Siemens Advantage+ = Customers Competitive Advantage

Advantage+ is a program designed to help take the unexpected out of your daily business with Advantage+ Shipping, Stock and Support.

Advantage+ Shipping:

Includes three levels of service: Advantage+ Standard, Express and Priority Shipping.

Advantage+ Standard Shipping:
With Advantage+ Standard, Siemens Process Instrumentation will cover basic freight charges, duties and taxes. This program demonstrates how Siemens strives to give our customers an advantage with:
•This benefit will be extended to all Siemens Process Instrumentation customers as the standard.
•Reduced budget for inbound freight charges: shipping and handling will be paid by Siemens Process Instrumentation.
•Simplified purchasing process: no need to estimate and plan for additional shipping and handling fees.

Advantage+ Express Shipping:
With Advantage+ Express, your order will ship the quickest way possible from our dock to yours. As with Advantage+ Standard, Shipping taxes and duties are included.

Advantage+ Priority Shipping:
Advantage+ Priority includes priority order handling, processing and scheduling, which means you get to the front of the line when it matters most. Advantage+ Priority offers the fastest reliable delivery. We will not promise the impossible, but we will do everything in our power to exceed expectations.

Advantage+ Stock:
No one can afford downtime, whether it’s from unforeseen damage or an unexpected mechanical failure – which is why Siemens developed Advantage+ Stock. When immediate delivery is required to maintain operations, rely on Siemens Advantage+ Stock. Siemens Process Instrumentation maintains inventory of instruments that measure flow, level, pressure, temperature and valve positioning.

Advantage+ Support:
Technical issues are not limited to a 9-5 schedule, and neither are we. You need help when things go wrong, no matter what time of day or night – and that’s why Siemens offers 24/7 technical support. Our dedicated team of service engineers, technicians and professionals are on-call, on-site and on-line 24/7 delivering a comprehensive portfolio of services. With Advantage+ Support, requests are processed in the order they are received with an initial response time of two hours.

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