What Does Samsung Water Filter Remove?


  • Refrigerator Water Filter – HAF-CIN(HAF-CIN EXP) has a rating of 2.7 stars based on 6 reviews.
  • Rated 1 out of 5 by Sam72 from Disappointing Overpriced Filter for drinking water Every six months, $97 with postage is simply too much money.
  • Thanks to another firm, I was able to purchase two for $95 with free shipping.
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It’s the exact same product.Date of publication: September 29, 2021 Queen has given this product a 5-star rating.Samsung water filtration system Greta product: genuine, delivered quickly, and with excellent customer service.Date of publication: February 24, 2021 Average Joe gave it a rating of 1 out of 5.Priced too high, perhaps if it were $20.00 or something, but come on anyone with a functioning brain can put together a whole filtration kit for that amount, with cartridges costing just about $5.00 each.

The date of publication is November 12, 2020.Gail gave it a 2 out of 5 star rating.It is too expensive to replace it on a regular basis.It was not recommended that I get a different refrigerator because of the tank water usage.As a result, I go through an excessive number of filters.

It will set you back a fortune.What is the source of the high cost of a filter?Date of publication: April 24, 2020 Rated 5 out of 5 by Debbie61 from Excellent product I purchased this item a couple of weeks ago, and it has been operating admirably since then.Glad I found appliances on the internet XXX Date of publication: 2020-03-10 Rated 2 out of 5 by CM3043 from Excessively Expensive Filters cost $90 every six months, which is an outrageous amount of money.

There isn’t any other option.Until you replace the water pump in the refrigerator, the water flow will be substantially decreased.The date of publication is February 15, 2020.

Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter Review

  • Let’s take a look at one of the most outstanding refrigerator filter brands available today – Samsung.
  • Despite the fact that Samsung is best known for its mobile phones and other electronic items, the company also makes a wide range of other products and appliances, the most notable of which are refrigerators.
  • Samsung refrigerators, like any contemporary refrigerator, are typically equipped with their own own drinking water filters – the ″Waterdrop″ Samsung refrigerator water filters – in addition to other standard features.
  • As such, we will go over all of the Samsung Refrigerator Water Filters’ features and extras, as well as discuss whether or not these features are actually useful to you, the potential customer.
  • We will also share our thoughts on whether or not Samsung Refrigerator Water Filters are a positive or a negative for Samsung Refrigerators as a whole (i.e.

whether or not to consider Samsung Refrigerator Water Filters a positive or a negative for Samsung Refrigerators as a whole).In order to conclude, we will look at what Samsung’s customers have to say about their water filters before reaching a final judgment.

The Features And Benefits of Samsung Refrigerator Water Filters

  • Samsung refrigerator water filters have been tested and certified in accordance with ANSI/NSF Standards 42 and 53
  • Samsung refrigerator water filters provide deliciously refreshing water at a very reasonable price.
  • There are genuine Samsung OEM products in their refrigerator water filters, which are capable of generating both water and ice.
  • The Samsung refrigerator water filters make use of a revolutionary water filtering technology that successfully filters out the vast majority of pollutants and toxins from the water.
  • The Waterdrop water filters protect the refrigerator’s internal components from possible silt, therefore significantly extending the refrigerator’s lifespan.
  • Most other water filters, including refrigerator water filters, remove minerals that may be useful to your health, whereas the minerals removed by these water filters are good to your health. There’s a good reason why mineral water is marketed in so many countries throughout the world. It includes beneficial minerals that may be utilized to complement the mineral requirements of your body. In the same manner, tap water may include minerals that are beneficial to your health and may be absorbed by your body. In contrast, Samsung refrigerator water filters use only a high-grade carbon block that removes over 99.999 percent of the potentially harmful contaminants that may be present in your water. The Waterdrop refrigerator water filters are designed to allow those minerals to flow freely through the filter while keeping the bad minerals out. Furthermore, this ″99.999 percent″ statistic is not a fabrication. In order to further appreciate the 99 percent number provided in relation to the Waterdrop’s carbon block filter, it is necessary to first grasp some of the fundamentals of carbon filtration: The activated granular filter and the powdered block filter are the two types of carbon filters available: activated granular and powdered block. There are far more microscopic particles of powder exposed to water than there are granules in a comparable volume of carbon powder. This means that a block of carbon powder has a significantly bigger surface area than a cluster of carbon granules. Thus, carbon block filters are far more effective in absorbing pollutants than granular filters. With this technology, Samsung refrigerator water filters provide you with drinking water that is free of 99.999 percent of its contaminants
  • Samsung refrigerator water filters are constructed of high-quality materials and feature a beautiful design. Samsung refrigerator water filters are made of high-quality materials and feature a beautiful construction and design. A technology leader like Samsung, which is compelled to adopt the most up-to-date production procedures in order to create a high-quality and dependable product, should be expected to do so
  • yet,

The Models Of Replacement Samsung Water Filter You Will Most Likely Need

Samsung DA97-11433A Assy Case Water Filter

  • The DA97-11433A, which is manufactured in South Korea, is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) component that is compatible with the vast majority of Samsung refrigerator models. It also comes with a 90-day factory warranty, which ensures the product’s high-quality construction. It is compatible with nearly all Samsung refrigerator models.
  • Simple to construct and put together
  • Replacement water filter that has been approved for safety

Samsung DA29-10105J Filtre Eau Pour External Refrigerator Water Filter  

  • Designed to fit in all Samsung refrigerator models that use an external cartridge, as well as several other manufacturers such as LG, KitchenAid, Bosch, Siemens, Daewoo, Whirlpool, and Maytag, the DA29-10105J is a high-capacity water filter that may also be used in the dishwasher. This original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement item is required to be changed every six months. It operates at a flow rate of 1.9 liters per minute, at temperatures ranging from 4.4 to 38 degrees Celsius, and at pressures ranging from 25 psi to 125 psi. The filter makes use of Activated Carbon Function technology and has a capacity of filtering up to 2464 liters of water in six months time. Water is filtered quickly and effectively
  • Installation is simple.
  • It has an excellent price-to-quality ratio
  • The fact that the connecting tubing is just a short length is a significant disadvantage.

Samsung Aqua-Pure Plus Water Filter

  • This model has been evaluated and authorized by the American National Standards Institute and the National Sanitation Foundation. It is made of long-lasting materials and may be used for up to 6 months on average before needing to be replaced. Aqua-Pure Plus is compatible with the vast majority of Samsung French Door and side-by-side refrigerator models. It is compatible with a wide range of Samsung refrigerator models as well as those from other manufacturers.
  • It has undergone safety testing and certification
  • It is quite inexpensive
  • Unquestionably, one drawback is the absence of an instruction manual that comes with your acquired product.

Swift Green Replacement for Samsung DA2900003G Water Filter (SGF-DSB30)​

  • This Swift Green filter is compatible with various Samsung refrigerator models, as well as with other refrigerator manufacturers. It makes use of carbon to minimize silt, chlorine, cysts, and lead in water, so improving the taste and odor of water while also protecting your refrigerator from damage. This type, like other filters from the same manufacturer, has been approved by the National Sanitation Foundation for safety and functionality, and it has a straightforward design that makes filter installation simple. There are several benefits to using this water and ice filter: it is pretty quick
  • it is reasonably priced
  • and it is constructed of an ecologically friendly material.
  • One significant disadvantage is that this filter is only compatible with a small number of refrigerators, the majority of which are manufactured by Samsung.

Genuine ​Samsung Aqua-Pure Plus Refrigerator Water Filter for DA29-00003

  • It is the goal of the Aqua-Pure Plus water filter series to provide clean, clear drinking water that is completely free of metals, cysts, and other impurities. It employs revolutionary filtration technology, which makes use of carbon, to remove the vast majority of the sediments from the water stream. It has been tested and approved by NSF 42, confirming its safety. The filter has a life expectancy of roughly six months. It provides quick filtration
  • it produces water with a pleasant taste
  • and it is easy to use.
  • One prominent disadvantage is that it is difficult to fit into many Samsung side by side refrigerator models
  • another disadvantage is that some of the design adjustments tend to confuse customers
  • and a final disadvantage is that it is expensive.

Samsung DA2900020B Refrigerator Water Filter

  • Genuine Samsung Original Equipment Manufacturer replacement water filter intended to fit a wide range of Samsung refrigerator models as well as other refrigerator manufacturers. In order to assure greater compatibility with Samsung French Door and sidebyside refrigerators, there are two types of packages available. Designed to give clean and clear water, the Samsung DA2900020B model uses revolutionary technology to eliminate 99 percent of impurities from the water it produces. Water is quickly filtered
  • Excellent for use as a low-cost water filter
  • The fact that this filter is only compatible with a restricted number of refrigerator models is a significant drawback.

Aqua-Pure Plus Waterdrop DA29-00012A Samsung Water Filter

  • With the help of revolutionary filtration technology, which employs carbon as a filterer, the Aqua Pure Plus is a high-efficiency refrigerator water filter with excellent performance. The carbon block utilized in the filter has millions of active sites, which allows it to totally filter out pollutants from the water it receives. Even better, the filter, like a catalytic converter, has the ability to break down pollutants catalytically. Works effectively in a broad range of situations, including temperatures and pressure
  • provides the best value for money
  • There is one significant disadvantage to using this filter, which is that it is only compatible with two Samsung models exactly
  • this is a significant drawback.

​How Do You Replace A Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter?

The procedure for replacing the water filter in a Samsung refrigerator varies depending on the type of refrigerator being used, as each model has a different location for the water filter. It goes without saying that every model will have a unique replacement method as a result.

  1. The first step is to identify where your present water filter is located.
  2. As soon as you have done so, make a note of the manner in which it was placed into the filter housing.
  3. Remove the old filter and place it to one side before installing the new filter
  4. this will save time.

Each replacement fridge filter will come with a set of installation instructions in case you have any difficulties throughout the process of installing your new fridge filter.

​Final Verdict

  • As you can see, the specifications of each Samsung refrigerator water filter vary from one another.
  • However, even though they are all built of high-quality materials and have a beautiful appearance, not all of them are compatible with every refrigerator, and some of them are significantly slower at filtering water than others.
  • We can confidently recommend that you check into Samsung refrigerators and water filters, but our primary recommendation is that you always study if the water filter you’re considering is truly adequate for your refrigerator and the amount of fresh filtered water you require.
  • In addition, Samsung’s own website provides detailed information about each unique filter cartridge it offers.

How do you change the water filter on a Samsung fridge?

How do you change the water filter on a Samsung side-by-side fridge?

Are you able to change Samsung water filter with out turning off water?

Yes, you will be able to change the filter without having to turn off the water supply completely. Simply unscrew the old one and screw in the new one to complete the process.

Do you may have to shut off water to change fridge filter Samsung?

You do not want to turn off the water supply, no matter what.

The place is water filter on Samsung fridge?

Samsung side-by-side refrigerators have a water filter that is located on the right-hand side of the underneath drawer, on the contemporary meals side of the refrigerator.

How do I flip off the change filter gentle on my Samsung fridge?

Immediately press and hold the ″Alarm / Maintain for 3 seconds to Reset Filter″ button for 3 seconds to gently reset the indication. If your mannequin has an internal control panel, hold down the ″Energy Cool″ and ″Fridge″ buttons at the same time for three seconds. This will return the indicator gradually to its original state of blue.

How do I change my water filter?

How do I change the water filter in my fridge?

Do I really want to change my fridge water filter?

How often should you replace the water filter in your refrigerator? Every six months, it is necessary to replace the refrigerator filters. No more than one year should be allowed to pass before replacing a filter. The longer you continue to use a carbon filter above its maximum capacity, the more harmful your water may become.

How do I change my residence filter?

When ought to I change my water filter?

The primary rule of thumb for cleaning or modifying a water filter is every 40 gallons of water or every two months……. However, the frequency with which you change your filter is also dependent on a number of factors, including the following:

  1. Water use in the household
  2. model/unit of the filtration system
  3. and
  4. The amount of contaminants that must be filtered
  5. the hardness of the water.
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Does each home have a water filter?

• Water use of the family; • Filtration system model or unit;
The amount of contaminants that require filtration; the hardness of the water

How do I change the filter in my cell residence?

How usually do you change home filters?

To aid you determine how frequently you should replace your home’s air filter, the following averages are provided: Every 6–12 months, take a trip home or to a hotel with only one occupant and no pets or allergic reactions. Every 90 days, a strange suburban house with no pets is discovered. Every 60 days, a dog or a cat is given to the family.

The place is my air filter positioned?

The air filter is frequently installed on the same level as the return duct enters the air handler, which is convenient. Larger homes are more likely to have more than one HVAC system. Every system will occasionally have at least one air filter, if not more. As a result, your home may have air filters installed on the air handler as well as in the return air ducts.

The place is the furnace filter positioned in a cell residence?

In many cell residences, the furnace filters are installed right on the grill that directs airflow to the heating system. In comparison to most ordinary furnaces, which have filters stored in a filter compartment between the furnace and the ductwork, this is a little bit more complicated to understand.

The place is the air filter in a trailer?

Which manner does a washable furnace filter go?

Do trailer furnaces have filters?

Manufacturers do not always recommend the use of filters, and furnace manufacturers specifically advise against restricting the flow of air through the furnace with limitations such as air filters, among other things.

How do I clear my intertherm furnace filter?

The place is the filter on intertherm furnace?

How do you take away an RV heater?

Can furnace filters be cleaned and reused?

If you use a disposable filter in your furnace, it should be changed every 2 to 3 months, depending on the scale and kind of filter you use. Everlasting furnace filters, on the other hand, are made to be cleaned and reused several times, so it’s only a question of cleaning your filter on a regular basis to ensure that it isn’t becoming too dirty.

Samsung Water Filter Review

  • In most cases, reaching inside your pocket will result in the discovery of a Samsung smartphone.
  • In any case, the company’s Galaxy and Note smartphones are among the most widely used gadgets available on the market today.
  • While Samsung has established a reputation for producing innovative personal electronic products, the company also manufactures a number of large-scale appliances.
  • As a result, Samsung refrigerators are quickly becoming the must-have equipment for households all across the world.
  • A water-filtration system may be found in the inside of several Samsung refrigerators.

Samsung water filters are the subject of this article, which will cover several of its important features in detail.Also included is a comparison of it to a few other filters.Our mission is to present you with information that is honest, accurate, and helpful.As a result, we are not restricting the scope of our evaluation to simply previously released materials concerning Samsung water filters.Given the potential for exaggeration in marketing materials, we take into account the opinions of both expert reviewers and genuine customers.

Whenever it’s appropriate, we’ll provide our two pennies worth of input.Continue reading to find out if we believe a Samsung water filter is a wise investment in your household.The Samsung water filter, also known as a Waterdrop filter, is a water-filtration device that is designed to fit inside Samsung refrigerators and other similar appliances.Samsung water filters are available in a number of various configurations.This is owing to the large number of different Samsung refrigerator models that are available for purchase.

Furthermore, various Samsung filters function in a variety of ways.All, on the other hand, fulfill the certification requirements established by the American National Standards Institute or NSF International.Everyone is aware of the necessity of maintaining proper hydration.Sluggishness, tiredness, and achy muscles are all symptoms of not drinking enough water.

Water from municipal water sources or private wells is used by the majority of houses; nevertheless, the water does not necessarily taste well.Sediment and smells, on the other hand, can degrade the taste and smell of drinking water.Samsung water filters remove a wide range of unwanted contaminants, ensuring that a consistent supply of clean, fresh-tasting water is delivered.If you are concerned about your health, you are undoubtedly aware that your body need specific minerals.Your water filtration system may have removed critical minerals from your water source, which you may be concerned about.While other water filters do this, the Samsung water filter does not in most cases.

Innovating technology is used by the Samsung filter’s designers to enable beneficial minerals to flow through while filtering out impurities that are harmful to the environment.This means that you don’t have to be concerned about augmenting your diet with these nutrients.As a result, your body reaps the benefits of them without having to go through the unpleasant experience of swallowing water that tastes or smells disagreeable.Residents should consider the health of their appliances in addition to enjoying delicious water.

Samsung refrigerators, as you may be aware, are not exactly inexpensive.After making the investment in one, you’ll want to make certain that you do everything you can to preserve it in excellent condition.It is unfortunate that scale and hard water can damage the internal workings of a Samsung refrigerator, including the water dispenser and ice maker.Even if the condition is fixable, the cost of remedies might be prohibitively high.Because they remove particles from water, Samsung filters can help to keep your refrigerator from being damaged.In certain cases, this might help to extend the life of your Samsung refrigerator, particularly if your water supply has a substantial amount of sediment flowing through it.

  1. Water filters for Samsung appliances are original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components.
  2. As a result, you can be assured that the filters you select will work flawlessly with your Samsung refrigerator.
  3. You won’t have to waste time attempting to discover a workaround method for replacing the filter in your refrigerator.

Even better, Samsung filters are constructed with a high-quality carbon block that is capable of removing 99.999 percent of all harmful particles from your drinking water.Granulated carbon is used in the production of the vast majority of other filters on the market.In this case, the distinction between granulated carbon and a high-grade carbon block is critical.

While granulated carbon filters are capable of filtering water, they are not nearly as efficient as carbon-block filters in terms of water filtration.The science is straightforward.Granulated carbon has a lesser filtering surface area than other types of carbon.As a result, certain pollutants pass through without being removed by the filter.

The filtering capacity of a carbon-block filter is increased by the introduction of powder.As a result, the water is significantly cleaner.High-grade carbon block is used as a filter.OEM Component: Yes, there is an OEM component.

ANSI/NSF Yes, certification is required.Limited 90-day manufacturer’s warranty is included with purchase.We must first discuss a few common types of Samsung water filters in order to assist you better comprehend the specs of these water filters.The following list is not complete, but it includes the majority of the water filters that Samsung refrigerator users typically purchase.It should be noted, however, that not all of the water filters on the following list are compatible with all Samsung refrigerator models.

Before purchasing a Samsung water filter, see the owner’s handbook for your appliance for complete instructions on how to purchase and install a new water filter.If you have misplaced your owner’s handbook, you may obtain a free copy from the Samsung website at the following address: 1: Samsung DA97-11433A Water Filter Assembly Case (DA97-11433A)

DA97-11433A is the model number of the Samsung refrigerator filter that is found in the majority of Samsung refrigerators. The installation handbook that comes with this filter will teach you all you need to know about installing it. If you have a refrigerator made by a different manufacturer, this OEM filter will most likely not meet your water-filtration needs.

Filter2: No products found.

  1. There were no items found.
  2. There were no items found.
  3. This refrigerator will most likely fit your French-door refrigerator if you have one with that style.
  1. This is true regardless of whether your refrigerator is a Samsung or another big manufacturer.
  2. This filter performs a fantastic job of eliminating pollutants, smells, and some minerals from the water supply.
  3. It does not, however, come with an owner’s handbook in the box.

Filter3: No products found.

  1. There were no items found.
  2. There were no items found.
  3. The Samsung DA29-10105J refrigerator is designed to fit outside Samsung refrigerators.
  1. This filter is compatible with refrigerators made by other major brands as well.
  2. The filter’s activated-carbon construction ensures that 99.999 percent of all undesired particles are removed from the water.
  3. It also has an outstanding flow rate of 1.9 liters per minute, which is quite impressive.
  4. While this filter is simple to install, you may need to purchase more tubing since the tubing that comes with it is frequently too short to function with most plumbing systems.

Filter4: No products found.

  1. There were no items found.
  2. There were no items found.
  3. The DA29-00020B Samsung water filter is the most cheap Samsung water filter on the market, and it performs an excellent job of eliminating pollutants from water.
  1. Additionally, it filters at a rapid pace.
  2. When purchasing a water filter, this may be an alternative for you if you want to save money on the purchase.
  3. Be cautious, though, because this Samsung water filter is only compatible with a limited number of refrigerators.

Filter5: No products found.

  1. There were no items found.
  2. There were no items found.
  3. For those who require an external water filter, the Samsung DA29-10105J may be the best option available to them.
  1. Instead of being installed within your Samsung refrigerator, this filter is installed outside of it.
  2. It is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement component, making it an excellent choice for appliance maintenance.
  3. The filter is also compatible with a number of other refrigerator brands.
  4. Nonetheless, the Samsung DA29-10105J is not inexpensive.

If you are willing to spend the money, though, you may anticipate great filtering results.

Filter6: No products found.

  1. There were no items found.
  2. There were no items found.
  3. The Samsung DA29-00003 water filter is a high-capacity filter that employs advanced carbon technology to remove a wide range of impurities from tap water.
  1. Although it is compatible with the majority of Samsung refrigerators, this filter does not perform well in side-by-side versions.
  2. Despite this, it generates some of the best-tasting water of any Samsung filter, according to the company.
  3. Again, while our list includes several popular Samsung filters, it does not include all of the available variants from the company.
  4. If you are searching for a new filter for your refrigerator, you must be certain that you get one that is compatible with your model.

Due to the fact that all Samsung water filters perform well when it comes to eliminating impurities from water, the most difficult part is choosing one that is compatible with your refrigerator.Once you have done so, you can be almost confident that you are purchasing a high-quality water filter for your Samsung refrigerator.If you already have a refrigerator from a different manufacturer, it is possible that you can locate a Samsung filter that will work with it as well.Samsung water filters are available in a wide range of pricing ranges.

While some are available for as low as $10, others may be found for more than $80 on the market.Because most Samsung filters have similar qualities, the only thing that distinguishes them in terms of pricing is the filter’s model.Of course, some high-end Samsung filters come with extra features that are more expensive to purchase.A multi-filter pack may be a good option for you to consider if you want to save money when getting your new Samsung water filter.

Because the manufacturer saves money on packing, you will often spend less per item purchased.When you purchase a Samsung water filter, you may do it with confidence as well.The majority of them have a limited 90-day guarantee.

  • This guarantee protects you against flaws in both the materials and the production process.
  • However, while 90 days is a shorter period of time than the life of a Samsung water filter, it provides you with sufficient time to decide whether or not the filter is performing effectively.
  • If you need to register a warranty claim with the firm, you will most likely find helpful customer care agents.
  • As soon as you have determined that you want to acquire a Samsung water filter, you have a few choices.
  • Samsung water filters are most likely to be found in appliance stores or big-box retailers in your area.
  • You may also purchase them on the internet.
  • Many consumers prefer to place their orders through a third-party website, such as Amazon.
  • In any case, if you want assistance in determining which filter is suitable with your refrigerator, your best choice is likely to be a visit to a showroom that carries Samsung fridges.
  • Sales personnel at these locations frequently have access to vital information that will assist you in finding exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Before deciding if a Samsung water filter is the best choice for your water-filtration requirements, you should be aware of some of the company’s rivals.
  1. Our Samsung water filters are compared to two other popular options: the Swing Green Water Filter and the Aqua-Pure Water Filter, which are also reviewed in this section.

Competitor1: No products found.

  1. There were no items found.
  2. There were no items found.
  3. The Swift Green filter, which was designed for the Samsung refrigerator model DA29-00003G, is also compatible with other Samsung refrigerators.
  1. Various additional brands are also compatible with this method.
  2. This filter is more cost-effective than many other Samsung water filters, making it a good investment for your money.
  3. The fact that the Swift Green is reasonably priced, however, does not imply that it is ineffective.
  4. The filter has a carbon-block construction that successfully eliminates chlorine, cysts, silt, and lead from drinking water without affecting taste or smell.
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The consequence is that you obtain clean, pleasant water without having to spend a lot of money.Price ranges from $11 to 120 depending on the filter model.5 out of 5 for ease of use Time for assembly: 4/5 Construction Quality: 4.5/5 4 out of 5 stars for warranty.

Competitor2: No products found.

  1. There were no items found.
  2. There were no items found.
  3. Within the interior of a select Samsung refrigerator models, the Aqua-Pure water filter is an excellent match.
  1. It is also compatible with a limited number of refrigerators from other brands.
  2. The Aqua-Pure option, like the Samsung filters, makes use of a carbon block to successfully remove all undesired sediment, smells, cysts, and tastes from tap water, similar to the Samsung filters.
  3. If you intend to use the Aqua-Pure refrigerator, you need first ensure that it is compatible with your refrigerator.
  4. Price ranges from $25 to $120, depending on the filter model selected.

5 out of 5 for ease of use Time for assembly: 4/5 Construction Quality: 4.5/5 4 out of 5 stars for warranty.While purchasing a Samsung water filter to change the filter on your Samsung refrigerator is probably not necessary, doing so is a good idea.When compared to the competition, Samsung filters are on par with or better than the best available on the market today, according to the company.Samsung refrigerator water filters are among the most effective refrigerator water filters available on the market.

They are not without flaws, though.In this part, we’ll go over some of the benefits and cons of using different types of water filters.


  • An novel carbon-block design is used in the construction of the filters.
  • Some Samsung filters provide rapid water filtering
  • however, some do not.
  • Some other refrigerators are compatible with filters as well as Samsung refrigerators
  • filters are compatible with Samsung refrigerators.
  • The majority of filters come with a 90-day limited guarantee.


  • There are certain Samsung filters that are more costly than those made by other manufactures.
  • Some Samsung filters are sluggish to respond
  • Changing filters on a regular basis is necessary
  • It might be difficult to locate some replacement filters
  • nonetheless,
  • Not every Samsung water filter is compatible with every Samsung refrigerator.
  1. Samsung water filters are available in a number of various configurations.
  2. Each of these filters has a number of noteworthy characteristics.
  3. To be more specific, Samsung filters are capable of filtering out practically all undesired pollutants from municipal or well water in most cases.
  1. Despite the fact that we are glad to suggest Samsung water filters, you should exercise caution while purchasing one for your refrigerator.
  2. Because not all models are compatible with all types of refrigerators, you should conduct some independent research before making your final decision.
  3. We believe that once you locate a Samsung water filter that is compatible with your appliance, you will be pleased with it.
  4. 4 out of 5 stars Posted at 08:36 UTC on March 4, 2022 / Affiliate links included / Images sourced from the Amazon Product Advertising API

Refrigerator Water Filters & Replacements

Make certain that your family has access to pure, clean, and delicious water. With a genuine Samsung water filter, you can eliminate toxins in your household.

Our filters are NSF* certified to remove many contaminants.

You should be aware that Samsung filters out herbicides, pesticides, lead, mercury, asbestos, and even drugs such as ibuprofen, carbamazepine, and a whole host of other difficult-to-pronounce compounds. in order for you to be able to rest (and drink easy).

Why your filter choice matters

Samsung filters out up to 80 percent more pollutants than other major private label products, according to the manufacturer. Not only will you be able to enjoy fresher and cleaner water, but choosing a Samsung filter will also ensure that you will not have to struggle with water leakage and other difficulties that might occur when using a different brand of filter.

Easy to install. Easy to use.

  1. The last thing you want is to have to deal with a difficult water filter installation.
  2. Our water filters are specifically designed for Samsung refrigerators, making them simple to install.
  3. – Samsung customer’s artwork Genuine Samsung water filters are available at a discounted rate of $15 per filter for subscribers.
  1. A 6-month auto renewal guarantees that you receive the best fit every time you purchase.
  2. You may make changes to your subscription from your account at any time.

Subscribe and save

Now is the time to subscribe to save 30% a year on water filters and to receive an automated replacement every 6 months—as well as free Samsung assistance throughout your 1-year warranty period.

Support topics

How do I replace my Samsung water filter?

DISCOVER MORE 1 A non-genuine Samsung filter will void the warranty of Samsung and will not be covered under the company’s policy. *NSF 42, 53, and 401 certified

Fresh Filtered Water at Your Fingertips

SAMSUNG Side by Side or French Door refrigerators with ice and water dispensers come with a water filtration system, which you may activate when you purchase the refrigerator. It makes no difference whether the filter is installed inside or outside the refrigerator; it ensures a decrease in impurities, allowing you to drink fresh, filtered water directly from your Samsung Refrigerator.

Certified Performance

SAMSUNG water filters are tested and certified by NSF International, a non-profit and non-governmental organization devoted to the improvement of public health, safety, and the preservation of the environment. Throughout the world, its certification is widely regarded as a reliable assurance of quality and safety.

Contaminants Reduction

  1. In addition to removing over 99 percent of potentially hazardous impurities such as chlorine taste and odor from your water, Samsung water filters use only high-grade carbon blocks to ensure that your water is safe to drink.
  2. Despite the fact that chlorine is commonly employed in water treatment as a disinfectant, it has the potential to impart distinct aromas and tastes to water.
  3. -Heavy metals and chemical substances Lead, asbestos, benzene, mercury, and carbofuran are some of the most prevalent industrial pollutants with significant toxicity that can penetrate groundwater and surface water sources, respectively.
  1. -Microbial Cysts are a kind of cyst seen in bacteria.
  2. Cyrptosporidium, for example, is a parasite that is widely found in lakes and rivers.
  3. A high level of resistance to disinfectants such as chlorine has been seen in them.

Filter Light Indicator

The filter light indication may be seen on the digital display of your refrigerator. When it is time to replace the filter, the light will turn red to indicate that it is time. As a reminder, you may paste a month sticker on the filter cartridge (which is supplied in every cartridge box) to serve as a visual cue.

Compatible Models


Amazon.com: Customer Questions & Answers

  1. Listed below is what Samsung’s web site says about this filter:*Samsung water filters have been tested and certified by NSF International, a nonprofit organization committed to the preservation of public health, safety, and the environment.
  2. This accreditation is commonly regarded as a guarantee of safety around the world, and is widely accepted…
  3. read on for more information Listed below is what Samsung’s web site says about this filter:*Samsung water filters have been tested and certified by NSF International, a nonprofit organization committed to the preservation of public health, safety, and the environment.
  1. This certification is widely known across the globe as a guarantee of safety, and it provides you with the assurance that this filter has been evaluated by one of the most reputable independent certification organizations currently in existence.
  2. * Samsung water filters are made exclusively of high-grade carbon blocks, which are capable of removing more than 99 percent of the potentially dangerous chemicals that may be present in your drinking water.
  3. A refrigerator water filter certified by the National Sanitation Foundation decreases cysts, chlorine taste and odor as well as particles (Class I), lead, and mercury while keeping essential fluoride.
  4. Less than 300 gal.

of water may be filtered before it has to be replaced.Listed below is what Samsung’s web site says about this filter:*Samsung water filters have been tested and certified by NSF International, a nonprofit organization committed to the preservation of public health, safety, and the environment.*Samsung water filters use only the highest-grade carbon block available, which removes over 99 percent of the potentially harmful contaminants that may be present in your water.*This certification is widely recognized around the world as a guarantee of safety, and it is your assurance that this filter has been tested by one of the most respected independent certification companies in existence today.

A refrigerator water filter certified by the National Sanitation Foundation decreases cysts, chlorine taste and odor as well as particles (Class I), lead, and mercury while keeping essential fluoride.*Filters may hold up to 300 gallons of water before needing to be changed.This was helpful to 1 out of 1 people.Do you agree?

|Inform authorities about alleged abuse The DA29-00020B Samsung Aqua-Pure Plus Refrigerator Water Filter reduces the following contaminants: 99.00 percent of Asbestos, 94.60 percent of Atrazine, 96.70 percent of Benzene, 97.40 percent of Chlorine Taste & Odor, 99.99 percent of Cysts, 99.30 percent of Lead at pH 6.5, 99.30 percent of Lead at pH 8.5, 99.00 percent of Lindane, 98.00 percent The DA29 00020B FILTER has no effect on fluoride reduction.This was helpful to 1 out of 1 people.

  • Do you agree?
  • |
  • Inform authorities about alleged abuse Although it is effective in removing lead and mercury, arsenic and aluminum are not removed.
  • This was helpful to 1 out of 1 people.
  • Do you agree?
  • |
  • Inform authorities about alleged abuse I attempted to upload the Performance Data Sheet, but was unable to do so due to technical difficulties.
  • No doubt about it, lead is 99 percent of the total.
  • Mercury and chlorine are each between 84 and 94 percent, asbestos is >99 percent, and the remainder is greater than 90 percent (I’m not typing it all!).
  • I didn’t notice any aluminum or arsenic on the list.
  1. In addition to aTRAZINE and bENZENE, trimethoprim is used to treat Cyst (cryptosporidium), Endrin, Lindane and 2,4-D.
  2. Other drugs used include: Fluoxetine, Ibuprofen, Progesterone, and Trimethoprim.
  3. This is taken from the Box INSERT, not from the outside of the package, as previously stated.
  4. It has a great deal more information.
  5. Additionally, the State of California water treatment Device Certificate Number 12-2154 is given, which details the testing criteria.
  6. This was useful to 2 out of 2 people.
  • Do you agree?
  • |
  • Abuse should be reported.
  • Greetings, JB.
  1. While this filter eliminates lead, it does not remove arsenic.
  2. I’m going on the premise that this is a genuine Samsung filter at this point.
  3. I’m unable to remark on aluminum because I’ve never heard of aluminum being a pollutant.
  4. Lead is prevalent in ancient water pipes and is consequently considered a health hazard.
  5. If you are utilizing well water, arsenic contamination is a concern.
  6. Arsenic is a poisonous element…
  • read on for more information Greetings, JB.
  • While this filter eliminates lead, it does not remove arsenic.
  • I’m going on the premise that this is a genuine Samsung filter at this point.
  • I’m unable to remark on aluminum because I’ve never heard of aluminum being a pollutant.

Lead is prevalent in ancient water pipes and is consequently considered a health hazard.If you are utilizing well water, arsenic contamination is a concern.Arsenic contamination is a problem in several areas of the country (and abunduntantly occurs in certain regions of the globe).Most likely, only one or two manufacturers produce the Samsung original filters.The 3M Purification logo was printed on the filter leaflet that I got.Each filter has a sintered or molded carbon block, which is located inside the filter.

  1. Unfortunately, there are alternative technologies that may be used to duplicate the look of this carbon block, and they are all manufactured in China.
  2. As a result, if a fake makes it through, it’s nearly hard to discern (by the consumer) unless your flow rate drops substantially in a matter of weeks or months.
  3. Lead is not removed by the forgeries.
  4. A separate filtering system (or another carbon block developed specifically for this purpose) will be required upstream of your refrigerator filter if you have an Arsenic problem.
  5. I hope this has been of assistance!

view fewer images Greetings, JB.While this filter eliminates lead, it does not remove arsenic.I’m going on the premise that this is a genuine Samsung filter at this point.I’m unable to remark on aluminum because I’ve never heard of aluminum being a pollutant.Lead is prevalent in ancient water pipes and is consequently considered a health hazard.

  1. If you are utilizing well water, arsenic contamination is a concern.
  2. Arsenic contamination is a problem in several areas of the country (and abunduntantly occurs in certain regions of the globe).
  3. Most likely, only one or two manufacturers produce the Samsung original filters.
  4. The 3M Purification logo was printed on the filter leaflet that I got.

Each filter has a sintered or molded carbon block, which is located inside the filter.Unfortunately, there are alternative technologies that may be used to duplicate the look of this carbon block, and they are all manufactured in China.As a result, if a fake makes it through, it’s nearly hard to discern (by the consumer) unless your flow rate drops substantially in a matter of weeks or months.Lead is not removed by the forgeries.A separate filtering system (or another carbon block developed specifically for this purpose) will be required upstream of your refrigerator filter if you have an Arsenic problem.

  • I hope this has been of assistance!
  • In accordance with the information on the packaging, the filter REDUCES chlorine taste and odor, as well as particulate Class I – cyst, asbestos, benzene, lindane, carbofuran, o-dichlorobenzene, lead/mercury, and lead/mercury-containing particles.
  • ″REMOVE″ (in reference to pollutants) does not appear anywhere on the box; only ″REDUCES″ is written there instead.

I hope this has been of assistance.

Does Refrigerator Water Filter Remove Fluoride? Find out!

  1. Drinking plenty of clean, pure water is vital for maintaining good health.
  2. Meanwhile, there are also occasions where minerals such as fluoride linger in the water after treatment has been completed.
  3. Despite the fact that fluoride has several benefits, such as preventing tooth decay, it also has negative consequences on your health.
  1. Fluoride has been linked to bone fractures, thyroid issues, and developmental brain dysfunction, according to research.
  2. As a result, it should not be consumed.
  3. If refrigerator water filters are effective in removing fluoride, this article will address this topic in further detail.
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Can Refrigerator Water Filter Remove Fluoride?          

  1. Refrigerators now come equipped with built-in water filters, thanks to the ongoing advancement of technology.
  2. Along with keeping your food fresh, it is also helpful to provide you and your family with clean drinking water.
  3. Unfortunately, refrigerator filters have limits when it comes to eliminating toxins such as arsenic, barium, nitrate, and fluoride from water.
  1. As a result, carbon filters are used in the construction of water filters in refrigerators.
  2. You may still remove impurities from your water by using a carbon filter in conjunction with a reverse osmosis filter.
  3. Keep in mind that refrigerator water filters have the potential to improve the flavor of water.
  4. Therefore, you must purchase high-quality refrigerator water filters to ensure that pollutants such as fluoride are removed from your refrigerator water.

Does a refrigerator filter remove chlorine?

  1. A refrigerator filter is required if you want to produce safe and healthy drinking water for you and your family members and guests.
  2. It is quite effective in removing chlorine from water sources.
  3. You may not be aware of it, but your refrigerator filter may be an excellent method to safeguard your health by enhancing the quality of the water you drink on a daily basis.
  1. Your refrigerator’s filter is fitted with a carbon filter, which aids in the filtration of drinking water.
  2. You will be able to drink water that is fresh and clear in flavor as a result of this.
  3. Keep in mind that the refrigerator filter will not eliminate other impurities, so you should invest in a more powerful filtering system instead.
  4. Fluoride, arsenic, nickel, mercury, sulfates, cadmium, copper, and other heavy metals, as well as inorganic pollutants, cannot be removed by a refrigerator’s filter.

Do Samsung refrigerator filters remove fluoride?

  1. It is a well-known truth that Samsung is one of the most well-known names in the world of high-quality appliances and technology.
  2. In addition, they sell Samsung refrigerator filters.
  3. Does a Samsung refrigerator filter eliminate fluoride from the water supply?
  1. The answer is, in fact, yes.
  2. The Samsung filter is equipped with a highly concentrated carbon filter that effectively eliminates dangerous impurities such as lead, fluoride, and other toxins.
  3. For your safe and clean drinking water requirements, the filter is of exceptional quality, which you can rely upon.
  4. These filters are completely safe to use and provide you with water that has a beautiful fragrance and flavor.

Does a refrigerator water filter remove bacteria?

  1. Even while a refrigerator water filter may remove chlorine and other toxins from water, it is not very effective at removing germs from water.
  2. Typically, refrigerator water filters employ carbon with a micron rating of around 20 microns.
  3. They may be able to remove impurities that can impact the smell and taste of water as a result of this.
  1. However, it is incapable of removing germs and other potentially dangerous particles from water.
  2. Microorganisms such as coliform and salmonella were shown to be able to pass through water filters, according to research.
  3. All of these toxins are hazardous to one’s health.
  4. When it comes to your drinking water requirements, you should consider investing in a more robust filtration system.

Pros of Refrigerator Water Filters

Water filters for refrigerators are no different than any other product in that they have advantages and drawbacks. So, those are some of the advantages or advantages of using a refrigerator water filter.

1. Enhance the taste of your drinking water 

One of the advantages of using a refrigerator water filter is that it may enhance the flavor and fragrance of the water you drink from the refrigerator. You will be able to live more conveniently as a result of this.

2. Lower the health risks of drinking tap water

It is possible that tap water contains hazardous pollutants that are detrimental to human health. A refrigerator water filter, on the other hand, can assist in the removal of some of these toxins. Because of this, you may have piece of mind knowing that you are drinking safe and healthy water in your everyday routine.

3. It keeps you and your family hydrated 

Your refrigerator’s water filter may be a useful tool for keeping you and your family hydrated on a daily basis. Having easy access to pure and clean drinking water is a given nowadays. Aside from increasing your stamina, clean drinking water is also excellent for improving digestion and skin hydration, among other things.

4. Eco-friendly 

A further advantage of refrigerator water filters is that they are environmentally benign in their operation. It can aid in the reduction of the consumption of plastic bottles, which has a bad influence on our environment and our health.

5. It helps you to save more money

You may save even more money by using refrigerator water filters when it comes to your daily drinking water requirements. Drinking clean and safe water on a daily basis does not need the purchase of water bottles.

6. You can drink pleasantly cold water

Aside from drinking water that has been filtered, you may also drink water that is refreshingly cold. It is particularly effective during hot weather.

7. Ice production 

Along with being a high-capacity water filtering system, your refrigerator’s water filter is also capable of producing ice. As a result, you may use it for cocktail parties and other occasions where ice is required.

8. Efficient 

With the efficiency of a refrigerator water filter, you may save even more money while still providing better drinking water for you and your loved ones.

9. Good value for your money

  1. Investing in a refrigerator water filter is a wise choice.
  2. It may be a worthwhile investment of both your time and your money.
  3. Drinking clean and safe water does not necessitate the purchase of additional water bottles.
  1. Because it is environmentally clean, energy efficient, and long-lasting, it may deliver an excellent value for your money.
  2. Drinking water may help you save money and time in a variety of ways.


Refrigerator water filters are not without their limitations, despite the fact that they provide several advantages.

1. The water is always cold

If you want lukewarm filtered water, this is not the best option for you.

2. It can reduce the space of your fridge

Installing a refrigerator water filter might result in a reduction in the amount of space available in your refrigerator. As a result, ensure that you have a large refrigerator.

Final Thoughts   

To summarize, when it comes to eliminating pollutants such as fluoride from refrigerator water, the refrigerator water filter has limits. The use of a carbon filter that is included with a reverse osmosis filter, on the other hand, gives you a better chance of removing such impurities. You will be able to improve the scent and flavor of your drinking water in this manner.

Does Your Refrigerator Water Filter Treat PFAS

  1. Does your refrigerator come equipped with a water filtration system?
  2. It is not possible to treat PFAS with refrigerator filters.
  3. Refrigerator filters are meant to remove chlorine and taste from water, however they were not designed to remove perfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS).
  1. This kind of filter employs activated carbon, which is capable of removing PFAS, however it only removes a portion of the contamination.
  2. The use of refrigerator filters to treat PFAS-contaminated drinking water should be avoided at all costs.
  3. We propose that people purify their drinking water at home using a reverse osmosis system or an activated carbon filter system, rather than boiling it.
  4. These systems are capable of removing the majority of pollutants, including PFAS.

What is PFAS

  1. PFAS is an abbreviation for perfluoroalkyl substances and polyfluoroalkyl compounds.
  2. This is a set of chemicals that have been used in the production of a broad variety of consumer items as well as in a variety of industries.
  3. Extreme temperatures do not affect them, and they are water-resistant.
  1. This is why they are employed in the production of nonstick frying pans, water-resistant garments, and stain-resistant textiles, among other things.
  2. Unfortunately, they are persistent in the environment, which means that they do not degrade or degrade into other substances.
  3. They accumulate in both humans and animals throughout time.
  4. Humans are particularly vulnerable to the dangers of PFAS since they can weaken the immune system and raise cholesterol levels, interfere with fetal development during pregnancy, cause puberty to be delayed, and disrupt hormone function.

There has been a relationship established between these substances and cancers of the kidneys, testicles, thyroid, and ovaries.They can also cause pregnancy-induced hypertension in women who are expecting a child.PFAS chemicals can also be discovered in drinking water, according to the EPA.According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), more than 200 million individuals, or approximately 70% of the US population, are exposed to PFOA and PFOS in drinking water at quantities of one part per trillion (ppt) or greater.

Do Refrigerator Filters Remove PFAS from Water

  1. The majority of refrigerator water filters are insufficiently effective in removing PFAS from the water to make it safe to consume.
  2. Testing conducted by Duke University discovered that these filters can remove part of the PFAS, but that the treatment efficiency vary widely.
  3. They also observed that a filter that is not properly maintained might actually exacerbate the condition.
  1. The quantity of PFAS found in water filtered by a poorly maintained filter was four times greater than the amount found in water that had no treatment.
  2. Activated carbon is used in the usual refrigerator water filter, and it is capable of removing PFAS from drinking water.
  3. However, these filters are unable to handle the majority of PFAS chemicals and do not lower levels to levels below the EPA’s safety guidelines.

Why don’t refrigerator filters work well for PFAS

Refrigerator filters were not intended to purify water polluted with perfluorinated compounds (PFAS). They are too little, and there isn’t enough activated carbon in them to make a difference. They should not be used to treat drinking water because of the health risks associated with them. In the case of PFAS, there are various reasons why refrigerator filters are not safe for use.

  1. There was insufficient interaction time. A well built carbon filter has at least 20 minutes of contact time with the water it is filtering out. This is nothing more than a measurement of the amount of time polluted water spends within the filter. The longer it remains in touch with the carbon, the greater the effectiveness of the treatment process. Refrigerator filters are just not large enough to give the necessary contact time
  2. there is insufficient carbon. Another issue with these filters is that they do not have enough carbon in them to function properly. Activated carbon is only effective for a limited time period
  3. it can only remove a certain amount of PFAS before it loses its ability to cleanse water. Once the carbon’s capacity is depleted, it can no longer cure the water and must be replaced
  4. there is no means to check their function
  5. Refrigerator filters do not have any kind of built-in indication to let you know when they are not purifying your water properly. Because every filter ultimately stops functioning and must be repaired by replacing the carbon, which is only effective for certain PFAS chemicals, this is one of the most difficult issues. In this case, the activated carbon filter is only successful in removing the longer-chain PFAS
  6. the shorter-chain PFAS are not removed by the filter.

Look for NSF P473 certified water filters

  1. Because of concerns regarding the presence of PFAS in drinking water and at the request of regulatory bodies, NSF International produced protocol P473: Drinking Water Treatment Units – PFOA and PFOS in response to the problem.
  2. A drinking water treatment unit that is capable of eliminating PFAS pollutants was tested and certified in accordance with the requirements of this standard.
  3. In addition to stringent testing techniques, it also contains result metrics such as decrease rates (amounts reduced per unit time).
  1. Products that have been NSF P473 certified have undergone extensive testing and have shown to fulfill the strictest requirements for PFAS reduction.
  2. Having your water filter certified by an impartial third party can provide you with piece of mind in knowing that it is performing as advertised.
  3. Some refrigerator filters, in addition to treating for PFAS, also remove lead from the air.
  4. Learn more about lead filters and refrigerator filters in our post on lead filters and refrigerator filters.

Testing Your Drinking Water for PFAS

When it comes to PFAS in your drinking water, the SimpleLab at-home kit is the best option available. Everything you need is included in this simple-to-use kit. They give a complete report that will assist you in gaining control, as well as tips on how to handle any issues or questions you may have regarding the results and what they indicate. Check the Quality of Your Water

Duke University PFAS Treatment Study

  1. PFAS treatment methods were investigated in depth by researchers from Duke University in the United States.
  2. Residents whose drinking water was polluted with fluorinated chemicals were asked to provide samples of their drinking water to the researchers.
  3. As part of their study endeavor, they evaluated reverse osmosis and activated carbon water filters for usage around the home and beneath the sink.
  1. They put pitcher filters (like as Brita and PUR) through their paces to evaluate how well they functioned.
  2. In addition, the researchers examined refrigerator filters to evaluate how well they could remove PFAS from food.
  3. We looked at the Duke research to evaluate how well the various filters fared in terms of efficiency.
  4. The findings are reported in the next section.

How well did each brand perform

  1. The outcomes were all over the place.
  2. " There was no single brand that outperformed the others.
  3. There was a great deal of variation between the filters used by each manufacturer.
  1. A wide range of therapeutic efficacy was seen in general.

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