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Companies that need instrumentation for measuring and controlling liquid or gas flow, level, pressure and temperature applications rely on us for local specification, sales and support through our partnerships with top-tier industrial instrument manufacturers.

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LAND Arc Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

Arc is a range of General Purpose Thermal Imaging Cameras which are rugged enough to withstand Heavy Industrial Applications, while compact enough for use in R&D and Automation.  All Arc…




LAND LSP-HD Infrared Linescanner for Thermal Process Imaging

The LAND LSP-HD represents the latest generation of LANDSCAN Infrared Linescanner products. Scanning performance of 1000 data points at up to 150Hz sets a new benchmark in terms of process imaging…



LAND NIR Borescope Temperature Profiles inside Furnaces

The NIR Borescope can give the operator access to data which would have previously been either highly time consuming to collect or perhaps completely unknown. Through collecting this data the…



LAND SPOT Non-LAND SPOT Non-contact Thermometers

The NEW SPOT range is an innovative stand-alone infrared thermometer design with advanced integrated processing capabilities. The latest technologies utilized in SPOT make non-contact infrared…




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Ernie Graves Company has been providing industrial instrumentation for analyzing, measuring, and controlling critical process applications for more than 50 years.

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The manufactures represented by Ernie Graves Company are truly top tier performers. From extensive application expertise to benchmark products, we’ve got you covered.

Recent News From Ernie Graves Company

Celebrating 60 Years In Business!!!

2015 marks the 60th Anniversary for downtown Tulsa based Ernie Graves Company. While working for a local pipeline company, possessing an Engineering degree from The University of Oklahoma, Ernie…



How Does Siemens Level Technology Save You Money?

Little to no maintenance: With reliable level measurement, your employees now have more time to manage the rest of your operations. Tracking inventory: Once you know what’s in your process and…


First of Its Kind: Flowmeter Communication Via iPhone App

Introducing the latest in clamp-on flowmeter communications from Siemens, the SITRANS CONNECTION. Flow measurement has gone mobile! With the new SITRANS CONNECTION app and connection kit for Apple…


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