What Is The Best 50 Gallon Gas Water Heater

Finding the Best 50 Gallon Water Heater

Purchasing a new water heater may be necessary if your current water heater is not performing as well as it should. However, with so many different alternatives to select from, it can be difficult to choose which heater is the best option for your home or business. A 50-gallon tank is the appropriate size for a home of 2 to 3 persons, and they are available in both electric and natural gas variants. Depending on the manufacturer, some 50-gallon water heaters prioritize longevity, while others favor running at optimal efficiency, and a third group prioritizes cutting-edge technology.

This article will assist you at the beginning of your search since it will discuss the top 50-gallon water heaters available on the market.

Factors to Consider Before Buying

The purchase of a water heater is an investment, and they are not affordable, so taking the time to do some research will be time well invested. The 50-gallon water heater that you purchase will most likely be a fixture in your home for the next ten years.

Tank-Style or Tankless

You’ll want to think about whether a tank-style water heater or a tankless water heater is the best option for your family. Heating systems with tank-style tanks are often easier to maintain and repair, are less expensive to replace, and are less expensive to purchase than heating systems with tankless tanks. Tankless versions, on the other hand, take up less floor area and are often more energy efficient. Furthermore, when properly maintained, they are meant to have a service life of 20 years or more.

First Hour Rating

Another thing to consider is the First Hour Rating (FHR) of each heater you’re thinking about purchasing. This figure indicates you how much hot water the system will be able to deliver in the first hour if the tank is completely filled with water. You will not receive 50 gallons of hot water from the heater during the first hour, despite the fact that you have a 50-gallon tank. Typically, it will produce 70%, or 35 gallons, of completely heated hot water on a daily basis. This is due to the fact that hot water is pulled from the tank and replaced with cold water as it is drawn.

This is a crucial issue, and the quantity of hot water you use during your peak hour, which for most families is in the morning, should be very near to the amount of hot water you use during the rest of the day.

Energy Efficiency

Because your water heater may account for up to 18 percent of your household’s total energy consumption, it’s crucial to think about how energy efficient the heater is. On the side of every new water heater is an eye-catching bright yellow label that delves into this vital issue in depth. In addition to providing some valuable and crucial information, the Energy Guide sticker will also offer you with an estimated yearly running cost for the exact water heater type that you are considering. It will also show you how the unit compares to other models in terms of performance.

EF (Energy Factor) or UEF (Universal Energy Factor) are two terms commonly used to describe this statistic, with UEF being the more recent and complete term.

When comparing these figures, seek for the one with the greatest potential value. A water heater with a UEF rating of.63 is less energy efficient than a water heater with a rating of.75 in terms of efficiency.


Many homeowners underestimate the importance of comparing warranties because they believe that because they are purchasing a new water heater, they will not have to worry about problems for a long period of time. However, this is a very crucial point to consider. A warranty is a demonstration by the manufacturer of their commitment to stand behind their goods. If they provide a short warranty or a guarantee with a large number of restrictions, it is reasonable to assume that the manufacturer does not anticipate the heater to have a very long service life.

  1. Determine how long the warranty coverage will last and what is covered by the warranty coverage.
  2. It is fairly commonplace for manufacturers, particularly in the case of tankless systems, to need expert installation in order for the guarantee to be effective.
  3. What about the work force?
  4. Is it possible that your warranty could be voided if you fail to undertake scheduled maintenance?

Best 50 Gallon Water Heaters

With so many 50-gallon water heaters to select from, we’ve assisted in narrowing the field and prepared a list of our top picks.

Rheem MR50245 Marathon Electric Water Heater

This Rheem electric water heater has regularly been regarded as one of the most durable models available on the market. It is constructed with polyurethane insulation and a top part that has been thermally fused for increased efficiency. This heater also comes with a high-quality brass drain valve as well as a limited lifetime guarantee on the heating element. The Rheem MR50245 is a seamless polybutene finish that has been blow-molded. This is visually appealing while also serving a functional purpose.

Marathon Electric Water Heater Rheem MR50245 Marathon Electric Water Heater

A.O. Smith ProMax Plus XCR-50

The A.O. Smith ProMax Plus XCR-50is yet another excellent option for your home theater system. It’s really simple to set up and will last for years without needing to be updated. The blue diamond glass coating, which provides corrosion resistance that really exceeds all industry norms, is what really distinguishes this heater from the others. Also included is an integrated microprocessor, which allows for more precise sensing as well as quicker reaction times than previous models. In other words, when you order it to create hot water, this water heater will respond more quickly than usual.

The XCR-50 water heater, which has a self-powered electronic gas valve and a strong two-pipe combustion system, is a water heater that any home of 2-3 people should consider. A.O. Smith ProMax Plus XCR-50 A.O. Smith ProMax Plus XCR-50 A.O. Smith ProMax Plus XCR-50

Bradford White RE350T6 Electric Water Heater

In the event that energy efficiency is your primary concern, theRE350T6 from Bradford White might be the ideal water heater for you. It has a strong 0.95 EF rating and is available at a lesser price than many of its competitors. Several built-in components of the RE350T6 provide a smoother direct passage of heat than is possible with other models. This system consists of a number of thermostats with automated controls that prevent overheating from occurring. Finally, the unit is constructed with a protective magnesium anode rod, which serves as a means of ensuring corrosion resistance in the unit.

The Bradford White RE350T6 electric water heater is a good choice.

Westinghouse Ultra-High Efficiency/High Output Water Heater

A 50-gallon water heater from Westinghouse that boasts ultra-high efficiency and high output may be the greatest option available on today’s market. It has been meticulously engineered to give homes with unrivaled water heating performance at an affordable price. With a thermal efficiency of 97 percent, the device is capable of delivering an incredible 140 gallons in the first hour of operation! This is made feasible by the tank’s heavy-duty stainless steel structure. Stainless steel is used throughout.

The water heater is equipped with an LCD display that can be easily programmed to match the specific water heating requirements of your household.

We particularly appreciate the 60-gallon heater since the extra 10-gallons may make a significant difference for homes with a high need for hot water.

A.O. Smith GCG-50 ProMax

TheA.O. Smith GCG-50 ProMaxis another another excellent choice from a well-regarded water heater manufacturer, and it is worth considering. This gas heater is coated with the same blue diamond glass coating that is seen on the majority of other units from the same manufacturer. The self-powered electronic gas valve on the GCG-50 ProMax is what distinguishes it from other gas valves. It generates electricity for its gas control system using thermopile technology, which eliminates the need to rely on external sources of energy.

An inbuilt microprocessor allows for faster reaction times, and a Dynaclean diffuser dip tube reduces silt build-up on the inside of the water heater.


A.O. Smith GPVT 50-Gallon Gas Water Heater

Among the most straightforward water heaters on the market, theA.O. Smith GPVT 50-Gallon Gas Water Heater is among the most affordable. Its cutting-edge design incorporates a Power Vent as well as two dip tubes. These characteristics operate in concert to improve the GPVT’s ability to manage water pressure. The tank of this system is constructed of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and is equipped with a CoreGard aluminum rod for corrosion protection.

GPVT heaters are further distinguished by their tamper-resistant construction and sturdy brass drain valve, which boosts the heater’s overall safety and dependability while also increasing its efficiency. Water heater with a capacity of 50 gallons from A.O. Smith.

Reliance 6-50-EORT 50-Gallon Water Heater

If you’re searching for a less expensive alternative to the main brands that dominate the market, theReliance 6-50-EORT 50-Gallon Water Heatercould be an excellent choice. Three inches of insulation are used in the construction of this electric heater, which allows it to function at an amazing energy factor of 0.95. The tank of this system is walled with glass and is equipped with an anode rod as well as other components. The Reliance 6-50-EORT is able to achieve exceptional energy efficiency while maintaining corrosion resistance, general durability, and lifetime as a result of its design.

6-50-EORT by Reliance

A.O. Smith ProMax GCR-50 Gas Water Heater

The A.O. Smith GCR-50 ProMax Gas Water Heater is a reliable 50-gallon water heater that is also reasonably priced. This heater, like other models from A.O. Smith, is coated with blue diamond glass and fitted with a self-powered electronic gas valve, as is the case with most of their products. This allows you to adjust your gas intake without having to rely on any other power sources, which is really convenient. The GCR-50 will also benefit from the usage of the Dynaclean diffuser dip tube, which will reduce lime and sediment build-up.

The A.O.

Rheem Performance Platinum

TheRheem Performance Platinumis a reliable option for those who are seeking for a natural gas water heater that is efficient. With a capacity of 40,000 BTU/H, it typically achieves efficiency levels at roughly 0.67 EF. Due to its natural gas input method and design choices, the system is one of the most ecologically friendly solutions now available on the market. That does not imply that you would have to give up something else in order to get this heater. The unit is equipped with incorporated electronic gas controls as well as a robust magnesium anode rod, which helps it to battle corrosion.

Keep Your Water Heater in Working Condition

Every homeowner will require the purchase of a new water heater at some point throughout their lifetime. If yours is in desperate need of replacement right now, any of the solutions listed above would be an excellent choice. Make a list of the features that are most essential to you in a water heater and choose the device that fits those specifications. If your water heater is having problems, don’t make the mistake of overreacting to something that can be fixed quickly. In many cases, repairs may be performed that will save you from having to purchase a new system altogether.

They may be able to provide you with a more straightforward solution to your water heating difficulties, which will save you both time and money.

Best 50 Gallon Gas Water Heater: Which One Is Right For You?

Not many people are aware that the expense of heating water accounts for over 20% of your household’s total spending. Only the expense of heating and cooling your house comes close to this figure! Beyond that, individuals have a tendency to disregard their water heaters until they are no longer functioning correctly. If you are faced with the prospect of acquiring a new water heater for your house, there are a number of considerations to consider as well as several types to examine.

If you are short on time and just want our advice, you may read our guide to find out which tankless water heater we believe to be the finest.

Why Use a 50 Gallon Water Heater?

The 50-gallon water heater is one of the most common sizes for domestic usage and is available in several different sizes. Why? 50 gallons of hot water is normally plenty for a one- or two-bedroom house, condo, or apartment with one or two bathrooms. There are a variety of models available on the market nowadays to pick from. Furthermore, they are both cost-effective to purchase and cost-effective to run. Tank-type water heaters do tend to take up more room, but they also have the capacity to heat larger amounts of water than other types of heaters.

Is 50 Gallons Right for Me?

One of the most significant aspects to consider when determining the appropriate size water heating system for your family is the number of people who will be using the system at the same time. To put it simply, your hot water heater should be able to supply enough hot water for you to be able to use various sources of water simultaneously. If you’re taking a shower while also running the washing machine or dishwasher, that’s a good combination. Check with your local plumber and get FREE estimates today.

First-Hour Rating

When you know how many hours your water heater will run, you can estimate what size water heater tank you’ll need. The amount of gallons of hot water that the heater can produce in the first hour is referred to as the first-hour rating. The first-hour rating for a certain heater is indicated on the left-hand corner of the Energy Guide label for that heater. 50 gallon water heaters will normally have a first-hour rating in the range of 70-80 gallons for gas and roughly 60 gallons for electric, with the former being the more common.

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As an example, if four people in your family take showers at the same time in the morning, you would want a system with a first hour capacity of 60 gallons.

Calculating Your Needs

To figure out what size water heater is ideal for your requirements, you may use the following formula:

  • Determine what time of day (morning, noon, or evening) you use the most hot water in your house (the peak hour) and mark that time on your calendar. Take note of the number of persons that are using hot water in your house. Calculate the average number of gallons of hot water that will be used during that peak hour
  • And The first-hour rating of the tank should be the same as your peak-hour demand number.

Using the information in the table below, you may estimate your typical hot water use during your peak hour for common jobs.

Common Tasks Average Gallons of Hot Water Used
Shower 15
Shaving(.05 GPM*) 2
Washing Dishes by Hand(2 GPM*) 4
Running Dishwasher 6
Running Washing Machine 7

*GPM stands for gallons per minute of hot water use. If you want to figure out your overall peak hour demand, multiply the “Average Gallons of Hot Water Used” by the number of times you use hot water during peak hours of the day. This will provide you with the total number of gallons of water consumed in one hour for each of the activities. Then sum together the totals for each activity to get the TOTAL demand during peak hour time periods.

Electric or Gas Water Heaters?

When selecting a new water heater for your house, it’s crucial to examine the sort of energy source you’ll be using to heat the water. The type of fuel that your water heating system uses will have an impact on both the yearly operating expenses and the energy efficiency of the system. Electricity and natural gas are the two most common sources of fuel used to run 50-gallon water heaters.

Electric Water Heaters

Electric water heaters are quite popular, and they are often less expensive to acquire than other types of water heaters. They work by heating the water through the use of huge coils contained within the tank. These coils are identical to the ones found in an electric oven, and they serve the same purpose. Most electric water heaters are not as efficient as ones that are fueled by other types of energy sources.

In addition, electricity is typically more expensive than natural gas or propane, depending on the region. However, electric versions are less expensive to purchase up front and do not require the same amount of ventilation as gas units.

Recovery Rates

The most significant drawback of using an electric water heater is the relatively poor recovery rate it provides. For a standard 50-gallon electric unit set to 120 degrees, it takes approximately:

  • It takes 1 hour and 47 minutes to heat water that is 40 degrees when it enters the device. Water entering the unit at 60 degrees takes one hour and twenty minutes to heat
  • Water entering the unit at 70 degrees takes one hour and six minutes to heat.

Gas Water Heaters

Gas water heaters heat water by the use of a gas burner that is situated at the bottom of the tank. When the temperature of the water falls below a certain level, a gas burner is activated to raise the water temperature back up to the correct degree. The majority of Americans use natural gas to heat their homes, however some others prefer propane gas. The purchasing price of natural gas and propane (LP) water heaters is often higher than the price of electric water heaters. Gas water heaters use more energy than electric water heaters and are thus less efficient.

The most enticing aspect is that they recover considerably more quickly than other options, which makes them a suitable solution for bigger families.

Recovery Rates

For example, it takes around one hour for a gas heater to heat a 50-gallon tank. Its recuperation time is significantly less than that of an electric heater. In reality, it happens around half of the time. It takes approximately: minutes to heat a standard 50-gallon gas unit set at 120 degrees.

  • It takes 53 minutes to heat water that is 40 degrees when it enters the device. Heating time for water entering the unit at 60 degrees is 40 minutes, while heating time for water entering the unit at 70 degrees is 33 minutes.

The fact that gas-powered water heaters continue to operate even in the case of a power failure is another significant benefit.

Other Considerations

There are various more considerations to make when selecting a water heater, aside from the power source. These are as follows:

  • The energy factor is a factor that determines how efficient a water heater is in conserving energy (EF). Based on the quantity of hot water generated per unit of fuel consumed over the course of a normal day, this figure has been calculated. The greater the energy factor, the more energy-efficient the water heater is going to be. The finest 50-gallon water heaters should have an efficiency rating of at least.62
  • Water heaters that have gained the Energy Star are approximately 15% more efficient than ordinary models of 50-gallon water heaters. Warranty: Water heaters are normally covered for 3-12 years after purchase. It is advisable to select a water heater that comes with the longest possible warranty. Input Flow Rate: The input flow rate is not something that should be ignored. The flow rate will decide how much hot water you will have access to at any one time. It is for this reason that consumers constantly inquire about the various flow rates available before purchasing water heaters. Having a larger flow rate is frequently the most advantageous situation. It implies that you might end up with a model that can consistently produce hot water when you need it to
  • Added Anti-Scale Devices: Some models will have additional measures that will assist in reducing the accumulation of mineral scale at the tank’s bottom. If you reside in a region where hard water is prevalent, you may want to consider purchasing one of these types. Drain Valves: Brass vs. Plastic: Drain valves are located around the base of the water heater and are used to connect a garden hose to the heater in order to drain the heater of water. Drain valves made of brass tend to be more robust than those made of plastic.

Water Heater Brands

Gas water heaters are manufactured by a number of different companies. They all have versions with a range of pricing ranges and features to choose from:

  • A.O. Smith manufactures water heaters, boilers, and storage tanks for residential and commercial applications that are offered only through plumbing wholesalers and plumbing contractors. There are several types of water heaters manufactured by General Electric, including gas and electric water heaters. It also manufactures hybrid, solar, and high-efficiency tank water heaters. Tank water heaters from GE are available in a variety of sizes, with energy-efficiency claims that vary depending on the size, as well as different levels of warranty coverage. Ten thousand-gallon tank water heaters from Kenmore are solely offered at Home Depot
  • The firm manufactures both gas and electric water heaters. Their models are available in a variety of sizes and combinations to suit your needs. Among the many merchants that carry Kenmore water heaters are Sears and other big-box stores. Rheem is a manufacturer of gas and electric water heaters. Rheem waterheaters are available in a variety of sizes and with a variety of warranties, with energy-efficiency claims that vary depending on the size of the unit. Gas and electric tank water heaters are available from Rheem online and through a dealer network
  • Whirlpool makes both gas and electric tank water heaters. Tank water heaters from Whirlpool are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Lowe’s carries their items, which are available online. The following are some of the other water heater brands now available on the market: American
  • Bradford White
  • EcoSmart
  • Heat Pump
  • Rinnai
  • State & Westinghouse
  • And Westinghouse

50 Gallon Gas Water Heater Top Picks

So, you’ve assessed your requirements, weighed your alternatives, and determined that a 50-gallon gas water heater is the best solution for you and your family in your situation. It is now your responsibility to select the appropriate model. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite recommendations for you below. We compiled our ranking based on factors such as efficiency, dependability, user feedback, and pricing.

A.O. Smith GPVL-50 ProMax Power Vent Gas Water Heater

A.O. Smith’s GPVL-50 ProMax Power Ventis, in our view, the greatest 50-gallon gas water heater currently available on the market for its price. It is designed to be as efficient as possible, and it provides additional flexibility in terms of installation possibilities. This model has an Energy Factor of 0.7 and has earned the ENERGY STAR certification. It is also qualified for various utility and rebate programs offered by the local government. The majority of states give refunds ranging from $50 to $250.

Features Include:
  • A 50-gallon tank and a gas burner with a 40,000 BTU output
  • When operating at full capacity, the GPVL-50 Power Vent can recover up to 44.7 gallons per hour and has a first-hour rating of 90 gallons. Suitable for big households with a high need for hot water, this unit is a good choice. At the same time, it has enough hot water to run three showers simultaneously. There is a 6-year limited warranty on this product. All ProMax models are equipped with an innovative 3-position rotating blower output, which provides more versatility (it can be mounted in additional places) and efficiency. It is equipped with a sensor that detects the presence of combustible vapors and automatically turns off the burner to prevent the occurrence of an explosion

A.O. Smith GPVL-50 Pro Max (A.O. Smith GPVL-50 Pro Max)

Bradford White 50 Gallon Defender Atmospheric Vent Energy Saver Natural GasWater Heater

Bradford White was founded in 1881 and has grown into an innovative leader in the commercial, residential, and industrial wholesale water heater industries.

Bradford White is headquartered in New York City. This Bradford White 50 Gallon Defender Atmospheric Vent Energy Saverwater heater features a high-quality design and cutting-edge technology, making it one of the safest and most dependable water heaters available on the market.

Features Include:
  • With an input of 40,000 BTUs and a First Hour Rating of 89 gallons, this unit is quite efficient. The tank’s recovery time from 90°F is around 43 minutes. Diagnose your water heater intelligently with the help of an LED screen, which displays ten various signs of how well it is doing. A flashing light that indicates whether or not the pilot light is functioning properly
  • A tank constructed of stainless steel and lined with a long-lasting enamel coating to protect it against corrosion
  • A green foam insulation that minimizes energy consumption and helps the system run more efficiently so that you may save money on your utility costs. Heat traps that are factory-installed to prevent heat loss in the pipes, which in turn reduces energy usage

Westinghouse WGR050NG076 Water Heater

Westinghouse is a well-known firm that manufactures high-efficiency water heaters that are built with the most up-to-date technology. Themodel WGR050NG076is one of the few 50-gallon gas water heaters that is constructed as a tank-type unit and that makes use of condensing technology to achieve maximum efficiency. The innovative design of this Westinghouse water heater allows it to provide hot water with higher energy efficiency (97 percent), making it Energy Star certified and qualifying for rebates in the process.

With modern electronics for simple control, diagnostics, and troubleshooting, this is one of the most innovative 50-gallon water heaters available on the market today.

Features Include:
  • 76,000 BTU
  • 97 percent energy efficiency
  • Ultra-high energy efficiency
  • In order to ensure long-term functioning, the water storage tank is constructed of 316L stainless steel. For easier control and diagnostics, advanced electronics are integrated with an LCD monitor. 133 GPH in the first hour of operation
  • High first-hour delivery. A versatile device that may be used in both home and business settings
  • Installation that is adaptable
  • Temperature range: 70-160 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Warranty of ten years

Water heater with a capacity of 50 gallons from Westinghouse

American Proline XE Polaris PG10 50-199-3NV

The American Proline XE Polaris PG10 50-199-3NVis another excellent 50 gallon gas water heater from American Proline XE Polaris. Because of its 199,000 BTU, this is the most costly unit on the list. However, it is also the most powerful.

Features Included:
  • Stainless steel tank and heat exchangers for long-lasting operation
  • Condensing design for efficient operation
  • Ventilation with a lot of force Control panel and digital display with cutting-edge technology
  • A maximum gas input of 199,000 BTU is possible. Operation at a whisper-quiet volume
  • Emissions of greenhouse gases are quite minimal. Recirculation and integrated space and water heating are made possible through side and top connections. A recovery rate of 253 GPH
  • A guarantee of ten years

Polaris was created by American Proline.

Rheem Performance Platinum Gas Water Heater

TheRheem Performance Platinumis a high-efficiency 50-gallon gas water heater that is ideal for medium-sized families. This water heater offers a large amount of water at a lesser cost than previous versions. The use of a simple push button ignition method provides for safer starter procedures, while the use of a high grade anode rod extends the tank’s longevity. There is a 3-year in-home labor guarantee, a 12-year limited warranty on the tank and other parts, as well as complete NAECA compliance for the model year 2015.

That this heater does not comply with California’s current Ultra Low NOx emissions criteria is the single most major flaw in the design of this heater.

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Best 50-gallon Gas Water Heaters Review

Consider the best and most energy-efficient 50-gallon gas water heaters for household use, which are offered by some of the most prominent manufacturers, including Westinghouse, Rheem, Bradford White, Reliance, American, AO Smith, and others. Examine the most important characteristics and specifications that ensure effective, long-lasting, and dependable performance. Discover what makes these gas units special, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. Get Quotes from Highly Qualified Water Heater Professionals!

  1. The 50-gallon gas water heater is one of the most popular and best-selling sizes available.
  2. Most gas water heaters have a capacity of 50 gallons or more, which is sufficient for 1-2 bathroom homes, condominiums, and apartment buildings.
  3. It is difficult to find, choose, and purchase a high-quality 50-gallon gas water heater that is both reliable and lasting, especially when many excellent models are marketed as “the best” by their producers.
  4. The following is a ranking of the top 50-gallon gas water heaters, which was compiled after carefully examining the key features, specifications, advantages, and customer comments.

We used a variety of websites, including Amazon, Sears, Home Depot, Lowe’s, forums, manufacturer websites, and other readily available resources, as sources of information.

Popular affordable models

Westinghouse is a well-known firm that manufactures high-efficiency water heaters that are built with the most up-to-date technology. The WGR050NG076model is one of the few 50-gallon gas water heaters available that is created as a tank-type unit that makes use of condensing technology to maximize efficiency. Because of the spiral heat exchanger’s innovative design, Westinghouse can provide hot water with improved energy efficiency of 97 percent, making it Energy Star compliant and eligible for rebates.

In addition to modern electronics for simple operation, diagnostics, and troubleshooting, this 50-gallon water heater is one of the most inventive on the market.

Features review

  • The ultra-high energy efficiency of 97 percent provides significant savings and a reduction in energy waste. With 76,000 BTU of output, the modulating and ultra-low NOx gas burner is extremely efficient. In order to ensure long-term functioning, the water storage tank is constructed of 316L stainless steel. For easier control and diagnostics, advanced electronics are integrated with an LCD monitor. Its high first-hour delivery rate of 133 GPH makes it an excellent choice for high-demand households. A versatile device that may be used in both home and business settings
  • Installation that is adaptable
  • Temperature range: 70-160 degrees Fahrenheit Warranty of ten years

Customers appreciate that they may have an infinite supply of hot water and that they can save money by using high thermal efficiency, which includes rapid recovery, to their advantage. On the other hand, the device is pricey, large, and heavy, which makes it a poor investment. According to some professional opinions, this device is built to last a lifetime, making it an excellent investment.

AO Smith GDHE-50-NG – Vertex 100 review

When it comes to water heaters, AO Smith is one of the “Big Three” in the business, offering a wide range of models ranging in size from tiny to huge and from economical to state-of-the-art. TheVertex model GDHE-50-NGis one of the most inventive gas-powered hot water heaters from this company, and it is intended for use in household water heating applications only. Although the GDHE-50-NG is a Power Direct Vent unit with a capacity of 50 gallons and is only available in one size, it is recommended for even the most demanding applications owing to the consistent water flow rate of 4 GPM.

The water storage tank is made of plastic rather than stainless steel.

Features review

  • An impressive 96 percent energy efficiency assures significant energy savings and bill reductions. Certified by the Energy Star program
  • A top-fired, ultra-low NOx gas burner produces a significant amount of electricity – 100,000 BTU. A high first-hour rating of 100 GPH and a recovery rate of 129 GPH are recorded
  • The efficiency of a spiral heat exchanger is increased by improving heat transmission. It is intended for use as a combination water and space heater, due to the recirculating taps installed on the side of the unit. Because of the digital display and advanced electrical control, it is simple to regulate the temperature as well as diagnose and solve problems. Compatible with iCOMM – allows for remote control
  • Flexible power direct venting enables for installation in a horizontal or vertical position and up to a length of 125 feet. With the heavy-duty anode rods and the Blue Diamond glass covering, you can expect superior tank protection. Warranty of six years

Customers like having a plentiful supply of hot water and having it heat up quickly, even when the incoming water is cold. Because of the outstanding recovery, even when several people are taking showers at the same time, there is still enough hot water for everyone. Easy setup is made possible by the electronic control, which does not require any re-adjustment. Given that the unit’s pricing is in a higher price range, it may not be appropriate for families on a tighter budget. Users would want to see a guarantee that is more comprehensive.

It was indicated that caution should be used in the installation of a big gas line so that it can feed the powerful burner and that there are a lot of condensates to contend with. In general, this is a very efficient and dependable piece of equipment.

American Proline XE Polaris review

Polaris PG10 50-199-3NVis another excellent gas water heater that outperforms the majority of the models currently on the market. As the most costly item in this collection of the best 50-gallon water heaters, it is also the most powerful, with an incredible 199,000 BTU of heating output. According to the manufacturer’s website, it is ranked as the “BEST” in its category. As with the previous Westinghouse, it is equipped with a 50-gallon storage tank made of stainless steel (grade 444), which makes it corrosion resistant and maintenance free because it does not require an anode rod to function.

Because of its innovative design, which includes a submerged combustion chamber and a helical flue, it assures condensing operation, resulting in ultra-high energy efficiency of 96 percent and extraordinary performance.

Top features

  • Stainless steel tank and heat exchangers for long-lasting operation
  • Condensing design for efficient operation
  • Power Straight pipe direct venting employing PVC, CPVC, and PP pipes in both the horizontal and vertical configurations, and with lengths of up to 130 feet in length
  • Control panel and digital display with cutting-edge technology
  • The maximum gas input is 199,000 BTU, making it the most powerful burner in its category. Operation at a whisper-quiet volume
  • Extremely low gas emission levels
  • Recirculation and integrated space and water heating are possible through the use of side and top connectors. This means that 253 GPH is being recovered. Warranty of ten years

SummaryAs can be seen from the reviews above, Westinghouse, Vertex, and Polaris are simply the greatest products available on the market that are made to endure a long time. Conclusion Customers have expressed no regrets about purchasing any of them, despite the increased pricing, and have expressed great satisfaction with the power and convenience they are receiving from the cutting-edge design.

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Best 50 Gallon Gas Water Heater Reviews

Unless you’re a professional athlete with a specific fitness objective in mind, taking cold showers may not sound like a very enjoyable experience. Furthermore, washing dishes with cold water might be construed as an uncommon and brutal type of discipline. In order to avoid experiencing unimaginable discomfort as a result of a lack of an adequate water-heating device in your home, the best course of action would be to invest in a resourceful and energy-efficient gas-powered water heater instead!

(That is, if they have done their research and designed appropriately.) To put it another way, not all water heaters are made equal.

Additionally, we’ve put together a quick buyer’s guide for you to help you become more familiar with these appliances if you haven’t had much experience with them up to this point.

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Best 50 Gallon Gas Water Heater – A Short Buyer’s Guide

Reviews of the Best 50 Gallon Gas Water Heaters

1. Glass-Lined Models

It is important to be aware of corrosion when dealing with any metal device that comes into regular contact with water. As you are probably aware, if you leave a piece of metal, such as a wrench or a bicycle bumper out in the rain for an extended period of time, the metal will rust eventually. Now, this oxidation process will not only leave metal things with a dingy appearance, but it will also cause some serious concerns when it comes to the structural integrity of the entire object’s structure.

With regard to water heaters, the situation is much more clear than with other appliances.

To avoid this situation in the future, when purchasing a gas-powered water heater, make sure it has a glass liner installed, as this will give an additional layer of protection against rust and corrosion in general.

2. Type of Tank

If you categorize water heaters according to the type of tank they use, there are three primary categories. The first type is in the form of a storage water heater, as the name implies. What you get with these gas-powered water heaters is a basic canister of water (of varied sizes, of course), which holds the heated water and then releases it when you turn on the faucet to obtain hot water from the faucet. Isn’t it nice how simple it is? The Best 50 Gallon Gas Water Heater on the Market Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, do not have a tank; instead, they have a set of heating coils that are used to heat the water as it flows over them immediately.

Their disadvantage, on the other hand, is that the amount of water that may be used at one time is more limited.

The third form of water heater is the hybrid water heater, which is also known as a ‘heat pump heater’ in some circles.

In addition to a tank, these types of heaters also have a burner.

3. Anti-Scale Device

Another essential component of water heaters that does not influence other appliances to the same amount is the building of mineral scale inside the tank over time. This is particularly true for electric water heaters. In the event that there is a tank to speak of, that is. Remember how some models are referred to as “tankless”? It is occasionally necessary to put anti-scale devices inside water heaters in order to combat this condition. Their true function is nothing more than a fan that circulates the water at the bottom of the tank, keeping it from adhering to the walls.

4. Digital Display

Modern water heaters typically have indicators that enable you to see the quantity of water in the tank, the temperature of the water, and a variety of other factors linked to heating water, among other things. As a result, a digital display is a feature that many makers of these appliances choose to include since it makes it easier to view the information on them. The Best 50 Gallon Gas Water Heater on the Market While digital screens on water heaters are not the most critical feature to look for, choosing a model that has one might be a nice touch.

5. Recovery Rate

The recovery rate of a water heater is a number that is almost exclusively associated with this type of equipment in general. What it really refers to is the volume of water that can be heated to a specific temperature in an hour’s time. Calculating the eventual value of this is accomplished by multiplying the size of the tank by the recovery rate value (given in BTUs – British Thermal Units). As a result of this, having a large tank does not necessarily translate into a higher recovery rate, as a major portion of this equation is dependent on how powerful the heater is.

To ensure that your tank recovers quickly, choose a medium-sized heater (i.e., one that will fit within the tank) and make sure it is equipped with a solid heater.

Best 50 Gallon Gas Water Heater Reviews

With butyl bladder/polypropylene liner and a stainless steel 3/4-inch male thread connection for use with up to 50-gallon water heaters, the Falcon Stainless EXPT-2 Thermal Potable Water Expansion Tank (2.1 gal) is a great addition to any home or business. As our first entry, we have a strong water heater that has great corrosion resistance due to its solid stainless steel construction. Despite the fact that it has a modest capacity, the strong heating element ensures that you’ll be able to heat up more than enough water to take warm baths and showers anytime you like.

In addition, a coating of high-quality urethane paint has been applied to the stainless steel framework to further strengthen it and protect it.

You won’t have to worry about anything because this appliance comes with a 5-year guarantee from Falcon Stainless, so you won’t have to!

  • High-quality stainless steel is used in its construction. It has a special protective coating of urethane paint applied to it
  • Pressure-tested
  • The water contained within the tank is drinkable. Warranty of five years
  • The unit is quite tiny in size (making it an unsuitable choice for bigger families). Some users have had leaks during the installation process (appropriate lubricants must be used
  • Tape will not work)
  • Others have experienced leaks after the installation process.

2. A. O. Smith 50 Gallon Gas Water Heater Reviews

A.O. Smith GPVL-50, A.O. Smith GPVL-50 50-gallon ProMax Power Vent Gas Water Heater (ProMax Power Vent) This ProMax Power Vent Gas Water Heater, which comes from the A. O. Smith business, is a device that may help you save a significant amount of money while also providing you with a superb heating element for your bathroom. By performing regular maintenance on it, you can be confident that its durable, high-quality construction will allow it to operate trouble-free for many years to come. This A.

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Smith water heater has been constructed with extensive temperature insulation in the inner layers of the tank in order to maximize its energy-saving potential as well as its overall efficacy.

(Which, by the way, does not contribute significantly to the overall weight of the unit.) The gas control may be used to manage the temperature and set up the parameters you wish to see implemented, and the LED screen can be used to observe the outcomes of your activities.

  • Blower outlet with three positions
  • Electronic gas management
  • Precise temperature control
  • LED screen
  • And more.
  • Some users have experienced issues with leakage
  • However, this is not universal. It is possible for the LED control display to malfunction at times.

All things considered, if you’re in desperate need of hot water and you require at least 50 gallons of it at a time, the two appliances listed above are the best options. Thank you for reading, and we hope you have a pleasant and stress-free shopping experience!

Buy on Walmart

Wal-Mart sells the AO Smith GDHE-50-NG Residential Natural Gas Water Heater. A.O. Smith is a fictional character created by American author A.O. Smith. ENS-50 ProMax Short Electric Water Heater, 50 gal -Walmart Link ENS-50 ProMax Short Electric Water Heater, 50 gal -Walmart Link Rheem PROG50-42N RH67 PV Professional Classic Residential 42K BTU Power Vent Natural Gas -Walmart Link Rheem PROG50-42N RH67 PV Professional Classic Residential 42K BTU Power Vent Natural Gas A.O. Smith is a fictional character created by American author A.O.

Wal-Mart sells the GPVL-50 ProMax Power Vent Gas Water Heater, which holds 50 gallons.

97-percent high-efficiency gas water heater with natural gas from Westinghouse (WGR050NG076; 50-Walmart Link) Water heater, 50 gal, A.O. Smith XCR-50 ProMax Plus High Efficiency Gas Water Heater -Walmart Link Link to Reliance 6 50 YRVIT 50-Gallon Power Vent DV Natural Gas Water Heater from Walmart

Buy on eBay

Water heater for residential use made by AO Smith (GDHE-50-NG) available on eBay. Water heater, 50 gal, A.O. Smith ENS-50 ProMax Short Electric Water Heater, eBay Link Professional Classic Residential 42K BTU Power Vent Natural Gas – Rheem PROG50-42N RH67 PV Power Vent Natural Gas – eBay Link Water heater, 50 gal, A.O. Smith GPVL-50 ProMax Power Vent Gas Water Heater -eBay Link Western Electric WGR050NG076 97-Percent High-Efficiency Gas Water Heater with Natural Gas, 50-eBay Link Western Electric Water heater, 50 gallon capacity, A.O.

Best 50 Gallon Gas Water Heaters: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Because the climate is never within the control of human beings, having a water heater is an absolute need in each household. Manually heating water is not an option in today’s world, as everyone is overworked and under time constraints. The procedure of manually heating water not only takes a long time, but it also consumes a significant amount of resources. Installing a water heater saves you a significant amount of time and energy compared to manually heating water.

Best 50 Gallon Gas Water Heater Reviews

Having a 50-gallon gas water heater is an excellent size, and if you are searching for some excellent recommendations for heaters in this category, you have come to the correct spot. In this post, we’ll take a look at the top five best 50-gallon gas water heaters on the market today. This is a detailed evaluation that includes both advantages and disadvantages, as well as other comparisons, to assist you in making the best option.

1.A.O. Smith XCR-50 ProMax Plus– High-Efficiency Natural Gas Water Heater

The A.0 Smith XCR-50 ProMax Plus water heater is a high-quality unit that will last for several years. The electronic gas valve in this water heater generates electricity through the use of a thermopile, which is then used for the functioning of the electronic gas valve, removing the need for an external source of power altogether. You can complete the installation procedure by yourself if you are comfortable with the technical aspects of it. If you are concerned about probable corrosion, you need not be since the A.0 Smith XCR-50 ProMax Plus is diamond glass-coated, which gives extremely effective corrosion protection.

The A.0 Smith XCR-50 ProMax Plus is an excellent choice for a family of three or less people because of the electronic gas, which is self-powered, and the two-pipe combustion system it has.

This item weighs around 180 pounds and is 22 x 22 x 57.25 inches in size.

In order to avoid interior ventilation issues, the A.0 Smith XCR-50 ProMax Plus draws air from the outside and distributes it throughout the building. When it comes to the warranty, the tank is covered by a 10-year limited guarantee and the parts are covered by a 6-year limited warranty.

  • The air is brought in from the outside via a specific ventilation system, which eliminates the possibility of ventilation difficulties on the inside. Installation is straightforward, and the unit has a maximum venting distance of 40 feet. A self-powering valve that gives sufficient power to get the heater up and running.
  • There is a possibility of leakage concerns developing
  • People appear to be having difficulties with warranty claims, maybe as a result of poor customer support. When it comes to commercial usage, this is not the ideal solution.

Final Thoughts

This is a rather excellent alternative for smaller families, and it doesn’t need the use of any special talents to put it up. As a result of the diamond glass covering, it has exceptional corrosion resistance. As previously stated, the general quality and features are excellent (we’ll get into the negative aspects later in this section).

2.Westinghouse WGR060NG076 97– Ultra-High Efficiency Heater with Durable Stainless Steel Tank

First and foremost, the look of this water heater is simply stunning and is the epitome of modern elegance. When it comes to aesthetics, the imitation stainless steel material has a very remarkable appearance. It is long-lasting and sturdy, and it will meet all of your requirements for a long time. With a thermal efficiency of 97 percent, this water heater is capable of performing at peak efficiency while using less electricity. With the Westinghouse WGR060NG076, all users may benefit from the 140-gallon first-hour rating, which ensures that you will always be able to enjoy the high-speed flow of the unit.

There are several control options available, allowing you to influence the result of the water.

  • The thermal efficiency is 97 percent
  • The control features are simple to operate. A 140-gallon rating during the first hour
  • Despite the fact that it is not always a disadvantage, the price of this item is a little on the expensive side

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a fantastic device that can meet the demands of a family of around 4 to 5 people quite well. It is durable and robust, and it will last for quite some time.

3.AO Smith GPVT-50– Perfect Choice for Residential Purpose

There are two dip tubes included in this product to assure the user’s safety when using it. The installation method is really straightforward, and the three-position rotatable bowler outlet adds to the ease of use. Stainless steel is used to support the core of the water heater, which is located on the interior. The natural gas intake isn’t anything special, but it does have a respectable level of 50000BTU per hour, which is a respectable level for the industry. That the water heater has a strong recovery rate of 50 gallon for every 90-degree Fahrenheit increase in temperature is quite wonderful to witness.

Anode rods made of aluminum, rather than steel, are used, which provides a greater level of protection against corrosion than steel.

  • The materials that have been used are robust and of high quality. Has a rotatable bowler outlet with three positions
  • The drain valve has been replaced with a brass one, rather than the more common plastic drain valve.
  • Some customers have reported that there is a minor possibility that they would experience a leaking problem.

Final Thoughts

If you are working with a limited budget and are searching for a durable and dependable gas water heater, this is one of the most cost-effective solutions available. This product is really durable, and it does not require much work to install. In addition, as previously stated, the device is covered by a 6-year limited guarantee.

4.Rheem Performance Plus– Low Maintenance Heater

In addition to having a 36,000 BTU per hour output, this device gives the ideal quantity to hot water for a household of 4 to 5 persons. The ignition is initiated by pressing the push button, which is a much safer and simpler method of starting the vehicle. Due to the fact that this water heater utilizes a free combustion air intake technology, it eliminates the need for you to deal with the hassle of replacing and cleaning filters. The usage of a revolutionary magnesium anode rod design, which functions as an incredible resistor and prevents the tank from being corroded, helps to prolong the tank’s life.

The tank and other parts are covered by a 9-year guarantee, and labor is covered by a 2-year warranty. The warranty does not cover any other parts. Furthermore, there is no need to be concerned about maintenance expenses because there are no filters.

  • To lessen the likelihood of corrosion in the tank, a proprietary magnesium anode rod design has been implemented. This water heater is extremely simple to set up and use. The unit has the ability to offer up to 77 gallons of plentiful hot water in the first hour
  • Neither filters nor other components are required for the free combustion air intake system.

Final Thoughts

The device is excellent and fulfills its intended function as a reliable water heater for residential use. A family of 4 or 5 persons may get the most out of the product in terms of usage time and convenience. This information could be useful: Installation and Replacement Instructions for a New Furnace

Factors to Consider while Choosing a 50-Gallon Gas Water Heater

Purchasing a 50-gallon water heater is not a cheap endeavor these days, and before making such a significant investment, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure that you are making the best decision possible.

What is the first-hour rating?

The first-hour rating is a vital factor to examine before making a final decision on which product to purchase. The first-hour rating of a water heater is the figure that informs you how much hot water is being pumped out of the tank once it has been completely warmed. It is true that the heater you purchased has a capacity of 50 gallons, but that this heater is incapable of producing 50 gallons of hot water. In most circumstances, you’ll receive 70 percent of your requested amount of water, or 35 gallons.

When the water heater technology is advanced, the first-hour rating will be greater.

Check the Warranty

Beware of those who believe that because you’re acquiring a new water heater, you don’t need to bother with a warranty. A warranty is always beneficial, regardless of whether your purchase is new or used. However, even if there is a smaller possibility of problems occurring during the initial time of purchase, you may find the warranty useful once a few years have passed by. If you are unsure of the full definition of the term warranty, it simply refers to the manufacturer’s commitment to their products.

There are a variety of warranties offered, depending on the value and the type of product.

In addition to that, some manufacturers give additional guarantees such as labor warranties and so on.

Check to see whether this is the case, and make sure you are fully informed before having your installation completed.

How energy efficient is it?

According to studies, a water heater with a capacity of around 50 gallons consumes 18 percent of the total energy consumed by a home. Having said that, the energy efficiency of your water heater is something that should be taken into consideration. The majority of new water heaters presently come with a bright yellow tag that contains the majority of the relevant information about this feature. Information about the exact type of water heater you have chosen, such as the anticipated yearly running cost and other crucial details, will be available to you on this page.

On the manufacturer’s official website, you can find information on the model’s energy efficiency ratings and other specifications.

Top Pick

The A.O. Smith XCR-50 ProMax Plus High-Efficiency Gas Water Heater, 50 gal., is our top option in this category. This product is reasonably priced, and it also includes a number of noteworthy characteristics. Check out the review linked above to gain a better understanding of why we think this product is unique and special. For those who do not care about cost, the Westinghouse WGR060NG076 97-Percent High-Efficiency Gas Water Heater with Natural Gas, 60-Gallon is an excellent choice. There is no correct answer to the question of which product is the best, but be sure that the product you choose is appropriate for your specific requirements.


The reviews of some of the finest gas water heaters are complete, and now we must make a decision on which one will be installed in our home. Despite the fact that all of the goods on this page are fantastic in their own right, you may find it difficult to make a decision. In the end, here is our best selection from among all of the goods reviewed in this post. You may also be interested in: Instructions for Installing a Pellet Stove Properly

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