pounding, for example, may indicate that there is mineral buildup on the heating element, and as a result of this, the heating element is physically burning away the sediment. If this is the case, you’ll need to drain and flush your water tank to correct the situation.

If the heating element in your water tank is beginning to burn out, it is possible that your water tank is generating noise as well. As a result, you will need to contact a service specialist to replace the part and determine whether or not the tank is still functional.

Water Smells Like Sulfur

If you notice a sulfur-like odor emanating from your hot water, it is possible that bacteria is growing within the tank or in the water hoses. More specifically, it’s a moldy or “rotten egg” odor, but keep an eye out for anything else that could indicate that water heater repair is essential in the future. In certain cases, if the water heater is not damaged, you may be able to resolve the problem by cleaning the tank using a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide. Make sure to allow the solution to stay in the tank for at least 4-6 hours before flushing it out entirely with water if you want to go that way.

The Water Heater Needs to Be Flushed

Leaking Tank

The unfortunate truth about leaky tanks is that they must be replaced as soon as they are discovered. Turn off the water supply to the tank as soon as possible to avoid any flooding in the area where your HVAC equipment is located (basement, closet, and so on). Tank water heaters (as opposed to tankless water heaters) typically have a lifespan of 8 to 12 years before failing or needing to be replaced. As a homeowner, once you reach the 8-year mark, you should start putting money aside to replace your water heater in the event that it fails unexpectedly.

The entire amount of money saved over the course of the time period should be sufficient to cover the cost of the new hot water heater as well as the labor associated with its installation.

Rust or Corrosion Around The Bottom Of Your Water Heater

A rusty or corroded bottom of the hot water tank might indicate that the metallic liner inside the tank has fully corroded through the tank’s interior. The appearance of rust is caused by water escaping from the inside of the tank through the tank’s walls and into the surrounding environment. A rusted or corroded bottom is an indication that you should replace your water heater as soon as possible.

Rust or Corrosion Along the Top Of The Water Heater

The presence of small concentrations of rust spots around the top of the hot water tank may indicate that an underground pipe is dripping on the top of the tank. If you have a leaking pipe connection, a damaged pipe, or simply a sweaty pipe, you may be experiencing this. The moment has come to hire a plumber if the pipe is dripping. If the hot water pipe is merely sweating on your water heater, causing the rust to build up, you may simply purchase a pipe sleeve from your local hardware shop to solve the problem quickly.

Fiberglass pipe wrap should be used for gas water heaters.

Rust Colored Water

A sediment buildup in the tank’s inside or rusting from the inside are two possibilities for why the water appears rusty in color. Consider completely cleaning the tank to eliminate any remaining sediment. It is possible that a new anode rod may be required for the repair. Water with a rusty tint It’s worth knowing that the anode rod is intended to corrode in lieu of the water heater’s liner. ” When the rod has totally rusted, it no longer serves as a protective barrier for your water heater.

A water softener also has the additional effect of dramatically shortening the life of your anode rod. An anode rod that is depleted can cause difficulties with the water heater.

Mold Growing Behind The Water Heater

It is probable that you have a leaking water heater if you notice mold developing beneath or on the wall behind the heater. Maintain a close look out for signs of a leaking pipe or water seeping in via a damaged foundation, since these might indicate that the mold is the result of an outside source. However, be sure to bring in a professional and be prepared to have the water heater serviced or replaced as soon as possible. Regardless of the sort of repair you perform, make sure to take advantage of the chance to remediate the mold on the wall or floor before installing a new water heater.

Replacement of moldy drywall or flooring may be essential if the situation warrants such action.

Musty Smell Coming From The Water Heater

Several factors can cause a musty odor, including mold, bacteria, and standing water. Regardless of the final outcome, it’s advisable to get your water heating system inspected by a repair specialist as soon as possible.

The Best Water Heater Repair Near Me: How to Hire a Plumber for Water Heater Repair Service

Image courtesy of istockphoto.com

Hiring the Best Water Heater Repair Near Me

The use of water heaters is commonplace in the home, and homeowners rely on them every day for everyday tasks such as showering and cooking, as well as cleaning dishes, clothes, and hands. Water heaters are critical to the overall well-being of a family. When a homeowner discovers that anything is wrong with their water heater, it may be a stressful situation. While some water heater difficulties may be resolved by someone with just rudimentary mechanical understanding, others need the services of a professional.

  • It can spare a homeowner from purchasing components for their water heater without first visiting an expert, only to discover that their heater is permanently damaged or useless as a result of the purchase.
  • In order to have the task done correctly, finding the finest water heater repair service is essential.
  • Do you require water heater repair?
  • Get no-obligation quotes from plumbers in your area that are free of charge.+

Cost of Water Heater Repair Near Me

Image courtesy of istockphoto.com In the United States, the average cost of repairing a faulty water heater is $587 dollars. However, depending on the extent of the damage, the average repair cost might range from $150 to $955. Some severely damaged water heaters may require repairs that cost more than $2,000 to complete. Other basic maintenance and repairs can be performed for less than $100. Overall, the cost of a water heater repair service is determined by the nature of the problem and the professional’s opinion on how to resolve it.

The cost of a water heater repair might also vary depending on the type of water heater that is installed in the home. It is possible that repairing a solar-panel-fueled heater would necessitate the use of more specialist parts and will thus be more expensive than repairing a gas water heater.

Common Water Heater Issues a Plumber Can Fix

The usual classic tank-type water heater has a lifespan of between 8 and 12 years in most situations. During this time period, difficulties in the unit may occur that require the attention of a specialist to resolve. The following are examples of difficulties that a plumber may resolve:

  • There are problems with the temperature. It is possible that the electricity, heating element, or thermostat are malfunctioning in a residence where the water is not warming up or is too hot. A plumber can troubleshoot to see whether there is a problem with the power, heating element, or thermostat. Leaks. Water heater leaks can be caused by a variety of factors, including variations in water pressure, an overheated device, and a cracked gasket. Plumbers deal with these problems by either replacing the damaged gasket or identifying the source of the leak and taking suitable steps to remedy it. The hot water is running out. Upon inspection, a plumber will determine whether or not both heating components within the unit are properly functioning and will strive to restore hot water.

Do you require water heater repair? Engage the services of a well regarded professional. Get no-obligation quotes from plumbers in your area that are free of charge.+

Do I Need a Water Heater Repair?

It can be difficult to assess whether or not a water heater repair is required; nevertheless, some problems may necessitate an immediate repair or the replacement of the water heater unit.


Severe leaks may necessitate emergency water heater repairs, since they can result in catastrophic property damage if left unattended for an extended period of time. Furthermore, water gathering at the bottom of the tank can lead to corrosion and further damage to the device, which is undesirable. Homeowners should contact their local plumber as soon as possible to prevent more harm. During this period, it’s critical to identify the source of the leak and determine whether or not it’s possible to tighten any weak connections.

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Move any appliances out of the way and create a barrier around the area to ensure that no dogs or children fall into the water.

During the time that they are waiting for a hot water heater repair, homeowners can attempt to troubleshoot the problem by tripping the circuit breakers to determine if there is a problem with the unit’s electricity.


Some non-emergencies may be handled by the homeowner with the help of a water heater, but severe situations require the expertise of a professional. Example: If the water heater is not producing enough heat, it may be on the verge of losing its ability to produce hot water or experiencing problems with its heating components. It should be possible for a technician or plumber to detect whether or not there is a crossed connection depending on the type of water heater unit being used. When a water heater is operating, it is usual for it to emit modest, quiet noises.

While it may appear as though the water heater is about to explode, pounding noises are mainly caused by mineral deposits accumulating inside the tanks and heating components of the appliance.

Do you require water heater repair? Engage the services of a well regarded professional. Get no-obligation quotes from plumbers in your area that are free of charge.+

Water Heater Repair vs. Water Heater Replacement

Finding out whether it’s time to replace a water heater can be a difficult task. Consider the age of the water heater as a starting point. If your water heater is older than 12 years old or is approaching that age, it may be time to replace it. Over time, gas prices may rise as a result of the water heater’s inability to maintain a constant temperature as a result of wear and tear. It may be more cost-effective to replace the water heater in this case. Other dangers may indicate that it is time to replace your water heater.

While some units may be repaired by cleaning them, flushing them with water, and replacing the anode rod, some units are beyond repair and must be replaced in order to ensure safe water use.

Water heater replacement and installation may be found by searching for “water heater installation near me” on the internet.

DIY vs. Hiring a Plumber

Though problems like leaks, temperature fluctuations, and water discoloration might be worrying, homeowners do have alternatives for repairing them. Homeowners can do a do-it-yourself water heater repair by checking the unit for loose bolts or holes and restarting the water heater’s power supply. Do you require water heater repair? Engage the services of a well regarded professional. Get no-obligation estimates from plumbers in your area that are free of charge. + For those who are concerned about their safety or are unclear where to begin, contacting a plumber is the best first step to taking care of a water heater problem safely and effectively.

Finding reputable local providers is as simple as conducting a Google search for “water heater servicing near me.” Image courtesy of istockphoto.com

How to Find a Reputable Plumber for Water Heater Repair

In order to assure the trustworthiness of a plumber while hiring him or her to repair your water heater, there are a few criteria to consider before picking one:

  • Make certain that they are a licensed plumber that has a long history of working in the neighborhood where the property is located. Before beginning any work, request a written estimate for water heater repair and maintenance. Find out what they specialize in and whether or not they have prior experience with water heater service. Make certain that they have liability insurance as well as worker’s compensation in the event of an accident. Look into their hours of operation to ensure that a member of the family will be there when they come
  • And

Questions to Ask Your Local Plumber

In order to guarantee that you receive the finest results possible from your water heater repair service, you should ask the local plumber a few relevant questions before, during, and after the job is completed. Among the questions you should ask your local plumber are the following:

  • Do you have any previous experience with the sort of water heater that I have in my house
  • Does this problem have anything to do with what I’ve done, or is it something that has developed through time? What can I do differently the next time to prevent more damage to the water heater
  • Do you have any suggestions for extending the life of my water heater?

Do you require water heater repair? Engage the services of a well regarded professional. Get no-obligation quotes from plumbers in your area that are free of charge.+


The cost of servicing a water heater can range from less than $100 to more than $2,000 depending on the problem.

The average cost of repairing a water heater is around $587 dollars. However, the majority of typical water heater problems, such as cleaning the unit or changing the thermostat, would cost roughly $200 to repair.

Q. Is it worth repairing a water heater?

The repair of a standard tank-type water heater or a tankless water heater that is less than 12 years old may be worthwhile if the water heater has been in service for a long time. Depending on the extent of corrosion, leakage, or the frequency with which a unit requires repairs, it may potentially be more cost-effective to replace the unit altogether. In most cases, a combination of these elements will determine whether or not it is worthwhile to repair a water heater.

Q. What are the most common problems with water heaters?

When it comes to water heaters, one of the most prevalent problems that homeowners have is water leaking. It is possible that as the tank ages, it could develop small cracks within the unit, which will lead to leaks along the tank’s edges. Water dripping from the top of the unit, on the other hand, may indicate a faulty connection. Sources:HomeAdvisor,Fixr,HouseLogic Find dependable local contractors for any home improvement project+

Water Heater Repair

When you have a hot water heater problem, we at Water Heaters Only, Inc. understand that you need speedy water heater repair service and affordable price as soon as possible. The repair of residential gas and electric water heaters, as well as tankless and commercial water heaters, is what we specialize in. We have over 50 years of experience providing excellent client service. Call us at 1-866-946-7842 any time of day or night to talk with a water heater professional who will assist you in diagnosing the problem, checking the status of your water heater manufacturer’s warranty, and scheduling an appointment for repair services.

Common Water Heater Repair Services:
  • Water heater repair services include gas pilot light replacement, electric element replacement, gas control valve replacement, residential water heater installation, and commercial water heater repair. Thermocouple testing and replacement
  • Pilot assembly repair
  • Temperature and pressure relief valves
  • Thermocouple testing and replacement Flex lines for hot and cold water
  • Gas flex line replacement
  • Tankless water heaters
  • And more.
Why Choose Water Heaters Only, Inc.?
  • Prompt service
  • The most competitive prices
  • Highly experienced and trained professional technicians
  • There is no additional charge for evenings, weekends, or holidays. Our Experts are available to take your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • For more than 50 years, thousands of satisfied consumers have been served.

Since 1968, we have brought our experience and excellent service to every water heater installation we have completed.

Call Now For Fast Water Heater Repair Service1-866-946-7842.

We provide same-day service and have a large inventory of the most often used water heater parts. In the event that you run out of hot water too soon, do not have any hot water, have a loud water heater, or discover a leak, we will respond to your repair call immediately. It is possible that certain water heaters will require parts that are particular to their brand and model, and we will need to acquire those parts from the manufacturer after a thorough diagnostic has been completed.

Time For A Replacement?

Despite the fact that many water heater problems may be addressed, there are instances when your hot water heater will need to be replaced entirely. If your tank is more than ten years old, or if the tank itself is leaking, you will almost certainly need to have it replaced. There is nearly always water below the water heater, which is a solid indicator that your water heater has to be replaced.

Potential Benefits Of Water Heater Replacement:
  • Improved water heating efficiency
  • Cost savings in terms of energy, money, and water
  • And more hot water.

If you are experiencing water heater troubles, you can reach out to one of our water heater specialists at 1-866-946-7842 at any time of day or night for assistance or to arrange an appointment for service or replacement. Is it necessary to get in touch with the manufacturer of your water heater? If you have a water heater with a warranty, you should call the company listed below. Make sure to have your model number and serial number ready before making your call.

It is possible to find the model number and serial number on the manufacturer’s label attached to the tank. See the sample photographs below for assistance in discovering your model number and serial number on your computer.

Most Common Water Heaters Manufacturers
  • Bradford White can be reached at 1-800-531-2111
  • Rheem / GE can be reached at 1-800-432-8373
  • AO Smith / State can be reached at 1-800-527-1953
  • American can be reached at 1-800-999-9515
  • American Standard can be reached at 1-800-900-9063.

Water Heater Repair Services in Maryland

Is there no hot water? Is there a leak in your water heater? Make contact with BGE HOME. Our experienced experts and plumbers are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week for water heater repair and servicing emergencies. We are well aware that there is nothing worse than discovering that you are without hot water after it has been many hours. To ensure that your hot water heater repair is performed as fast as possible, our plumbers are committed to providing you with attentive and prompt service.

6 Signs Your Water Heater Needs Service

  • There is no hot water. It is necessary to check your electrical panel to ensure that the circuit breaker has not been tripped. You should consult with a qualified plumber if this is not the case and you have followed the manufacturer’s troubleshooting recommendations. The amount of hot water available is constantly diminishing. Alternatively, if your hot water doesn’t last as long as it used to, it’s possible that one or both heating elements have burnt out and need to be replaced. Rusty water is a problem. The anode rod, which protects the metal lining within the water heater from corrosion, may have failed if your water has turned rusty or discolored
  • This might be the cause. noxious smells The presence of sulfur bacteria in your water tank is most likely the cause of the rotten egg smell in your drinking water. Rumbling, popping, gurgling, and high-pitched whining are all frequent problems that can occur when stagnant water is left in the tank. Rumbling, popping, gurgling, and high-pitched whining can be caused by a variety of problems. A plumber can determine the source of the problem and perform the necessary repairs. We also provide water heater installation services in the event of a replacement. There is water leaking. The majority of the time, water pooling around or under your water heater is caused by a faulty valve. In certain cases, though, it might be a symptom of corrosion or a broken component. Turn off your water heater and give us a call to schedule servicing.

When your water heater goes down, you want to contact someone you can rely on to come and fix it quickly. BGE HOME provides emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and will get your hot water running the same day. In addition to standing behind our team of qualified plumbers, we also guarantee the job we do and provide competitive repair prices. Due to the fact that we have locations across Maryland, all of our water heater professionals are close by and ready to assist you. Call us at 888-243-4663 if you want plumbing assistance right away.

BGE HOME Repairs All Major Brands of Water Heaters

We have extensive experience in troubleshooting and repairing water heating equipment. Among the items we fix are the following:

  • Water heaters are classified as follows: gas water heaters, electric water heaters, Marathon water heaters, heat pump water heaters, and tankless water heaters.

Knowing that water heater malfunctions may occur at the most inconvenient times, BGE HOME’s skilled plumbers are available to service your water heater. Our skilled plumbers have years of experience working on any brand of water heater you can imagine, and we guarantee your complete happiness with our service.

Contact BGE HOME for Your Plumbing Needs

It is now clear who to contact in the event that your water heater requires repair or maintenance. Call BGE HOME at 888-243-4663 to schedule an appointment for them to come out and give you an estimate. You may also arrange service online, and we’ll get in touch with you to set up a time for the appointment. Do you have any additional plumbing problems? We provide drain cleaning services as well as water line and sewer line repair.

Troubleshooting Checklist for an Electric Water Heater

Electric water heaters have a similar appearance to their gas-fueled counterparts. In order to limit heat loss from the heated water, they both employ an insulated steel storage tank jacket, with insulation between the storage tank and the tank jacket. The primary difference between electric and gas water heaters is the source of heat used to heat the water. Electric upper and lower heating components that extend into the water tank heat the water in an electric water heater, which is powered by electricity.

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When it comes to electric water heaters that provide little or no heat, the most common problem is a faulty heating element, which is a pretty affordable component that is quite simple to repair.

Other issues may arise as a result of incorrect settings, excessive household water pressure, or a failure to perform regular tank maintenance.

Watch Now: How to Repair an Electric Water Heater

Limited warranties are provided with both residential and commercial hot water heaters. Every tank is equipped with a rating plate that displays the tank’s model and serial number. These numbers specify the year in which the tank was manufactured, and they will decide if the tank is covered by a prorated warranty, which may include the provision of a new tank or replacement parts at no cost or at a discount. Take a picture or write down the information, then contact the manufacturer if the tank is leaking or the element is not working correctly.

The following is something that you can perform before you start diagnosing the issue.


Working with electric water heaters when the power is on is risky since they are high-voltage (240-volt) equipment that can cause electrocution. Turn off the electricity to the water heater’s circuit by turning off the relevant breaker in your home’s service panel before inspecting any electrical components of the water heater (breaker box). Also, use a non-contact voltage tester to check all of the wires in the water heater to ensure that the power is turned off before touching any of the wires.

How to Fix

The Spruce Tree

No Hot Water

A water heater that does not generate hot water might be due to a lack of electricity, a tripped limit switch, or one or more faulty heating components, to name a few possibilities. As a first step, make sure that the circuit breaker for your water heater is not tripped on your panel of electrical circuit breakers. Switch off the circuit breaker and then turn it back on if it has been tripped. If the heater’s breaker does not trip (i.e., if it is still turned on), attempt the following steps to reset the high-temperature limit:

  1. Turn off the circuit breaker for the water heater’s circuit at the service panel if necessary. Removing the access panel for the water heater’s upper heating element is a good idea. Carefully remove all of the insulation and the plastic safety shield, taking care not to come into contact with any of the wires or electrical connections
  2. To reset the high-temperature cutoff, press the red button above the higher thermostat, which is positioned above the upper thermostat. Reinstall the safety guard, the insulating material, and the access panel. Turn on the circuit breaker for the heater. Test each heating element and replace it if required if this does not resolve the problem

“The Spruce” is a song by Candace Madonna.

Inadequate Hot Water

If your water heater is producing hot water but not enough of it, it is possible that your unit is too small to satisfy the hot water demands of your home. Take precautions to ensure that the water heater’s capacity does not exceed the demand.

How to Fix

The water heater should be able to provide hot water to a capacity of 75% of its total capacity. For example, a 40-gallon water heater is appropriately suited for a 30-gallon demand. If the demand exceeds the capacity of the heater, attempt to restrict the length of showers, install low-flow showerheads, and spread out dishwashing and laundry to different times of the day rather than doing them all at the same time to reduce the strain on the heater. The failure of one or both of your unit’s heating elements, even if your unit is not undersized, might indicate that one or both of its heating elements have failed.

When hot water runs out rapidly during a shower, it is an indication of a faulty bottom heating element in the shower.

Water Temperature Is Too Hot

When there is too much hot water, it may be almost as annoying as when there is not enough hot water.

If you’re encountering this problem, it’s possible that one or both of the thermostats on your water heater are set too high.

How to Fix

To double-check the thermostat settings, do the following:

  1. In the service panel, turn off the electricity to the water heater to conserve energy. The access panel, insulation, and plastic safety shield from each heating element on the water heater should be removed before continuing. Do not come into contact with any wires or electrical terminals. Using a non-contact voltage tester, check the cables to ensure that the power has been turned off. Ensure that the heat is set correctly on both thermostats: Both of them should be at the same temperature as each other. 115 to 125 degrees Fahrenheit is the acceptable temperature range. Make use of a flathead screwdriver to adjust the temperature to the correct level
  2. And Set the other thermostat to the same temperature as the first
  3. For each element, replace the safety guard, insulation, and access panel as needed. Turn on the circuit breaker for the heater.

“The Spruce” is a song by Candace Madonna.

Water Leaks

Water leaks are often caused by leaking valves and plumbing connections, but they can also be caused by difficulties with the tank’s drainage system. Water leaks may cause substantial damage to a property, which is why it is critical to repair the leak as soon as it is discovered.

How to Fix

Leaks from water heater tanks can occur as a result of faulty heating components or corrosion in the tank. Inspect the elements for looseness and, if required, tighten them with an element wrench to prevent them from moving. A rusted tank is unable to be repaired and must be completely replaced instead. Turn off the water heater’s power and water supply, and then totally drain the tank to stop the leaks from occurring. “The Spruce” is a song by Candace Madonna.

Rust-Colored Water or Bad Odor

If your water has a brown, yellow, or red tinge to it as it comes out of the faucet, corrosion might be occuring within your water heater tank or in the pipes in your home. If your water comes out smelling like rotten eggs, it’s possible that bacteria has built up in the tank of your hot water heater. A professional plumber may be required to replace the anode rod in the tank, which is something that you should avoid doing unless absolutely necessary. courtesy of KariHoglund / Getty Images

Tank Making Noises

Is your water heater making noises? If so, what are they? Is there a low rumbling or popping sound when you turn it on? What if it’s a high-pitched whine instead? It’s possible that the sounds you’re hearing is the sound of boiling water. When there is a significant amount of sediment building in the bottom of a tank, it can cause the bottom of the tank to overheat, which can result in the water boiling.

How to Fix

In order to remove the silt from the tank, the first thing to attempt is to empty it. The tank may need to be replaced if this does not alleviate the problem. “The Spruce” is a song by Candace Madonna.

Wylie Water Heater Repair

Instantaneous and continuous hot water throughout our houses is really one of the finest advantages that we as modern homeowners can take advantage of. When people desired or required hot water for something, it wasn’t unusual for them to have to boil it over an open fire—a technique that was both time-consuming and possibly hazardous 100 years ago. Even while modern water heaters are technical marvels of engineering, they are not without their share of troubles. The professionals at Blue Star Plumbing LLC are there to assist you when something goes wrong with your water heater.

  • Contact us today for more information.
  • Every member of our staff is dedicated to providing you with a service that meets or exceeds your expectations in every way.
  • We make certain that your water heater is in good working order so that you can once again enjoy a dependable, dependable, and safe source of hot water.
  • More than simply being the plumber you contact today, our objective is to become the plumber you turn to for all of your plumbing problems in the future as well!

Immediately contact Blue Star Plumbing LLC to schedule an appointment. Call (214) 800-4575 right now to schedule a repair or replacement of your water heater.

Signs You Need to Repair Your Water Heater

Have you had a water heater failure? Is it possible that your heater is no longer able to keep water warm? Is it taking significantly longer to reheat food than it used to? These are just a few of the water heater issues that our team of professional plumbers can resolve. We are delighted to provide some of the most trustworthy water heater repair services in the whole northeastern Dallas metroplex, backed by our years of accumulated knowledge and a fleet of fully-stocked service vans. The following are the top ten indicators that your water heater needs to be repaired:

  • In the past several days, there has been a decrease in your hot water pressure. The water heater in your home is leaking
  • Your hot water has a hazy or rusty appearance
  • Unpleasant odor emanates from your hot water. The temperature of the water is subject to fluctuations
  • Your water heater is producing unusual noises
  • What should you do? If your water is lukewarm or chilly, rather than hot, it is because: You’re always running out of hot water. A metallic taste is detected in your water, which indicates the presence of corrosion. The last time you had your water heater examined or maintained was more than a year ago.

Please call a water heater specialist as soon as possible if you discover any of these problems with your water heater. This will allow you to get the situation assessed and properly addressed. Failure to diagnose and address a water heater problem as soon as it occurs might result in costly replacements that could have been avoided with prompt repair. Contact us immediately to schedule a water heater check or to request emergency water heater repair services!

Wylie Water Heater Installation

When it comes to household appliances, water heaters are among the most relied-upon. They do, however, have one of the shortest lifespans of all the animals. As surprising as it may seem, the typical water heater only lasts between eight and 10 years before it has to be replaced, which means there’s a strong possibility you’ll have to replace your water heater sooner than you anticipate. It should come as no surprise that water heaters ultimately fail due to the extremely hard water found in North Dallas, as well as the harsh circumstances that many water heaters must endure on a daily basis.

What are the signs that it’s time to replace your water heater?

  • Your water heater has been in service for more than ten years. Your hot water has a metallic odor or flavor to it. Water in your hot water heater seems to be dark or reddish in color. You’re running out of hot water more quickly than you used to
  • Your energy expenses have risen unexpectedly and without warning
  • The water heater in your home has developed a leak

Leaks are the most common problem with tank-style water heaters, and they are the only one that cannot be fixed. When your water heater begins to leak, it is critical that you move promptly to stop the leak, turn off the heater, and drain the water to avoid serious damage to your property and injury. We at Blue StarPlumbing LLC provide state-of-the-art water heater installation using quality equipment from recognized manufacturers so that you can get back to enjoying stress-free hot water as soon as possible after your installation.

Benefits of Replacing Your Water Heater

Modernizing your water heater to the most up-to-date technology can provide a number of significant advantages for you and your family. The following are some of these advantages:

  • This means that you won’t have to worry about your water heater for at least the next ten years. Efficiency has been improved. Water that is always heated
  • If your household grows, a bigger water heater tank may be necessary to accommodate the additional water demand. A tankless water heater can help you save money by reducing the amount of money you spend on utility bills. As a result, you may anticipate a faster delivery of hot water to your faucets or showers. A modern water heater can provide hot water at a faster pace, allowing you to satisfy your needs more quickly.

We collaborate with you to ensure that your water heater is the appropriate size and design for your house, as well as providing you with the amenities you need. As an added bonus, we provide thorough water heater repairs to provide you with absolute and utter peace of mind. Tankless water heaters may even be upgraded with our help! Reading Material Suggestions:

  • Should You Winterize Your Water Heater
  • The Three Most Important Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater
  • Should You Winterize Your Water Heater

We’re standing by to assist you with your water heater problem!

Make contact with Blue Star Plumbing LLC right away.

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