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AURA Gas Controls Signs Ernie Graves Company

AURA Gas Controls, a leader in flow regulation, recently signed Ernie Graves ...

We're Hiring! | Kansas City Sales Rep

Siemens Advantage+ = Customers Competitive Advantage

Understanding MFC Metrology & Calibration

ERNIEGRAVES Expands Territory Coverage for Brooks Instrument

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Ernie Graves Company as the exclusive sales ...

SIEMENS Process Analytics & Analyzers Added to ERNIEGRAVES Portfolio

Thermal Flow Meters for Flare Gas Applications

An efficient, burning flare does not produce visible ...

Brooks Enhanced 1350G Replaces Forever Trusted 1350E Purgemeter

Brooks 1350 glass tube

Kurz Instruments Signs Ernie Graves Company

Kurz Instruments, a leader in mass flow technology, recently signed Ernie Graves Company as ...

11th Annual Magellan / United Way Charity Golf Tournament

Expandin' On Up To Kansas City!

Ernie Graves Company has expanded their operations north by opening a satellite office in downtown Kansas City, MO. A soft launch and ribbon cutting ceremony was held at the new location ...

4 Tips for Selecting a Temperature Measurement Solution

Minimum Straight Pipeline Lengths for 10 Popular Flowmeters

Measuring the flow of liquids or gases through your pipelines can be a critical part of your process control. The more accurately you can monitor fluid flow, the better. ...

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