Brodie Valve Test & Training – Cushing Terminal

Posted by Jonathan Gabel on Aug 5, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Hands-on_Brodie_Valve_Training.pngBlueKnight Energy Partners (BKEP) has multiple Brodie Valves throughout the state of Oklahoma in operation today. After speaking with one of the lead instrument technicians at BKEP about a question he had on one of his valves, it was determined that some in-depth factory training would be highly beneficial. We called on the best of the best when it comes to Brodie Valves, we brought in Steve Wright, service department head at Brodie International out of Statesboro, GA, for this technical training of 15 techs from the field.

After the classroom presentation on the technical operations of the valve (and of course lunch), we then moved to a warehouse where a Brodie valve was present, to witness the physical operation of the valve. The valve was flanged up to a pressurized test line to demonstrate how the valve functioned under similar circumstances in the field. After testing was complete, it was evident the technicians had a better understanding of the Brodie Control Valve, and how it operated.

This is a great example of the dedication and willingness to go above and beyond for continued education between the manufacturer, Brodie International, and their local representative, Ernie Graves Company to answering any questions necessary, and to prove the equipment.  Does your team need a better understanding on your instrumentation? The Ernie Graves Company team has some of the best experts in our industry at their fingertips and is ready and willing to set something similar up for you.

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