How To Replace Ge Mwf Refrigerator Water Filter?

Water Filters: GE MWF Refrigerator Water Filters


Water Filters: GE MWF Refrigerator Water Filters


Off-BrandWater Filters**

GE MWFA Water Filters

GE MWFPPharmaceu-ticalWater Filters†

Chlorine Taste and Odor
Lead, Mercury
Pesticide (Carbofuran)
Insecticides (Lindane)
Herbicides (Atrazine)
Particulate chemicals (Benzene, P-Dichlorobenzene)
Volatile organic compounds
Pharmaceuticals (Progesterone, Trimethoprim, Fluoxetine, Atenolol, Ibuprofen)

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GE® Pharmaceutical Refrigerator Water Filter

  • Ibuprofen, progesterone, trimethoprim, fluoxetine, and atenolol are among the five trace medications that have been filtered out.
  • This product reduces the taste and odor of chlorine as well as cysts and other impurities like as lead and asbestos.
  • An easy to use twist and lock design makes it simple to put together
  1. Single MWFP $49.99

$134.75SAVE $15

    3-Pack MWFP $149.99

GE® Refrigerator Water Filter

  • Reduces the taste and odor of chlorine, as well as cysts, lead, and other pollutants
  • An easy to use twist and lock design makes it simple to put together
  1. Single MWFA $44.99

$99.75SAVE $35

    3-Pack MWFA $134.97

There may be contaminants or other things in the water that are removed or reduced by this water filter that are not necessarily present in all users’ water.Non-genuine brands include Water Sentinel and EternaWater, to name a couple examples.Pharmaceutical Filtration Claims have been validated and verified by an independent laboratory, which is not accredited by NSF International or the state of California, respectively.Ibuprofen, atenolol, fluoxetine, progesterone, and trimethoprim are all removed at a rate of 98 percent.These medications are not necessarily present in the water of all consumers.

Refrigerator – Replacing the Water Filter

It is recommended that you change the water filter in your refrigerator every six (6) months or after every 200 gallons of water that is discharged from it.If the flow of water to the icemaker or dispenser begins to slow, it is necessary to replace the filter on a more frequent basis.Important: When replacing the water filter, you do not need to switch off your refrigerator’s water supply line.To remove and replace the MWF or XWF Filter Cartridge, follow these steps:

  1. Place a piece of cloth beneath the old filter before removing it to catch any water that may fall when the filter is removed.
  2. Take hold of the filter and spin it to the left until it comes to a complete halt. While you are spinning the filter, carefully take it away from the filter head with your other hand. Maintain the filter’s level in order to reduce water leakage. If the filter does not come loose readily, it is possible that air has become trapped inside. Press down on the water dispenser and the filter should come straight out. This will release any pressure.
  3. Remove the plastic cap from the new filter and toss it in the trash. Fill the top of the new filter with tap water to ensure that it is completely filled. Place the filter inside the cartridge holder by matching the arrow on the filter with the corresponding arrow on the cartridge holder (see illustration). If the cartridge holder does not have an arrow, simply ensure that the filter is pointing forward when the cartridge is placed. Gently lift the filter up and into the filter head to ensure that the top of the cartridge is properly engaged.
  4. Gradually move the filter to the right, until the filter cartridge comes to a complete stop.
  5. As you spin the cartridge, it will naturally rise into the desired position.
  6. After the filter has been changed, it is necessary to remove any trapped air from the system. Select To use the dispenser, fill it with water and push the pad until the water starts to flow. Due to the presence of air in the new filter, the first few ounces of water may splutter. This is quite normal. Continue to discharge roughly 1-2 litres of water to ensure that all air has been expelled from the system.—
  • Installation Instructions:In order to make replacement instructions as accessible as possible, replacement instructions are frequently printed on the filter, on the package, or on an insert inside the filter packing. The instructions are also available on the internet. Beginning in mid-2016, the water filter label will provide instructions on how to change the filter. For more information about the filter and how to change it, see the following website: A brief description of the MWFP Water Filter Cartridge
  • A brief description of the XWF Water Filter Cartridge
  • MWF/MWFP/MWFA: A brief description of the MWFP Water Filter Cartridge
  • Note: This procedure applies to models whose names begin with GBE21, GDE21, GDE25, GFE24, GFE26, GNE21, GNE25, GNE27, GWE19, GYE18, QNE27, GSE25, GSS23, GSS25, GZS22, PSE25, and CZS22
  • models whose names begin with GDE21, GDE25, GFE24, GFE26, GNE21, GNE25
  • XWFE: About the XWFE Water Filter Cartridge
  • MSWF: Information about the MSWF Water Filter Cartridge
  • MSWF:
  • Note: If an arrow does not appear on the graphics of the replacement filter, simply insert the filter vertically and rotate it from left to right to complete the installation. When you rotate it, you should be able to feel it lock in place.
  • GSWF: About the GSWF Water Filter Cartridge

To remove and replace the RPWFE Filter Cartridge, follow these steps: Instructions are printed on an insert that is supplied with the filter package.The position of the filter changes depending on the model type.It will be positioned either on the upper left-hand corner of the fresh food interior or within the left refrigerator door on the left side of the refrigerator interior.If you have a BLUE Filter Holder, the following steps must be followed:REMOVING THE FILTER CARTRIDGE:

  1. Remove the old cartridge by opening the filter door and tugging on the bottom of the cartridge to dislodge it from the filter clips on the inside of the filter housing. Using your thumb, swing the cartridge outward until you hear a ‘click’ from the cartridge holder interacting with the bracket.
  2. Turn the cartridge one-quarter turn counter-clockwise to activate it. Remove the cartridge by pulling it away from the cartridge holder once it has been twisted out of the way. It is possible that a tiny amount of water will leak out.


  1. Make sure that the filter cartridge and the cartridge holder are aligned such that the word ″FRONT″ is visible at the top of the unit. Push the cartridge all the way to the back of the device until it is completely enclosed. One-quarter flip the filter cartridge clockwise until the word ″FRONT″ is visible on the outside of the cartridge.
  2. While making sure the cartridge is completely placed in the holder, slowly swing the filter inward until it is in the proper position. If the filter will not swing freely, check to be that it is correctly aligned and fully inserted within the cartridge holder before proceeding. It is not necessary to have the RED indicators showing.

If you have a GREY Filter Holder, you may remove the filter cartridge as follows:REMOVING THE FILTER CARTRIDGE

  1. The old cartridge may be removed by opening the filter door and tugging on the bottom of the cartridge, allowing it to swing outward.
  2. When the cartridge is no longer able to swing freely, carefully pull it out of the cartridge holder until it comes loose. It is possible that a tiny amount of water will leak out.


  1. With the word ‘FRONT’ facing outward, center the cartridge in the cartridge holder so that it is in the center of the cartridge. Continue to push the cartridge inward until it is completely inserted. In order for the cartridge holder to be properly installed, the letter ‘FRONT’ must be centered on it. It is not necessary to have the RED indicators showing.
  2. While making sure the cartridge is completely placed in the holder, slowly swing the filter inward until it is in the proper position.
  3. If the filter does not swing freely, check to be that it is correctly aligned and completely inserted within the cartridge holder.

More information about the filter and how to change it may be found at: About the RPWFE Water Filter Cartridge or in the following video: About the RPWFE Water Filter Cartridge.Purchase a new GE Appliances Water Filter on the company’s website.A 30-day guarantee is provided on new filters.Filter Bypass Plug (also known as a bypass filter): When a replacement filter is not available, you must use the filter bypass plug to avoid damaging the engine.If there is no filter installed and no filter bypass plug is in place, neither the dispenser nor the icemaker will function. GE MWF Refrigerator Water Filter

GE’s NSF-certified MWF replacement refrigerator water filter, which is part of the company’s SmartWater filtration line, is an enhanced version of the GWF model, and it provides you and your family with cleaner, healthier, and better-tasting drinking water at home than the previous model.Through the reduction of pollutants such as mercury, toxaphene, p-dichlorobenzene, carbofuran, alachlor, benzene, lead, cryptosporidium, and giardia, the MWF is a safe and cost-effective method to contribute to a healthy way of life for everyone.

GE’s NSF-certified MWF replacement refrigerator water filter, which is part of the company’s SmartWater filtration line, is an enhanced version of the GWF model, and it provides you and your family with cleaner, healthier, and better-tasting drinking water at home than the original GWF model.The MWF is a safe and economical approach to contribute to a healthy lifestyle by lowering toxins such as mercury, toxaphene, p-dichlorobenzene, carbofuran, alachlor, benzene, lead, cryptosporidium, and giardia.

  • Replacement for the MWF Filter for the Water in the Refrigerator A Quick Overview: Completely interchangeable with GWF setups
  • It is approved for use with a flow rate of.5 gpm and can hold up to 300 gallons.
  • A pressure range of 40-120 psi that is non-shocking
  • A limited 30-day warranty is included with this purchase.
GE’s NSF-certified MWF replacement refrigerator water filter should be replaced every six months (view larger).

Certified by the National Sanitation Foundation NSF International is an impartial, non-profit organization that assesses consumer items to guarantee that they meet the stringent requirements required to get certification.The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) serves as a consumer safety protection by studying product components, examining production facilities, testing goods regularly, and monitoring product development.In addition, the GE MWF has received NSF certification.GE Information Regarding Warranties A section of the water filter cartridge that fails due to a flaw in the materials or workmanship will be replaced (at no charge) for a period of 30 days following the date of original purchase by GE.When items are purchased for residential use in the United States, the guarantee is extended to the original purchaser as well as any subsequent owners.For the avoidance of doubt, the warranty excludes service visits to your home for product tutorials as well as improper installation, failure of the product if it is misused, cartridge replacement due to water pressure that is outside the specified operating range, damage to the product as a result of an accident, fire, or flood, and incidental or consequential damage as a result of possible defects with the appliance.

  • Concerning GE Replacement Filters Changing your filters on a regular basis can guarantee that you have the filtered water that your house and family require.
  • GE replacement filters make the process of replacing filters simple.
  • For example, you won’t have to worry about whether or not you put the filter in the correct way because their filters may be fitted in any direction.
  • What’s Included in the Box One GE MWF SmartWater refrigerator water filter to replace the original. Customer Questions & Answers

OK.The problem is as follows.A plastic ring in the center hole of the ″everydrop″ Filter G1 prevents the clch102 from fitting back into the hole where it was originally installed.G1 has a hole that is FAR TOO SMALL.It does not sit well with me.MWF filters were purchased by me; however, they were incredibly difficult to install, and they were never fully placed (it leaked).

  • When I take off and reapply my GWF filter, the GWF filter applies smoothly and efficiently.
  • Afterwards, when I attempt to install the MWF filter, the process is challenging.
  • Unfortunately, I was never able to get the MWF one to work.
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  1. Inform authorities about alleged abuse The MWF has a new, thinner design that is more compact.
  2. It replaces the GE water filter part numbers GWF, GWFA, GWF01, GWF06, MWFA, as well as the Hotpoint water filter part numbers HWF, HWFA.
  3. If you have any of the following filters, an adapter may be required: FXRC, FXRT, MXRC, HXRT, WR97X10006, and Kenmore 46-9905.
  4. This was useful to 6 out of 6 people.

Do you believe it?|Report Abuse Replaces the previous generation GWF filter, and should fit in your refrigerator with no problems.Listed below is a website where I was able to confirm that with a simple search.Enter the search terms ge gwf mwf into Google.

  • This was useful to 3 out of 3 people.
  • Do you believe it?
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  • Report Abuse Water filters for refrigerators, such as the GE GWF, will no longer be available for purchase anywhere.
  • If you already have a GWF, you do not need to purchase an adapter for the MWF.

In terms of fit, it will be identical to the earlier GWF filter.This was useful to 3 out of 3 people.Do you agree?

|Inform authorities about alleged abuse The MWF takes the place of the GWF and should function flawlessly.This was helpful to 1 out of 1 people.Do you agree?|

Inform authorities about alleged abuse It has a slightly different profile than the GWF, although it is functionally equivalent.It looks to be a ″improvement.″ This was helpful to 1 out of 1 people.Do you agree?

  • |
  • Inform authorities about alleged abuse I’ve never worked with a GFW filter before.
  • The fact that it’s an aftermarket brand means that it should fit the same as a MWF.
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Refrigerator Water Filter – XWFE

The XWFE Filter, which replaces the XWF Filter, is equipped with Leak-Detecting Sensing Technology, which detects leaks. Refrigerators may now shut down the water valve if a leak is detected at the filter, thanks to this technological advancement. From the previous XWF filter, the size, form, assembly, and installation of the filter have all remained essentially identical.


  • The XWFE filter makes use of an RFID sensor in order to provide Leak-Detecting Sensing Technology (Radio-Frequency Identification). The RFID sensor may be seen through the filter’s covering, which is truly transparent. The RFID sensor talks with the refrigerator’s controls, and the following information can be shown on the screen: Filter out the water
  • Filter is nearing its expiration date or has expired. Red will be flashed on the Filter Status indicator light.
  • When the filter has reached zero percent life, it will need to be replaced.
  • If this is the case, replace the water filter or add a bypass connector equipped with an RFID sensor.
  • When a new XWFE filter is installed, the Filter Status LED will flash three times and the Filter Status indication will switch off.
  • Wet filtering If the filter becomes soaked, the signal will deactivate the WATER VALVE, which will prevent the leak from becoming worse.
  • Consequently, after the water valve is turned off, there will be no ice or water available
  • Red will be flashed on the Filter Status indicator light.
  • It is possible to hear a buzzing sound.
  • If this is the case, replace the water filter or add a bypass connector equipped with an RFID sensor.
  • The water valve will be reactivated if a new filter is installed or if a bypass plug with RFID is installed.
  • The filter was placed incorrectly. When pressing down on the paddle, you may hear beeping.
  • One or more of the following options should be tried in order to address the problem:
  • XWFE filter should be removed and re-installed.
  • It is recommended that you switch to another XWFE filter.
  • Install the RFID bypass plug in lieu of the XWFE filter to complete the installation.
  • The error message ″ERR″ will be displayed in the control if there is no filter, a bad or damaged filter, the wrong filter, or a non-GE filter.
  • The water valve has been disabled, and no water or ice will be supplied as a result.
  • Red will be flashed on the Filter Status indicator light.
  • It is possible to hear a buzzing sound.
  • In order to remedy the issue, a new filter or a bypass plug with RFID will be installed and will reactivate the water valve.
  • BP
  • Indicates the Bypass Plug with RFID is in place.

Replace the XWFE Water Filter Cartridge according to the instructions.

XWF and XWFE Compatibility

The XWFE filters are backwards compatible in the following ways: It may be employed in units that currently make use of an XWF filter, among other applications. The XWF, on the other hand, is not backward compatible with newer versions of refrigerators that are built to have the filter communicate with the control panel via a digital interface.

XWFE Filter’s Bypass Plug

The XWFE makes use of a brand-new bypass plug with the product number WR17X33825. This bypass plug is also equipped with RFID. It should be noted that this plug does not feature leak-detection functionality.

Remaining Filter Life

This filter also informs you how much life is left in the filter before it needs to be replaced. The FILTER STATUS button will indicate a percentage or the amount of time the filter has left in its life when you press it.

SmartWater, SmartWater Plus, and Water by Culligan Water Filters

Many contemporary and older freezers are equipped with ice and water filtering systems. The carbon media in the refrigerator water filters is used to minimize chlorine, odor, lead, cysts, and improve the flavor of the water. This task is straightforward and does not need the use of any special instruments; there is no need to even turn off the water.

In the past, refrigerator water filters MWFA/MWF/GWF/HWF & GSWF/MSWF have been labeled under the following names:

  • Water by Culligan Refrigerator Water Filter
  • SmartWaterTM
  • SmartWater PlusTM
  • Water by Culligan Refrigerator Water Filter
  • SmartWaterTM
  • SmartWater PlusTM
  • SmartWaterTM
  • SmartWater PlusTM
  • SmartWaterTM
  • SmartWater PlusTM
  • SmartWaterTM
  • SmartWater PlusTM
  • SmartWaterTM
  • SmartWater PlusTM
  • SmartWaterTM
  • SmartWater PlusTM
  • SmartWaterTM
  • SmartWater PlusTM
  • SmartWaterTM
  • SmartWater PlusTM
  • SmartWaterTM
  • SmartWater PlusTM
  • Smart

MWFP/MWFA/MWF/XWF/GWF/HWF SmartWater & SmartWater Plus Filtration Systems

  • Refrigerators equipped with SmartWater Plus filtration systems employ the SmartWater filter (MWF/GWF/HWF) and include a filter indicator that alerts you when it is time to change the filter.
  • Refrigerators equipped with SmartWater filtration systems make use of the SmartWater filter (MWF/GWF/HWF), however they do not have a filter replacement reminder.
  • A Class 1 grade has been awarded to SmartWater filters for their ability to reduce taste and odor, chlorine, and particulates.
  • Instead of the MWF filter, the MWFP filter has been installed, which is an upgraded replacement version of the MWF filter. The MWFP will be labeled with the letters ″MWF.″

Replacing the SmartWater Filter

  • The MWFP or XWF (for certain models built after June 2018) is the current filter in use.
  • The XWF was phased out in 2020 and replaced by the new XWFE.
  • The XWFE’s dimensions, form, construction, and installation are identical to those of the prior XWF.
  • The new XWFE is equipped with Leak-Detecting Sensing Technology as well as information on remaining life.
  • Water Filters are available from GE Appliances, and you may purchase them on the internet.
  • Learn more about the GE Appliances MWFP Water Filter Cartridge or see how to install a MWF series filter by clicking on the links below:
  • Learn more about the XWF Water Filter Cartridge, the XWFE Water Filter Cartridge, or see how to install an XWF series filter by visiting the following links:

SmartWater filters may be used for up to 6 months or 300 gallons of water per day. For more information, refer to the Owner’s Manual. Get a copy of the Owner’s Manual by clicking here.

GSWF/MSWF SmartWater Filtration Systems

  • Some refrigerator models (Top Freezers with Internal Water Dispensers and Bottom Freezers) are equipped with a cylindrical-style SmartWater filter, also known as a GSWF or an MSWF. Unlike the MWF/GWF filter, this filter cannot be used interchangeably. Neither the GSWF nor the MSWF may be used interchangeably. GSWF View the following video to learn how to install a GSWF water filter:
  • GE Appliances: A Brief Overview Cartridge for GSWF Water Filtration
  • MSWF
  • About the GE Appliances MSWF Water Filter Cartridge

10 Best MWF Water Filters of 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Did you know that two out of every ten households’ tap water has been found to have pharmaceutical residues?Our drinking water is polluted with cysts, lead, chlorine, and a variety of other contaminants in addition to medications.A large number of individuals purchase water filters, such as filter pitchers and faucet filters, in order to try to deal with the situation.However, if you currently own a GE refrigerator, you already have a solution.The MWF filters are GE-specific filters designed to work specifically with GE refrigerators.Water treatment systems that are more expensive than the average can remove up to 20 toxins from your drinking water, including medications such as ibuprofen and naproxen and contaminants such as chlorine and lead.

  • There are a variety of MWF filters to pick from, and they will all fit and function properly with your refrigerator.
  • So, which one do you think is the better option?
  • We were curious, so we tried as many of them as we could find and wrote evaluations comparing what we discovered about each one, to find out.
  • Hopefully, they’ll save you the time and effort of studying and testing them all on your own time and expense.

Quick Glance at our Favorite Choices of 2022:

The 10 Best MWF Water Filters:

1. AmazonBasics MWF Refrigerator Water Filter – Best Overall

  • In addition to being a retail powerhouse, Amazon also creates several high-quality items that are accessible at cheap costs through its AmazonBasics label. Its MWF refrigerator water filter upholds its reputation by providing good filtration at a far lower cost than the GE brand’s equivalent. These filters are designed to fit on all MWF refrigerators with a leak-proof fit, so you won’t have to worry about anything. This filter is extremely effective, eliminating chlorine, lead, cysts, benzene, and other contaminants. Added to that, it’s one of the few filters on the market that can filter out drugs such as diphenhydramine, ibuprofen, estrone, naproxen, and other common medications. It has received various NSF certifications, demonstrating that it complies with national laws on the effectiveness with which it eliminates harmful pollutants. Because the AmazonBasics filter has a pore size of 0.5 microns, very little is able to get through it. However, there is a cost associated with this. In comparison to the stock GE filters, this filter has a slower flow rate. Although it takes a few more seconds, we’re ready to swap that for the money we save, which is why the AmazonBasics MWF filter comes in at the top of our list. Pros Fit that is leak-proof
  • Pricing that is reasonable
  • pore size of 5 microns
  • several NSF certifications
  • and more.

  • Slower water flow than the original filter

2. Pureza Filter PF8 MWF Water Filter – Best Value

  • Because not every family has water that has been tainted with drugs, you may not require this form of filtration in your situation. You may save money on filter cartridges by purchasing them in bulk from Pureza Filters. If you’re okay with doing without, the Pureza Filters PF8 MWF filter cartridges provide the kind of discounts that frugal shoppers appreciate. The fact that you receive three filters in a bundle for less than the cost of a single filter from many other manufacturers leads us to conclude that this is the greatest value for money MWF water filter available. However, because this filter is only NSF42 certified, you will receive budget-level filtering in exchange for the low price.. Water that has been treated with activated carbon will be pleasant and refreshing because the chlorine, taste, and smells will have been removed. If you’re searching for the most cost-effective solution to ensure that your GE refrigerator continues to provide filtered water, the Pureza PF8 filters provide excellent value. Pros less expensive than alternative choices
  • From rivals, you may obtain three items for the price of one.
  • It appears to have a longer shelf life than other brands.

  • Doesn’t remove pharmaceuticals

3. General Electric MWF Refrigerator Water Filter – Premium Choice

  • Because MWF filters are designed specifically for GE refrigerators, it makes sense to replace them with a genuine GE filter. Besides being guaranteed to fit in GE appliances, they are also one of the most complete alternatives available, eliminating over 20 pollutants in total and being NSF certified to eliminate 14 contaminants. The main drawback is that you’ll be paying significantly more for the GE label on the side of this filter than you would for other manufacturers that give similar degrees of filtering at cheaper rates, but which are not genuine GE goods. This filter will minimize lead and chlorine-resistant cysts, as well as asbestos and certain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the water. It will also eliminate the chlorine taste and odor, which is a significant concern for many people. The capacity of this filter to filter out 98 percent of five medications, including ibuprofen and progesterone, is where it really excels, according to the manufacturer. Despite the fact that it is pricey, it is the real deal, and it is one of the more effective MWF filters currently available on the market. Advantages include the actual GE component
  • The filter is guaranteed to suit GE appliances
  • it filters medicines and has been NSF certified to minimize 14 pollutants.

4. ICEPURE PRO MWF Refrigerator Water Filters

  • The Icepure Pro MWF filter is a cost-effective option to replace a GE filter while maintaining high filtration performance. Three GE filters are included in a package that costs less than a single GE filter. In addition, these filters come with a longer warranty than the three months that most manufacturers provide. Because the Icepure Pro filters come with a six-month warranty, you’ll be more likely to be able to return them if something goes wrong. Even better, each filter is covered by a six-month warranty from the date of purchase, ensuring that you have complete peace of mind knowing that each filter is guaranteed to function properly at all times. These filters will not remove medications because only the premium filters are capable of doing so. However, they do manage to remove more than 20 pollutants, which is remarkable. This filter eliminates chlorine, lead, mercury, and a variety of other contaminants, leaving you with refreshing drinking water that tastes wonderful and has no unpleasant odor. It’s an excellent value for the money, but the Pureza filters that got our best value rating are even more affordable. Pros Three for the price of one
  • affordable
  • six-month guarantee

  • Doesn’t remove pharmaceuticals

5. Waterdrop WDS MWF Refrigerator Water Filter

  • We appreciate excellent discounts, and the Waterdrop WDS MWF Refrigerator Water Filters, which come in a three-pack for the same price as a single filter from other providers, are a terrific deal in our opinion. A total of three NSF certifications have been earned by this filter, making it an economical option for removing a wide range of toxins from your water. Unfortunately, because it is not NSF 401 certified, it will not be able to remove medications. So, what exactly will this filter eliminate? Lead, cysts, benzene, and other contaminants will be removed by the filtering process. Chlorine will be eliminated, as will the taste and odor associated with it. Aside from that, you get 0.5-micron filtration, which we consider to be rather decent for a filter at this price point. The filtering, on the other hand, is a double-edged sword because it also slows down the flow rate, making this filter extremely difficult to use in comparison. Pros Three for the price of two
  • NSF certifications on many occasions
  • 5-micron filtering

  • Doesn’t remove pharmaceuticals
  • Slow flow rate

6. FilterLogic MWF Refrigerator Water Filters

  • FilterLogic provides a set of three MWF filters for a very reasonable price, making them one of the greatest bargains we’ve seen in this category. Having several NSF certifications means that these filters are excellent at purifying water and providing you with a delightful and clean drinking experience. However, bear in mind that they do not remove drugs, so if you want to get rid of ibuprofen, naproxen, and other medications, you’ll have to search elsewhere. In addition to removing lead and other contaminants such as chlorine and mercury, the FilterLogic filters also leave behind clean water that tastes fantastic. However, it takes around three gallons to first prime and clean this filter, resulting in a significant amount of water waste compared to many of the other filters we evaluated, which we did not appreciate. Advantages Reasonably priced
  • The value of a three-pack is greater.
  • NSF certifications on a number of occasions
  • Cons It does not minimize or eliminate the need of medications.
  • Initially, three gallons are required to clean the filter.

7. AQUACREST MWF Refrigerator Water Filter

  • If your primary objective is to provide delicious-tasting drinking water that is free of lead and chlorine while still containing beneficial minerals, the Aquacrest MWF filters may be a good fit for your requirements. With three filters in a box that costs less than the majority of individual replacement filters, they’re one of the most economical MWF filter replacement solutions we’ve come across. Unfortunately, the Aquacrest MWF filter cartridges are not capable of removing medications such as ibuprofen or chemical substances such as bisphenol A from the water supply. However, it is equipped with an activated carbon filter that can remove up to 97 percent of chlorine, 99 percent of lead, and even certain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). However, the low filtering capability of this filter will be a detriment to its performance, since we prefer filters that remove as many impurities as possible. Pros One of the most reasonably priced alternatives
  • Three for the price of one
  • reduces certain VOCs
  • Cons Pharmaceuticals cannot be filtered, and chemical substances cannot be removed using this method.

8. Waterspecialist MWF Refrigerator Water-Filters

  • There are a number of these lower-priced filters that are available in sets of three, and the Waterspecialist MWF Refrigerator Water Filter is no exception. With three filters, you should be able to go for at least a year and a half without purchasing further replacements. And because this pack is reasonably priced, you won’t have to spend a lot of money to continue generating clean and crisp filtered water. There was one major issue we encountered with the Waterspecialist filters, and that was that some of them tasted absolutely disgusting. Two filters out of a total of six were deemed unusable due to the terrible taste they produced. We received lovely filtered water from each of the other people. They were all wonderful. However, even the ones that functioned had extremely low flow rates, which meant it took a long time to fill a glass. Those looking for a filter that would eliminate drugs will have to search someplace else for their solution. These filters remove heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and chlorine, but they do not eliminate or even significantly decrease pharmaceuticals in the water. Cons Some of the filters didn’t taste nice, and others didn’t filter drugs at all.
  • Water flow rates that are too low

9. GLACIER FRESH MWF Refrigerator Water-Filter

  • The Glacier Fresh MWF Refrigerator Water Filter Cartridge is a reasonably cost replacement filter that may be purchased in bulk. However, as compared to the bundles of three that we tested, it is still excessively expensive. It has been verified by NSF42 to remove up to 97.9 percent of chlorine from your water, giving in water that tastes wonderful. However, it does not filter out much more than that, which makes it one of the less effective filters on our list. It should come as no surprise that this filter does not extract medicines from the water. At this pricing point, few few do. However, what comes as a surprise is that this filter has a smaller capacity than similar filters now available on the market. However, despite the fact that it is said to have a six-month lifespan, the capacity is just 200 gallons, as opposed to the 300 gallons of rival versions. The difference between 100 gallons and 1,000 gallons is significant, and it is something that we felt held this filter back in our evaluation. Pros It is reasonably priced
  • it removes chlorine to provide good-tasting water.
  • Cons Three-packs are more costly than singles
  • It does not remove drugs from the mix.
  • 200-gallon capacity, as opposed to competitors’ 300-gallon capacity

10. EcoBlueLife EBL7771 MWF Water Filters

In comparison to a genuine GE filter replacement cartridge, the EcoBlueLife EBL7771 MWF Refrigerator Water Filter costs less than half the price.The price of this three-pack is still significantly more than that of some of the more affordable three-packs we examined while gathering the information for this list.We prefer the three-packs over the singles since the quality is comparable and the overall value is greater.The EcoBlueLife filters can remove chlorine and a variety of other pollutants when equipped with an activated carbon filter.However, it does not remove medicines and does not even filter out as many toxins as other low-cost solutions we’ve tried in this price range.Our water didn’t taste as nice when we used this filter as it did when we used some of the other filters, which is why it’s at the bottom of our ranking.

  • Pros Genuine General Electric filters are less than half the price of our filters.
  • Cons a single filter cartridge
  • Pricey compared to other identical filters purchased in a bundle
  • It does not get rid of medications.


To survive, we all require clean and safe drinking water.MWF filters for GE refrigerators provide such water to many families, eliminating various harmful contaminants that none of us want to eat.However, there are several alternative filters to pick from, many of which are far less expensive than authentic GE filters.We put them through a rigorous testing process to determine which ones were the best, and our evaluations shared what we discovered with you.Ultimately, we have chosen three of them to receive our recommendations.AmazonBasics MWF refrigerator filter was the overall winner in this review..

  • In addition to having a very small 0.5-micron filter hole size and various NSF certifications, this unit also eliminates medicines for a price that is significantly less expensive than a genuine GE replacement.
  • We recommend the Pureza Filters PF8 MWF water filter because it offers the greatest value.
  • Three filters are included in each box, which costs less than the price of a single filter from a competitive manufacturer.
  • Furthermore, a three-pack will last around 18 months, making this one of the most cost-effective products we’ve encountered in terms of lifespan.
  • In conclusion, the authentic General Electric water filter replacement is our top-of-the-line suggestion.
  • It removes drugs and 15 other toxins from the air, and because it is a genuine GE item, it is guaranteed to suit GE appliances.

GE MWF / MWFP Refrigerator Water Filter

  • When you purchase the 4-pack Super Value deal, you will receive FREE SHIPPING on your whole transaction! Replaces the round white plastic filter found in the back upper right corner of the refrigerator compartment on GE and Hotpoint refrigerators. This is an authentic OEM GE SmartWater MWF / MWFP replacement filter. The MWFP is a new and better version of the MWF, which has been discontinued. GE MWFP has been tested and certified* by an independent laboratory to decrease 5 Pharmaceuticals, including ibuprofen, progesterone, atenolol, trimethoprim, and fluoxetine, despite the fact that they are equal in size. Specifications Filter life is 6 months or 300 gallons (whichever comes first)
  • flow rate is 0.5 gallons per minute
  • operating pressure is 40-120 psi
  • operating temperature is 33-100 °F
  • filter life is 6 months or 300 gallons (whichever comes first)
  • Filter Dimensions: 5-1/4″ in length by 3-1/2″ in diameter
  • Country of Origin: United States of America
  • Contaminant Reduction is the goal. GE SmartWater MWFP filter cartridge replacement has been tested and certified by NSF International to meet or exceed NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53 for the reduction of: 96.00 percent of Chlorine
  • 99.10 percent of Particulates (Class I)
  • 99.00 percent of Lead
  • 93.00 percent Mercury
  • 99.00 percent Asbestos
  • 96.00 percent of Benzene
  • 99.00 percent of P-Dichlorobenzene
  • 99.99 percent of Cysts
  • 94
  • What to Do If Your GE SmartWater MWF Breaks? Reverse the direction of the used filter 1/2 turn counterclockwise and drag the filter straight down (the water will stop off automatically so you won’t have to worry about flooding your refrigerator)
  • Fill the new filter halfway with water (you may use cold tap water if you have it).
  • Push the filter all the way up into the fridge and spin it half a turn counterclockwise
  • If your refrigerator displays a ″Change Filter″ light, make sure you turn it off and on again.

How to Reset the ″Change Filter″ button on your browser. Light For three seconds, press and hold the ″Reset Water Filter″ button on the dispenser’s control panel.

    User Manual

  • GE SmartWater MWF – User Guide

GE Refrigerator Water Filter MWF and MWFP Installation Instruction

Please double-check that the GE refrigerator water filter model you are installing is either MWF or MWFP, and then review the installation instructions for that particular kind of water filter.For versions that do not have a replacement indication light, add the month sticker to the new cartridge and put a reminder on your calendar to replace the filter every six months.Using your fingers, grip and turn the old filter cartridge to the left approximately 1/2 turn.3.Carefully peel away the protective foil from the end of the replacement filter.Fill the replacement filter with a little amount of water from the faucet to enable for greater flow right away following installation of the new filter.

  • 4.
  • Insert the fresh cartridge into the cartridge holder by pushing the top of the cartridge up into the holder.
  • Turn the filter slowly to the right until the filter cartridge comes to a complete halt.
  • Don’t overtighten the screws.
  • With each rotation of the cartridge, it will mechanically lift itself into position.
  • The cartridge will travel approximately half a revolution.
  1. In order to clean the system and prevent sputtering, run water through the dispenser for 6-8 minutes (about 3-4 gallons).
  2. 6.
  3. On versions that include a replacement indicator light, press and hold the RESET WATER FILTER PAD on the dispenser for a few seconds to reset it.



Specs & Details


Print Specs
Filter Life 6 Months
Max. Filtered Water Flow (gpm) 0.5
Filter Media Carbon Block
Operation Water Pressure (psi) 40 min. – 120 max.
Pharmaceutical Filtration – Claims tested/verified by independent laboratory, not certified by NSF International or state of CA Yes
State of CA Certified Yes
Asbestos Reduction >99%
Atrazine (Herbicide) Reduction 94.5%
Benzene Reduction 96.7%
Chlorine Taste and Odor Reduction 97.5%
Cysts Reduction 99.99%
Lead Reduction 99.3% @ 6.5 pH and 99.3% @ 8.5 pH
Lindane Reduction (A Pesticide) 99%
Mercury Reduction 93.2% @ 6.5 pH and 93.2% @ 8.5 pH
Nominal Particulant class 1 99.7%
P-Dichlorobenzene Reduction 99.8%
Tetrachloroethylene 96.7%
Toxaphene Reduction 93.2%
Atenolol 99.5%
Endrin 97.1%
Fluoxetine 99.4%
Ibuprofen 94.1%
Progesterone 99.5%
Trimethoprim 99.5%
Part Type Refrigerator & Icemaker Filters


Approximate Shipping Weight 2.0 lb
Net Weight 1.0 lb

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Water Filter for GE® MWF Refrigerators (MWFP).

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What to Do to Reset the Filter on the GE Profile Refrigerator PFSS6PKX

It is not difficult to reinstall your refrigerator’s filter once it has been removed.Photograph courtesy of chuckcollier/E+/Getty Images The GE Profile model PFSS6PKX refrigerator has a side-by-side refrigerator section with a lower freezer drawer and is available in a variety of colors.This type is equipped with an LCD control panel that can be used to compute measurement conversions, display dietary data, and even display images of the family.To do a GE fridge water filter reset, you’ll need to navigate through several of the LCD display pages on the refrigerator.

Water Filter System

The GE Profile refrigerator is equipped with a built-in water filter that cleans the water that passes through the icemaker and water dispenser, among other features.Replaceable filter cartridges are used in the refrigerator, and each cartridge is rated for 300 gallons of water or six months of continuous usage.The state of the water filter may be determined by choosing Water Filter on the LCD’s Settings menu……………………..The state of the filter will be one of three options: good, order, or replace.The Order status informs you that the filter is approaching the end of its functional life.When the Replace light is illuminated, you must replace the cartridge in the refrigerator and conduct a GE fridge water filter reset in order to clear the Replace indicator.

Replacing the Filter

In a GE Profile mode refrigerator, the water filter cartridge is placed in the upper, rear right corner of the refrigerator section on the right side of the refrigerator section.It is necessary to remove the old cartridge by twisting the cartridge about one-half turn to the left.While it is possible to remove the cartridge without shutting down the water supply, a little amount of water may flow out when the filter is removed.Installation of a new filter cartridge is accomplished by raising the cartridge into position and twisting it to the right.In order for the cartridge to be properly positioned, it must be turned in order to do so.By pushing upward, you will not be able to force the filter.

GE Profile Filter Reset

The water filter warning light or message can be reset by pushing and holding the Ice & Water pad on the control panel for three seconds, then releasing the button.If everything is working properly, the filter light should turn green and the filter status should read Good.After resetting the light, turn on the water dispenser for three minutes to flush out any air and impurities that may have gotten into the system during the reset.Initially, the water dispenser may splutter, but after that, the water should stream smoothly again.

Replacing a Filter

SmartWater model MWF filters are used in a General Electric Profile refrigerator.It is possible to purchase the filters in retail appliance stores, through online sellers, or directly from the GE Appliances website.If you do not wish to utilize a water filter in the refrigerator, the filter bypass plug that came with the refrigerator can be used to replace the filter.No filter or bypass plug may be used in conjunction with the icemaker to make it work properly.

Caution and Considerations

Before inserting the filter cartridge, make sure to remove the protective foil that has been packed around the end of the cartridge.In the event that air has been trapped in the water system, the old filter cartridge may be expelled during the removal process.Take caution when removing the filter cartridge.Following the installation of a new filter cartridge, flush the system by letting water to flow from the dispenser for roughly three minutes, which will dispense approximately 1.5 gallons of water.When you first start dispensing water, it may squirt out of the dispenser until it is free to flow once again.

How to Replace a Water Filter on a GE Profile Refrigerator

It is critical to update your refrigerator’s water filter on a regular basis.Photograph courtesy of Spiderplay/iStock/Getty Images.With the Profile refrigerators, which are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, GE also offers a variety of filters to go along with them.The filters, which are designated by acronyms such as MSWF, XWF, and GSWF, are all cylindrical in shape, and one of them — the RPWFE — is equipped with a radio transmitter that detects leaks in the water distribution system.Before changing the filter, read your refrigerator’s owner’s handbook to see which of the many different types of filters it accepts.If your refrigerator has a control panel, it will have an LED or a screen that will alert you when the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced.

  • You may also sign up with GE to receive a text message when it is time to change your filter.
  • If your refrigerator does not have an automated warning system, GE Appliances suggests that you change the filter every six months or if the water flow is considerably decreased in the refrigerator.

GE Side-by-Side Refrigerator Water Filter Location

If your GE Profile side-by-side refrigerator is equipped with a water filter, it is either located within the refrigerator compartment at or near the top of the unit’s interior or inside its left-hand door.When you glance inside the refrigerator, you might notice it hanging down from its perch, but some are hidden behind a little door fitted into the side of the compartment or the edge of the door, which you might not notice.The filter should not be difficult to locate, but if it is, reference the Use & Care instructions for your model, which may be found on the General Electric website.

General Procedure for Replacing the Water Filter

With the exception of the RPWFE filter, installation is essentially the same for all GE water filters, despite the fact that the sizes of the various filters differ.However, if the filter is located within a refrigerator compartment, you should lay a towel under it before removing the old one in order to capture any leftover water that leaks out during the process.You may simply hold the filter and swivel it to the left to detach it from the mounting if it isn’t concealed by a door or other obstruction.Don’t tug on it; when it’s free, it’ll fall into your hand without any effort.It’s a good idea to fill the replacement with tap water before installing it in order to flush out any trapped air and ensure immediate water flow.Align the arrows or markings on the filter with the marks on the mount, put it into position, then spin it to the right until it comes to a complete stop.

  • As it clamps into place, it will elevate a little bit.
  • If the filter is positioned behind a closed door, the technique is slightly different from the above.
  • It’s necessary to pull the bottom of the filter toward you until it releases completely after opening the door.
  • If you don’t, the filter will not release.
  • Once the new filter has been installed, put the bottom of the enclosure into the enclosure and close the door.

Avoiding GE Refrigerator Water Filter Problems

If your refrigerator has a control panel, the water filter button will have an LED that will illuminate when the filter needs to be replaced.After changing the filter, press and hold this button for three seconds to force the filter sensor to be reset again.On a touch-screen refrigerator, pick Filter from the main menu and then hit Reset to restart the appliance.If your GE refrigerator water dispenser still does not function after changing the filter, it is most likely due to the filter not being correctly placed in the dispenser.This is most likely to occur on machines that accept a GE water filter RPWFE, which is installed by simply pushing it into position rather than rotating it.It’s likely that you didn’t go far enough with it.

  • Following the replacement of the filter, you should run one or two gallons of water through the system to flush out any remaining contaminants.
  • Water may appear to be slightly discolored or to contain minute black particles at first, but this is not a cause for concern.
  • Simply keep running the water until the clog is resolved.

How To: Replace The GE MWF Water Filter In Your GE Refrigerator

Replace the water filter in your GE refrigerator that uses MWF water filters by following these simple instructions!The GE MWF Replacement Refrigerator Water and Ice Filter is available for purchase.When it comes to Abt.In the market for a reliable water filter for your GE or Hotpoint refrigerator, the GE MWF Refrigerator Water Filter is an excellent alternative.This water filter, which is an improved version of the GWF type, may be used with Smart Water GWF01, GWF06, and Hotpoint HWF water filters.With the use of a reusable adapter, this filter may also be used to replace the XRC FXRT FXRC as well as many Kenmore models.

  • This GE MWF SmartWater Filter will provide you with safer and healthier drinking water by removing the majority of waterborne pollutants such as mercury, lead, carbofuran, p-dichlorobenzene, toxaphene, and benzene from your water supply.
  • This filter is equipped with a check valve, which prevents any type of water leaks from occurring.
  • Installing the product is simple because there is no need for a specific tool.
  • Its sleek and small form makes it extremely convenient to use.
  • It is advised that you replace the filter every six months in order to achieve maximum effectiveness.
  • Specifically, this GE Cartridge water filter is all that you want for safe, great-tasting drinking water in the comfort of your own residence.
  1. Features: Water filter for refrigerators made by GE and Hotpoint.
  2. This filter replaces part numbers GWF Smart Water GWF01 GWF06 HXRT and Hotpoint HWF.
  3. It is compatible with all GE and Hotpoint refrigerators that include water filters.
  4. When used in conjunction with a reusable adapter, the SmartWater MWF Refrigerator water filter may also be used to replace the MXRC FXRT FXRC WR97X10006 and 46-9905 filters (Part number: Adapter).

Kenmore refrigerators with the MWF water filter can also be equipped with the filter.Kenmore models with model numbers that begin with 363 are more likely to be equipped with this filter.The MWF water filter is designed to replace Kenmore component numbers 9905, 469905, and 46-9905, respectively.The GWF filter has been improved in this release.Mercury and other waterborne contaminants are reduced to a greater extent.

  • Toxaphene p-dichlorobenzene is a toxaphene p-dichlorobenzene.
  • Carbofuran, Alachlor, and Benzene are all toxic chemicals.
  • Additionally, it lowers the levels of lead crystosporidium and giardia.
  • Installation and removal are made simpler by the slimmer design.
  • Installation is simple and requires no tools.

Filters should be replaced every six months.Source of the original video

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