Brooks Enhanced 1350G Replaces Forever Trusted 1350E Purgemeter

Posted by ERNIEGRAVES Process Measurement & Control on Mar 24, 2017 11:00:00 AM

1350G-1355G.pngBrooks 1350 glass tube variable area flow meter has been the industry standard glass tube variable area meter for decades. This glass tube meter is ideal for a variety of gas and liquid applications. These meters are particularly ideal for purge applications. The base configuration uses a borosilicate glass tube installed in an aluminum frame with 316SS end blocks, adaptors, and valve. Additional material options, valve options, and flow controllers are available to provide the appropriate configuration for a wide variety of applications.

What’s NEW?

Global design – best features of previous revisions sold worldwide

  • Improved range accuracy (5% / 3%) for standard fluids (2% optional)
  • Repeatability improved from 0.5% to 0.25%
  • Front shield magnification for improved readability
  • Custom direct reading scale on tube for improved readability
  • Improved valve design, new Cartridge 3 valve has better resolution (4 more turns)
  • Improved tube assembly & field replacement
  • Tubes are backwards compatible with 1350D and 1350E 
  • Added white insert to background to improve tube readability
  • Improved body strength
  • Blow out holes located on the sides to improve pressure relief

1350E-1350G.pngWhat hasn’t changed?

  • 1350G Sho-Rate is a dimensional drop in replacement to the D & E
  • Still has a 250°F and 200 psig temperature and pressure ratings
  • Flow controllers and standard/precision valve options are still available
  • SS and Brass end blocks are still available
  • Connection options remain the same between the G and the D & E
  • Same certifications are available: (International Calibration Certificate (formerly NIST), Certificate of Conformance (CofC), Canadian Registration Number (CRN)



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