How To Install Frigidaire Water Filter

How To Change Water Filters

The replacement of a refrigerator’s water filter is as easy as it is important. Maintenance and upkeep are essential for your water filtration system to function at its peak performance level. Watch these video tutorials for step-by-step guidance on how to replace our various filter kinds and sizes.

Where is my water filter located?

The vast majority of refrigerator filters are found in one of two places: in the grille at the base of the refrigerator or in the back upper-right quadrant of the interior’s back panel. In either position, you’ll find a knob or a button that, when turned, will release the filter, allowing it to be removed. To make use of the filter finder tool, please click here.

When should I change my water filter?

The water filter should be replaced every six months, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Over time, the particles and impurities that have been filtered out of your water will accumulate, reducing the effectiveness of your water filter.

What can happen if I don’t change my water filter?

Firstly, it is possible that your water will simply cease being filtered. It is possible that a used carbon filter will no longer be able to catch particles or eliminate tiny pollutants. A neglected filter, on the other hand, has the potential to generate distinct difficulties for both the water quality and the performance of your appliance. It may also cause harm to the water filtration system in your refrigerator.

Is a fresh filter necessary?

Home tap water frequently satisfies the minimum water quality requirements set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), but many experts believe these criteria are too lax and allow for the presence of dangerous pollutants in your water. Find out what impurities your water filter eliminates from the water. Saving a lot of money while having a positive impact on the environment: Water filters are useful for more than just saving money. The expense of purchasing bottles and bottles of water is far more than the cost of merely replacing your filter on a regular basis.

Users of Frigidaire water filters save up to 3 million bottles of water from being thrown away in only one year.

How to Change Your Frigidaire Water Filter: A Step-By-Step Guide

A refrigerator water filter might be one of the most straightforward and least expensive methods of obtaining higher-quality drinking water on a regular basis. The only maintenance required is regular replacement of the filter to ensure that it continues to work at its peak. We’ll go through how to replace your Frigidaire water filter, where to get replacements, and how often they should be updated.

Wondering How to Change Your Frigidaire Water Filter? Follow These Simple Steps

Knowing how to do appliance maintenance might be intimidating, especially if you are unfamiliar with the process. In order to have cleaner drinking water on a consistent basis, this step-by-step tutorial helps answer the question, “How do I change the water filter in my Frigidaire refrigerator?”

How to Replace Frigidaire Water Filter

We provide three distinct water filter replacement instructions for various model refrigerators in our Frigidaire water filter replacement instructions. If you ask, “Where is the water filter on my Frigidaire refrigerator?” we’ll respond with the following information so you can find each one quickly: PureSource Ultra Water Filter (PureSource Ultra): This filter has a push design and is intended for use with French door variants only.

In most cases, it is positioned in the upper right corner of the refrigerator’s interior, and it may be altered by following these easy instructions:

  1. In order to release the old filter, push it in. Remove the new filter from its packaging and remove any protective caps that may have been applied
  2. To install the replacement filter, just slide it into the compartment and press to secure it in place. Remove the first 1.5 gallons of dispensed water from the system in order to prime the filter

Filter: The PureSource 2 Ultra Water Filter is a slide and click cassette filter that is positioned in the front right top of the refrigerator’s interior, on the right side of the refrigerator’s interior. Listed below is the procedure for upgrading your Frigidaire water filter to accommodate this design:

  1. To remove the old filter from the filter compartment, press the release button on the filter compartment. Remove the protective caps from the newly installed filter
  2. Pushing the filter into the compartment until it snaps into place is recommended. Using the first 1.5 liters of water dispensed, prime the filter by throwing it away.

A cup filter, the PureSource Plus Water Filter is normally found in the upper right corner of the refrigerator’s back panel, at the bottom of the refrigerator. To make changes to the filter design, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the filter cover by twisting it off and removing the old filter by dragging it downward
  2. Removing the new filter from its packaging is necessary. Into the filter compartment, nozzle end first, insert the nozzle end. Using your twisting motion, secure the filter cover in place. The first 1.5 liters of dispensed water should be discarded in order to prime the filter.

When Should I Change My Refrigerator Water Filter?

You now understand how to replace your Frigidaire water filter and how often to change it, and you can use this information to guarantee that your drinking water is of higher quality. In order to prevent the filter screen from being clogged with impurities, it is advised that you change your filter every 6 months. A clog will prevent the filter from effectively filtering out contaminants from your drinking water. However, if your water has a distinct odor or flavor, or if your water pressure has diminished, it may be necessary to replace the system sooner rather than later.

Where Can I Get a Frigidaire Water Filter?

When replacing your water filter, it is advised that you use a filter of the same brand and type as the one that was initially installed. We have access to every Frigidaire model filter and can assist you in locating what you want. Northeast Appliance SalesService Whether your Frigidaire water filter becomes stuck when you attempt to change it, or you have any of the other frequent refrigerator problems, call us for assistance with any form of refrigerator repair.

Frigidaire Water Filter • Popularity Ranked + Deals, Reviews & Recommendations

The primary function of a refrigerator is to keep food safe while it is being stored. Refrigerators, on the other hand, are not without flaws. Refrigerator filters purify the air inside the refrigerator by removing pollutants. This helps to avoid the formation of germs that might contaminate the food stored in the refrigerator.

How Does A Water Filter Help PreventBacteria Growth?

Bacteria grows at a quick rate when temperatures are high. Bacteria begin to multiply rapidly as soon as the temperature increases over 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Foods develop aromas and tastes as a result of this process. In order to prevent these issues, most refrigerators are equipped with a built-in water filtering system. As a result, pollutants in the refrigerator’s inside air are removed.

Benefits of Using a WaterFilter

Food contamination is reduced when you use a water filter on your water supply. When it comes to food safety, food safety experts recommend that you use a waterfilter whenever feasible. This includes putting leftovers in the freezer to keep them fresh. Air filters in refrigerators help to limit the quantity of germs that may be found in the air. This limits the production of odors and flavors in meals.

WhereCan I Find My Water Filter?

The majority of modern refrigerators are equipped with a built-in water filter.

On the side of the unit, look for a label indicating its location. The majority of devices come with a replaceable cartridge filter. Some devices need the use of an adapter in order to connect the filter to the faucet. Instructions on how to install the filter may be found in the handbook.

Is There Any OtherBenefits to Using a Water Filter?

There are several advantages to filtering the water in your refrigerator. First and foremost, it enhances the flavor of your cuisine. Second, it helps to lengthen the shelf life of the food you prepare. And last but not least, it protects your family from potentially dangerous toxins present in tap water. Fourth, it lowers the likelihood of acquiring health problems as a result of consuming polluted water.

Tips For Installing a WaterFilter

It is not difficult to install a water filtration system. To guarantee a successful installation, follow the instructions outlined below. Remove the old filter from the system. Make certain that the hose is disconnected from the faucet. Remove the filter housing and clean it. Dirt and grime can be removed by washing with soap and hot water. Thoroughly rinse the dish. Install the newfilter on your computer. Connect the filter to the faucet using the included connector. Turn on the cold water supply and let the water run for a few minutes to get the water flowing.

Allow for thorough drainage of the water.

The Importanceof Purchasing a Quality Frigidaire Water Filter

Water filters from Frigidaire are critical in the maintenance of safe drinking water sources. Because of the lack of effective filtering, tap water includes hazardous pollutants that are potentially damaging to our health. Chlorine and fluoride, for example, are added to public water sources in order to eliminate germs and viruses. These substances, on the other hand, can accumulate in the body over time and produce major health concerns. Chemotherapy has been connected to cancer, but fluoride has been associated to tooth decay and bone degeneration.

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Benefits of Using a High QualityWater Filter

The use of a high-quality water filter guarantees that your family consumes only safe and clean drinking water. Not only does this lower the likelihood of getting certain diseases, but it also saves money. Bottled water is expensive, and many families spend hundreds of dollars every month on it. A high-quality waterfilter allows you to enjoy unlimited amounts of fresh, filtered water. In addition, many water filters remove contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and prescription medicines from the water supply.

Conventional filters have a lifespan of 1 to 2 years, whereas most of these versions have a lifespan of 5 to 10 years.

How to Select a WaterFilter

It is simple to choose a water filter. First, decide whether you want a gravity-based or a pressure-based system for your device. Grass-based devices rely on the force of gravity to draw water through the filter and into the reservoir. Pressure-based machines require power to operate in order to push water through the filtering system. After that, pick if you want a countertop or a portable variant of the product. Surface versions are often bigger and easier to install than countertop types. Portable variants are more compact and simpler to travel than stationary counterparts.

Last but not least, choose a brand name. Products from well-known brands like Brita, Pur, and Aquasana are regarded for being of high-quality. Try to choose manufacturers that provide a lifetime warranty as well as excellent customer service support.

Tips for Choosing a WaterFilter

Take into account a number of aspects before reaching a final selection. In order to begin, visit the manufacturer’s website to read customer reviews and ratings. Second, pay close attention to product descriptions. Third, get suggestions from friends and family who possess the same type of water filter you are considering. Fourth, shop around online to find the best deal. Fifth, take into consideration the size of your family. Do you live alone or do you live in a house with other people? In the sixth step, consider where you want to install the water filter.

Consider the quantity of maintenance that will be necessary on the seventh point.

Water filters are an investment that will pay off in the long run.

Features To Look For When Buying A Frigidaire WaterFilter

Water filters from Frigidaire are designed to eliminate contaminants from tap water and save you money. The majority of models come with a carbon block, which eliminates chlorine and smells while keeping minerals in place. Some models additionally incorporate a silver ion cartridge, which destroys germs and viruses when used in conjunction with the printer. All versions are equipped with a changeable filter element that lasts roughly 3 months on average. Many variants are equipped with a bypass valve, which allows you to fill the tank with cold water directly from the faucet.

How Do I Know Which Model Works Best ForMe?

Water filters are classified as either “carbon” filters or “carbon dioxide” filters. Filters containing activated charcoal remove pollutants such as chlorine and odor-causing compounds from the air. When it comes to eliminating these toxins from drinking water, activatedcharcoal has been shown to be effective. Carbon filters, on the other hand, are available in a variety of configurations. There are several different methods for activating charcoal in different types of filters. Some filters generate heat through the use of electricity, which activates the charcoal.

Others utilize UV light to activate the charcoal, while others employ a combination of both.

The primary advantage of employing a carbon filter is that it does not require the use of electrical power to function.

For example, it takes longer to treat huge volumes of water and cannot be used to purify saltwater, which are both disadvantages.

Which Type Of Filter Does My HomeNeed?

Gravity fed water filters and pump driven water filters are the two most common types of water filters. Water is forced through gravity-fed filters, which rely on the force of gravity to drive polluted water through them.

Pump-operated filters are powered by a tiny electric motor, which drives a pump that pushes purified water through the filtering system. Homeowners with hard (i.e., municipal) or soft water sources can use any type of filter to protect their water supply from contamination (i.e.,spring).

Is There Any Difference Between Filters FromDifferent Manufacturers?

Yes, there is a significant variation between different brands. One brand may assert that it is superior to another brand. However, in reality, no manufacturer asserts that their product is superior. Instead, producers compete mostly on the basis of pricing. As a result, while looking for a water filter, be sure to inquire about the product’s warranty and return policies. Inquire about the quality of the materials that were utilized in the production process. Inquire about the reputation of the firm.

No, you are not required to make any changes to your existing situation.

Different Types of Frigidaire WaterFilter

Water filters from Frigidaire are designed to eliminate contaminants from tap water and save you money. In terms of water filtration systems, there are two primary varieties to choose from: carbon block filters and ceramic filters. Both types offilters are efficient at eliminating chlorine, sediment, rust, and smells from tap water when used in conjunction with one another. Each variety, on the other hand, has its own set of pros and disadvantages.

Carbon Block Filters

The carbon block filter is the most often encountered form of water filter. Carbon blocks are porous materials that trap impurities in the water they are used to treat. These filters have holes that enable water molecules to flow through while capturing particles bigger than 0.1 microns in diameter. Most carbon block filters have a service life of 10 years if they are used continuously.

Ceramic Filters

Consumers also like ceramic filters, which are becoming increasingly popular. Ceramic filters are made up of microscopic grains of activated charcoal that function as a molecular sieve to filter out impurities. Activated charcoal is effective in removing pollutants and heavy metals from water sources. Ceramic filters, in contrast to carbon block filters, cannot be cleaned with ordinary soap and water. Instead, they must be changed on a recurring basis.

How ToInstall A Water Filter

The following are the steps of installing a water filter: Remove the old filter cartridge from the system. Insert the replacement filter cartridge into the faucet’s base. Replace the faucet’s cap. Make sure that the cold water supply valve is turned on. Fill the sink with hot water and let it run for several minutes. Turn off the hot water supply valve if it is still on. Turn on the cold water supply valve if it is not already on. Wait 30 seconds before continuing. Check the water pressure with a gauge.

Benefits of Using a WaterFilter

The use of a water filter helps to lower the number of dangerous compounds that are present in drinking water. Some of the advantages are as follows: decreased chance of acquiring cancer as a result of exposure to toxins. Water’s flavor and odor have been improved. Resistance to bacterial growth has been increased. Nitrate and phosphate concentrations are lower.

Disadvantages of Using a WaterFilter

There are various disadvantages to utilizing a water filter, which are listed below.

Some of the downsides are as follows: Filters must be replaced on a regular basis.

How to Replace the Water Filter in a Frigidaire Professional Series Refrigerator

A PureSource Ultra water filter in a Frigidaire Professional series refrigerator removes chemicals and pollutants from tap water, ensuring that the water is safe to drink. Flowing water passes through a filter before reaching the ice maker and dispensed from the refrigerator’s door. A new filter may purify water for up to six months, or around 200 gallons, before it has to be replaced. You may experience problems with your Frigidaire refrigerator dispensing water and creating ice until you change the water filter.

  1. To switch off the ice maker in the freezer, raise the metal arm within the ice bucket and depress the button. Look for the spherical filter in the refrigerator section, which is located at the upper right of the compartment. To remove the water filter from the filter housing, gently press on the end of the filter. Remove the old filter from the housing and toss it in the trash
  2. Align the replacement water filter with the filter housing using the alignment guide. Insert the filter into the housing by sliding it in. Continue to press on the end of the filter until it clicks in place. To activate the water dispenser, place a big drinking glass against the lever. As air flows through the water line, expect the dispenser to splutter and spit water intermittently, causing the water to splatter and splash. Remove the water from the drinking glass and refill it with fresh water. Ensure that you fill the glass with water and discard it for at least four minutes before lowering the metal arm inside the ice bucket to activate the ice maker. By pushing the water filter button on the dispenser panel for three seconds, you may reset the filter status on the dispenser screen.

How to Replace the Water Filter Housing in Your Frigidaire Refrigerator

It is possible that the water filter housing in your Frigidaire refrigerator modelFRS26RLEC has failed. It is a pretty simple procedure, since it encloses and protects the water filter in your appliance. Despite the fact that its duty is straightforward, a broken filter housing might result in two extremely typical failures. The first problem it can cause is a leak within your refrigerator, and the second problem is a disruption in the flow of water to the water dispenser in your appliance’s water dispenser.

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Appliance Repair Safety Tips

  • Unplug your refrigerator and cut off the water supply to it to begin your refrigerator repair
  • Work gloves and safety goggles should be used while replacing the faulty component inside your refrigerator to ensure your hands and eyes are protected while doing the repair. Stop what you’re doing and call a refrigerator repair specialist to finish the replacement procedure if you’re not confident that you can complete the repair safely

How to Replace the Water Filter Housing in Your Frigidaire Refrigerator

  1. Open the door to the fresh food section in your refrigerator. The housing for the water filter may be found in the upper right corner of the container. Remove the screw that holds the plastic cover around the water filter housing in place with a quarter-inch nut driver, and then lift the cover out of the refrigerator
  2. Remove the two screws that are fastening the water filter housing to the refrigerator’s back wall by unscrewing them. After the screws have been removed, carefully peel the water couplets up and away from the filter housing using a flathead screwdriver until they are free. Afterwards, take the refrigerator’s housing out of the fridge. Remove the water filter cover by spinning it in the opposite direction as the clock. The next step is to remove the water filter from its housing
  3. This is an excellent opportunity to replace the old water filter with a new filter. Insert the old or new filter into the new housing by pushing it in from the side. Replace the top of the housing by twisting it in a clockwise direction once the water filter has been installed. Replacing the water filter and housing requires reconnecting the water lines from the top of the housing to the bottom of the filter. Then, by returning the two screws that you removed before, fasten the housing to the back of the wall. Reposition the plastic cover of the housing and then tighten the screw that holds it in place
  4. Simply close the refrigerator door and take pleasure in your newly installed water filter housing.

If the water filter housing is not the source of your refrigerator’s leak or the dispenser’s failure to dispense water, please call us immediately and we will be pleased to assist you in determining the source of the problem causing your appliance’s malfunction.

How To Replace Frigidaire Water Filter –

The most recent update was made on February 6, 2022 by Do you have a frigidaire water filter in your home that you’re currently using? Is it possible that it’s past its prime and needs replacing? Most likely, you’re even confident that it has to be replaced, and you only need some guidance on how to go about it. You can find a step-by-step tutorial to replace your frigidaire water filter right here. As you may be aware, water filters perform an excellent job of ensuring that we have safe, drinkable water to consume.

Rather than being a specific sort of water filter, Frigidaire is a brand that manufactures water filters.

In this case, your quest for information on how to change your refrigerator water filter is justifiable.

Where is Refridgerator Water Filter Located?

Knowing where the refrigerator water filter is located is critical when it comes to changing or replacing the water filter. Generally speaking, the majority of refrigerator water filters may be found in two key areas. One can be found in the grille at the base of the refrigerator. The second position is in the upper right-hand corner of the interior, towards the top of the stairs. You will locate a knob in any of these two positions that will activate the removal of the refrigerator’s water filter when you turn it on.

When Should I Replace My Refrigerator Water Filter?

You must be aware of when it is necessary to update or replace your refrigerator’s water filter. The purpose of filtering the water in your house is to ensure that you are drinking high-quality and safe water. It is possible that using a water filter that should not be used any longer can cause difficulties with the water that is supplied by the local municipality. The typical length of time to utilize a refrigerator water filter is six months, according to the manufacturer.

Once this recommended time period has passed, it is just a matter of time until your water filter ceases to function properly. You can make a small adjustment before the recommended time, but make sure you don’t go far over the advised time.

What Can Happen If I Don’t Change My Refridgerator Water Filter?

You’re wondering if there are any harmful consequences to not replacing your water filters on a consistent basis. There are, in fact, some. The first is that your water filter ceases to be efficient at purifying your drinking water. When the carbon filter is no longer capable of absorbing pollutants, it is considered to be worn out. You’re well aware of the consequences. It has the potential to harm your health since the water you will be receiving will be of poor quality. This can also cause a great deal of problems for the water filtration system in your refrigerator.

What’s more important: changing your water filter or putting your health and that of your refrigerator at risk?

Signs that you need to change your refrigerator water filter?

When it is time to replace the refrigerator water filter, there will be evident symptoms indicating that it is time to replace the water filter in the refrigerator.

  1. You will notice that the color of the water filter warning changes, indicating that you should replace the water filter as soon as feasible
  2. The water starts to have a terrible flavor to it. Many times, it’s as simple as drinking tap water. Whenever you notice that your water has begun to taste odd, it’s time to replace your water filter. When the filter’s output tastes foul as well, it’s a sign that the water filter needs to be replaced. When the water is supplied, it immediately begins to smell foul. It is unlikely that the fragrance will be noticeable. It’s possible that you’ll only notice right before you drink the water. The rate at which water is delivered decreases and becomes more slowly than usual. Because the filter isn’t working properly, this may be the result of collected sediments in the route
  3. Nevertheless, this is unlikely.

Why should I change my refrigerator water filter?

Change your refrigerator’s water filter regularly, as I’ve stressed several times in this article. There are a variety of reasons why you should replace the water filter in your refrigerator.

  1. It is necessary for the water filter to be functional in order to provide the desired effects. In order to do this, you must constantly modifying the filters over time. Drinking high-quality water is extremely beneficial to your health. While drinking your water, you don’t want to continue to develop that awful taste in your mouth.

How to Replace Frigidaire Water Filter

As previously said, frigidaire is a brand of refrigerator water filters that is manufactured by Whirlpool. Frigidaire manufactures two versions of water filters, all of which are referred to as

  1. Puresource Ultra II water filter
  2. Puresource Ultra water filter
  3. Puresource ultra water filter

How to replace the water filter on these many frigidaire models differs very little from model to model.

How to Replace Frigidaire Puresource Ultra II Water Filter

As previously stated, it is recommended that you change your water filter once every six months or after 200 gallons of usage.

  1. Figure out where the water filter is located — it’s in the upper-right corner of the refrigerator
  2. Then, by twisting the water filter anticlockwise until the filter comes loose from the housing, remove the water filter. Purchase the new water filter that you intend to install
  3. Discard the plastic wrap that has been wrapped around the new filters, then insert them into the housing with the grip orientated horizontally and press them in
  4. Once it’s securely in place, rotate the filter 90 degrees to the right, resulting in the grip being positioned vertically. Make certain that you run the water for approximately three minutes before discarding it. Given that you’re only replacing the water filter, this will prime the filter and clear out all of the dust and debris. The final step is to reset the water filter status by following the instructions provided in your refrigerator’s user care handbook.

How to Replace Frigidaire Puresource Ultra Water Filter

There is a possibility that you are asking if there is any difference between the two models. Yes, there is a difference, even if it appears to be a minor distinction. The ultra water filter is a push-push filter, and it is mostly found in the upper-right corner of the refrigerator, where it is easy to reach.

  1. Remove the water filter by pushing it to the side and pulling it out. Remove the protective caps from your new water filter and place them in a safe location. Attempt to insert the replacement filter into the housing. Push it in until it locks into place, and it will be held securely in the housing of the water filter. To prime the filter, run the water for approximately three minutes. Make certain that the water is discarded. Finally, follow the instructions in the user care handbook to reset the water filter status.
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How To Replace Frigidaire Gallery Water Filter

In the United States, Frigidaire is one of the most widely used brands of household appliances. Its history began with the introduction of self-contained refrigerators in 1916, and it has since become a trusted brand for household essentials. Air conditioners and automated washing machines are among the items that the company currently manufactures in addition to refrigerators and freezing units. The Frigidaire Gallery collection includes refrigerators, cooktops, dishwashers, wall ovens, and microwaves, among other appliances.

As a result, you should be aware of the proper way to change the Frigidaire Gallery Water Filter!

Refrigerators and dishwashers are the primary subject of this article since they are the most dependable machines when it comes to water filtration.

How To Replace The Water Filter In A Frigidaire Refrigerator

Despite the fact that they are both from the same manufacturer, Frigidaire, the look and operation of these refrigerators are vastly different.

It’s for this reason that the procedures for replacing their filters are so diverse. Consequently, we’re here to guide you through each of the four water filters manufactured by Frigidaire.

● PureSource Ultra

This particular range of filters is designed specifically for the refrigerator line known as French Door. The PureSource Ultra water filters have a success record of up to 99 percent when it comes to eliminating pollutants from drinking water! It has also been certified by the WQA and the NSF. You can also count on it to bring a splash of rich berry-red color to the interior of your refrigerator! To remove the existing PureSource Ultra water filter from your fridge, just push it out once and then pull it out.

Remove the protective caps from the new filter and place it in a safe place.

Now turn on the water for approximately three minutes to ensure that it is functioning correctly.

● PureSource 2

As you can see, this is the second edition of the PureSource brand of water filters, which was first introduced in 2008. It also contributes to the removal of 99 percent of the pollutants. While the Ultra model was a push-push filter designed for French-Door refrigerators, this is a cassette filter designed for refrigerators manufactured after 2004 and manufactured in the United States. The procedure for changing a PureSource2 filter is quite similar to the procedure for replacing a PureSource1 filter.

After removing the old filter, prepare the new one by removing the protective covers from both of its ends.

After that, grab an empty glass or container and fill it up with the water from this refrigerator continuously for around three minutes.

● PureSource 3

In terms of appearance and style, this water filter is extremely similar to the PureSource 2 water filter. It will be located in the upper right-hand corner of your refrigerator, which you will be able to recognize. Open open the refrigerator door and look for the water filter within the unit. This kind, like the others stated above, will require you to push it in order to remove it from the vehicle. However, because the push has to be slightly more vigorous this time, it may necessitate a little more work on your part.

It should have two horizontal ridges, one along the top and one down the side, like the old one.

Insert it into the slot of your older filter and press until you hear a clicking sound.

After completing this step successfully, you should begin to use the filter on a regular basis.

● PureSource Plus

If you have a Frigidaire refrigerator that was made prior to 2001, you will need to replace your present water filter with a PureSource Plus water filter. In the front area of a refrigerator, this one has a cup form that makes it easy to distinguish from the others. To remove it, you will need to twist it in a counterclockwise direction from the top. So, first, twist the housing off the filter, and then carefully remove the filter from within. After that, carefully peel away the protective shrink wrap that has been placed around the new filter.

Twist the housing over it back into place in a clockwise direction to complete the process.

This will sufficiently prime the filter for safe operation. Remember to change the water filter in your refrigerator at least once every six months to ensure that you are getting the greatest quality filtered water possible!

How To Replace The Water Filter In A Frigidaire Dishwasher

Despite the fact that the Frigidaire Gallery dishwashers come with a default water filter, you may need to replace it if the filter’s material becomes clogged or otherwise damaged.

Turn Off The Power Source

The water filters in a dishwasher are significantly different in appearance from those in a refrigerator. They are significantly larger in size and fully round in shape, with a hollow core in the center. Before changing the filter in your dishwasher, be sure that the power supply has been turned off.

Start Disassembling The Filter

In comparison to refrigerator water filters, dishwasher water filters are much smaller. Its size is significantly greater, and its form is totally spherical with a hollow core. Before changing the filter in your dishwasher, be sure that the power source has been disconnected.

Install The New Filter

Make a distinction between the major broader filter and the core base filter. After both components have been thoroughly cleaned, insert the smaller base filter into the larger replacement filter. Then, after inserting the base through your new filter and pressing it down slightly, rotate it a bit further to ensure it’s securely fastened.

Assemble Back!

Place the lower rack in its original location and reassemble the entire arrangement as you did before. Shut down the dishwasher, plug it in, and turn on the water to put the new filter through its paces!


You no longer need to rely on a professional to change a Frigidaire Gallery water filter because you now understand how to do it correctly. It is incredibly simple and just takes a few minutes to complete. So take pleasure in drinking clean water on a daily basis or cleaning more effectively with your new water filter.

A13402902 in by Frigidaire in Ferriday, LA

A Water Filter Bypass is intended for usage in houses that are equipped with a whole-house water filtration system. Because this blank cartridge will be used in the place of a water filter, there will be no need to replace the conventional water filter cartridges. For use with Frigidaire® refrigerators that accept the PureSource Ultra® II (EPTWFU01) water filter as a standard accessory. (This is not a water filter and should not be confused with 807946702)

General Specifications
Alternate Part Number 807946702
Item Weight 0.95 lbs
Product Weight 0.95 lbs
Collection Frigidaire

Every product we sell may be delivered and installed by a professional team of installers. We will be delighted to assist you with the coordination of delivery and installation. In most cases, extended warranties are relatively affordable, and they may save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. In some cases, extra expenses such as the cost of food that spoils when your refrigerator fails are covered by the insurance company. The purchase of extended warranties is straightforward and affordable; in fact, it is one of the most intelligent methods to preserve your investment.

You are unlikely to have the specialized tools or experience required to repair them in an emergency.

The majority of people, however, choose to protect themselves by acquiring affordable extended warranties when they purchase a new device, which may save them a significant amount of money in the long run. This product has received a 1.5 out of 5 star rating from reviewers.

Purchased this bypass because I have a whole house water filter

Jim from Ruston, Louisiana, on September 9, 2021 The water that comes out of all of my faucets is completely odorless and tastes fantastic. When I use the Frigidaire water filter that came with the refrigerator, the water that comes out of the refrigerator smells like rotten eggs, which is not pleasant. The water from the refrigerator still smells like rotten eggs, despite my efforts to eliminate the odor. This article was originally published on I do not suggest this product in any way.

Ice Market Stopped Working

LillianTK1/24/2021 As the owner of a whole-house filtration system, I purchased this bypass; nonetheless, my ice machine has stopped producing ice. It’s impossible to reach anybody at Frigidaire by phone, and the company isn’t responding to emails. The local technician would charge me $114 only to come to my house, not including the cost of parts and labor. What a waste of money. Because of Frigidaire’s non-existent customer service, I will never purchase anything from them again. This article was originally published on

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